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That psychopomp plays some mean violin, I tell ya.

"Metal invasion that's all what we need
Metal dominion that's all what we want"
Heavy Metal Breakdown

Grave Digger is a Heavy Metal/Power Metal band from Germany. Formed in 1980, they are one of the first bands, along with Accept, Running Wild, Helloween, Sinner, Cutty Sark and Rage on the German metal scene.

They are characterized by their singer Chris Boltendahl's singing style, which ranges from a polarizing screech to surprisingly clean.

Their early work emphasized on typical metal imagery of constant rocking and gritty reality. In 1987 the band changed their name to Digger and changed their sound to appeal the mainstream. This didn't work out, so the band disbanded. In the early 90's, the band was put back together and it took a darker approach and never looked back since.

Not to be confused with Gravediggaz, a Horrorcore rap group based in the U.S.



Full-length albums:

  • Heavy Metal Breakdown (1984)
  • Witch Hunter (1985)
  • War Games (1986)
  • Stronger Than Ever (1987, released under the name Digger.)
  • The Reaper (1993)
  • Heart of Darkness (1995)
  • Tunes of War (1996)
  • Knigths of the Cross (1998)
  • Excalibur (1999)
  • The Grave Digger (2001)
  • Rheingold (2003)
  • The Last Supper (2005)
  • Liberty or Death (2007)
  • Ballads of a Hangman (2009)
  • The Clans Will Rise Again (2010)
  • Clash of the Gods (2012)
  • Return of the Reaper (2014)
  • Healed by Metal (2017)

Singles and extended plays:

  • Shoot Her Down (1984)
  • Symphony of Death (1994)
  • Rebellion (1996)
  • The Dark of the Sun (1997)
  • The Battle of Bannockburn (1998)
  • The Round Table (Forever) (1999)
  • Silent Revolution (2006)
  • Yesterday (2006)
  • Pray (2008)
  • Ballad of Mary (2011)
  • Home at Last (2012)


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