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Music / The Forgotten Rebels

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An old-school Punk Rock band formed Hamilton, Ontario in 1977 by Mickey DeSadist and continuing to perform to this day. They are noted for snappy tunes mixed with often cringe-worthy lyrics (whether racist, homophobic, sexist, insensitive, or just plain loaded with Squick). The band maintains that these are meant ironically; on the other hand, they are well-liked among certain controversial subcultures.



  • Burning the Flag EP (1977)
  • Tomorrow Belongs To Us EP (1978)
  • In Love With The System (1979)
  • This Ain't Hollywood (1981)
  • Surfin' on Heroin (1984)
  • Boys Will Be Boys EP (1985)
  • The Pride and Disgrace (1986)
  • (Untitled) (1989)
  • Criminal Zero (1994)
  • Nobody's Heros (2000)

The band and their music feature examples of: