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Die Goldenen Zitronen are a radically leftist German Punk Rock band. Founded in 1984, they started as a rather conventional funny punk rock band, but developed a new sound on Das bißchen Totschlag that draws influence from Captain Beefheart, Gang of Four, other experimental rock and rap music. They are considered one of Germany's whittiest and most sophisticiated radically leftist bands and even gained respect outside of their target audience.

Leader Schorsch Kamerun is a popular leftist spokesman in Germany.

Die Goldenen Zitronen provide examples of:

  • Crapsack World: They seem to see Germany as such - at least for minorites whom they advocate.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Schorsch Kamerun, at least when he isn't shouting.
  • Genre-Busting: Since their embracement of avantgarde music they are hard to classify.
  • Long Runner Lineup: Stable lineup since 2001.
  • New Sound Album: Das bißchen Totschlag which vastly augmented their musical style with avantgarde music and rap.
  • Pastiche: Diese Kleinigkeit mimics the style of Phil Spector.
  • Precision F-Strike: I will fuck you, I will kill you in Meine Suppe Ess Ich Nicht.
  • Seinfeldian Conversation: Spoofed in 0.30, Gleiches Ambiente in which two characters have the most shallow discussion thinkable in a cheerful tone.
  • Shout-Out: The pseudonym "Schorsch Kamerun" is a one to JelloBiafra.
  • Straw Character: Schorsch Kamerun loves creating characters that embody as many stereotypes of a bourgeois hypocrite as possible, such as the narcissist racist weapon-collector bigot married to an imported Thai woman in Meine Suppe Ess Ich Nicht.
  • Word Salad Lyrics: Big time, with Schorch Kamerun ranting ideologically complex satirical deconstructions of German society.