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Table top games, shifting in and out of era-appropriate banter, and a multitude of guests? Table Flip is naturally going to have its hilarious moments! Click here to go back to the main page.

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     Cards Against Humanity 
  • Everybody trying to describe what the gout is.
    Barry: Well... when a chimney... loves another chimney...
  • The entire "_______, awesome in theory, kind of a mess in practice" segment, but props to Danny's card in particular. One can't help but shake the feeling that Danny played the card just to make sure Suzy would be the one to say it.
    Suzy: *Looks at the card and laughs* Oh...
    Danny: *Completely straight faced* Say it.
    Suzy: '*Looks at the card and laughs again*
    Danny: Say it!
    Arin: I want the recording of this. So I can have my way with it.
    Danny: Say it, Suzy.
    Suzy: *Fanning herself with her hand* Making the penises kiss—
    Danny: YES! *Everyone else laughs*
  • It seems like Suzy gets all of the ridiculous cards to read. Like the "Having trouble with _______? Try _______?" one,
  • "You're all going to die before you're forty."
  • Danny being the only person who notices anything unusual about 'Him'.
  • "Danny likes to put anal beads in his the South."
    • "Someone's like 'I'm not letting a proper noun get in my way!'"
  • Danny decrying Barry for having more points than him.
    Danny: I'm declaring class warfare!
    Danny casually tosses his hat at Barry. Barry does the same. They don each others hats.
    Danny: Class warfare has been settled!
  • Danny talking about the gun that is randomly placed on the table.
    Danny: "Am I allowed to play with the gun?"
    Suzy, quietly: "...don't touch the gun."
    Danny: "Alright..."
    Danny mumbles about what the gun is for
    Suzy: "You don't wanna know what the gun is for."
    Danny: "...Does somebody die at the end of this?!"
    Suzy grins while looking at her cards
    Danny: "Don't smile coyly, Suzy!"
    • And gets an amazing Brick Joke at the end when Ross and Arin are tied. When Suzy attempts to break the tie, Ross goes for the gun and shoots Arin.

     Betrayal at House on the Hill 
  • The game has an Event called "A Moment of Hope", for which the description starts "Something feels strangely right about this room". Arin gets this event card when he enters the Graveyard
  • All of Arin's over the top acting. Especially when he learns he's the main villain of the game as the cannibal traitor.
    • As well as his intro:
    I can just taste that beautiful man meat now... (corpses shortly after saying it)
    • Suzy doesn't let him live it down.
    Man Meat? Really?

  • Michael from Belated Media and his incredible overacting lend itself to many jokes throughout the game, such as:
    Michael: "the silence...the silence...have some chocolate" *throws chocolate at Captainsparklez*
    Suzy: " where did you get that?"
    Michael: "CHOCOLATE TOWN!"
    • His PTSD session:
    Michael: THERE WAS CARAMEL EVERYWHERE!!! NUGET SPILLING DOWN! oh... The truffle bombs...
    Suzy: Michael please-
  • Captainsparklez trolling both Michael and Barry with the card 'which is more elegant?' Barry wins
    Michael: You son of a bitch!

  • The Cloud Cuckoolander tendencies of Cory Spazkid.
    Suzy: So Cory, what do you do for a living?
    Cory: I kill people.
    Arin: Really?
    Cory: And then I use my watch to find the time.
    Arin: Is that part of the job or do you just do that cause you like it?
    Cory:It's like my thing, I get off to it.

    (after Cory's team fails to guess his drawing of "Ring Toss")
    Stamper: Why is there a dude here with dollar signs?
    Cory: Cause it's, oh, you know ring toss isn't free at county fairs! I rest my case.
  • Embrace in One Line.
    Stamper: Where's the camera at? (runs up to camera) OH SHIT!
    Barry: Look at that! They're hugging! I'm so proud of myself now!

  • That moment when Spazkid thought "cologne" was pronounced "cologany" and meant "a different name for 'colony'". Arin cannot hold his own. Immediately followed by...
  • Stamper acting sure that he's going to win a round only to lose not even 5 seconds in and flips out. Everyone just loses it.
    Stamper: Are you serious!? You draw a fuckin' titties and spikes and it's walrus!? You know what, you guys shouldn't even be working together you're married!
  • Stamper in general is gold, given his way of hilariously calling out bullshit (in contrast to most guests, who just roll with the punches) such as the ease of some his opponents' draws and the weird esoteric quotes he and Barry were constantly forced to illustrate near the end of the game, as well as some of Barry's drawings.
    Stamper: Wait, so your word was 'robin'? And you drew that fucking mess?
    Stamper: I feel like he can get this, but I've never even heard of this shit before.

     Cards Against Humanity-Rando Cardrissian 
  • Everyone tries to decide who reads the first black card by seeing who's closed to the doorknob... only to realize that there are no doors in the room they're in.
  • Dan's Micropenis outburst.
  • Ross picks a black card titled "Ross likes to ___." His first instinct is to ask if Suzy picked it for him ahead of time.
    • The winner? The entire Internet.
    Arin: *coughs*pandering!
    Danny: Do you think Ross is annoying and pandering? Like, comment, and subscribe!
  • Danny's turn: Spent life working toward ___, only to be ruined by ___."
    • Barry's answer: "Spent life working toward black people', only to be ruined by brown people." It didn't win.
  • Ross's eyes looks very blue today.
  • The collective shock of Rando's first & second wins.
  • Ross tries to slip in a Shout-Out to Steam Train, only for it to backfire horribly due to the lack of verb cards. As expected, Rando takes the round.
  • One answer gets so disgusting, one of the camerawomen says, "Ickgh."
  • Arin: "Before we had Ross, we all had a bunch of fun."
  • After Ross wins another round, Arin tosses a black card angrily at him, only to hit Barry.
  • Danny's Troll behavior in choosing a winning card.
  • Arin's breakdown over losing the entire game. Followed by Dan's laughing hard into a headdesk.
    • The camera's very slight dramatic zoom when Arin says, "I guess the TABLE....has TURNED!"
    • He loses his mind over the game so much, he disappears Ross' card in the final round. Too bad he still wins the game.
  • Arin reveals that every card called out by the others as a 'Rando' card was actually his.
  • This gem:
    Arin: (reading a card) Shutting the fuck up. (glares at Ross)
  • At the end of the game, Ross picks up the gun and aims it at Arin... and just whispers "bang!'.

     Shadows Over Camelot 

     King of Tokyo 

     Ca$h 'n Gun$ 

     One Night Ultimate Werewolf 
  • Ross, roleplaying Doctor Who, uses an iRoss to keep track of time as an alarm clock.
    What are you? Australian or something?
  • Ross winking at the camera means absolutely nothing.
  • The first round's end with one werewolf found by a Born Lucky.
  • The second round concludes with eight to one deciding Shawn dies.
  • Everyone's reaction when a Seer calls out the Werewolf.
  • After third round ends, the werewolf acts like a Large Ham.
  • About 9.5 minutes into One Night Ultimate Werewolf Returns, without much prompt, the players all suddenly decide to swap hats, leaving:
    • Criken with Arin's hat,
    • Arin with Suzy's hat,
    • Barry with Criken's hat,
    • Danny, Suzy, and Ross without hats, and, best of all,
    • Ash with Barry's, Danny's, and her own hat, all stacked on her head.
      • She quickly has trouble keeping all three hats on, and has to take them off... only to try stacking them back on a moment later. As she tries, the other players decide to give her all of the hats. All while the timer is counting down. As soon as they realize that they have less than a minute to nominate a werewolf, all of the hats fall off her head and they finally give up on it.
    Danny: Jenga!
  • Returns begins with Arin saying he rediscovered his baby.
  • Return's second & third rounds has Ash slap Ross with her glove.
  • In Return's third round, Arin lives up to his role.
  • In the Sequel Sequel, Ross also gets to Play Drunk. This moment sticks out:
    Drunk!Ross: Guys I lied I'm the wizard.
    Smooth McGroove: Ross is the wizard, everyone.
    Arin: Ross is the wizard.
    Barry: Ross, what's the wizard's power?
    Drunk!Ross: He gets to, uh, to wiiiiin~



  • As the game begins and they draw cards to determine the dealer, Ross looks at his and comments, "Ah, we all know that I am the joker." The dealer helpfully informs him, "That's a jack."
  • Ross: Is this origami class, 'cause I can't stop folding?
  • The Dealer gets some pretty good lines in himself, such as...
    Barry: Let's play some terrible poker!
    Dealer: Ask and you shall receive.
  • In one hand Arin is thinking aloud and accidentally says what his cards are, forcing him to fold. Then the flop is dealt, revealing that he would have had two pair had he stayed in.
  • Ross continuing to win hands despite clearly having no idea how to play the game causes Danny to exclaim, "It's like playing against fucking Mr. Magoo!"
  • After Dan removes his hat, he becomes a pineapple.
  • Dan's impromptu poem after folding.
  • Dealer Nick burns Suzy. And everyone approves.
    Nick: "And that's how you commit career suicide."
  • After Barry loses to Ross, he flips his hat.
    • Which gets passed over to Danny.
  • After Arin despairingly chips in...
  • Both Arin & Danny "accidentally" knocking over Ross' chip pile.
  • At one point, Ross asks "How long until the flop?". After the turn.
  • After Ross is uncertain about a move...
    Barry: This week, on Poker with Ross, Ross learns that an ace can be high or low.
  • Ross intentionally drawing out the game by folding on pocket 5's. Everyone calls him out on it despite him not revealing his cards, because they know he's just trolling.
  • This exchange between Dan & Ross:
    Danny: I'm gonna fold because he has pocket aces. I can feel it right now. I believe it.
    Ross: (Pulls out a pair of aces from his pocket) Like these ones?
    Danny: What the fuck, Ross? That would get you shot in some places!
    • Following this is Nick's reaction:
    Nick: "I feel that I've failed as a teacher. I'll never work in this town again."
    Danny: "I'm dying inside."
    Nick: "We all are."
  • The incredulity of Ross tilting horribly after slow-playing the game to perfection for most of the game.
    Danny: Are you throwing this game for the kids, Ross?
    Ross: Yeah...I love kids.
    Ross: I'm sorry, I can't hear myself right now, what did you say?
  • Arin describing this poker game as a three act story.
  • Everyone Lamp Shade Hanging Ross' slow playing style.
  • Everyone's Slow Clap once a winner is decided.

  • Dodger's first card: Captain James T. Kirk. Suzy's first pick: Danny Sexbang. Chad and Dodger bust up laughing simply because they can't believe Danny is a card.
  • Proposed pairing: Jon Snow from Game of Thrones and Chad, who is playing the game. The subtitles for the pairing show up under Chad with a note "This guy right here" and a finger pointing up to him.

    Snake Oil 
  • The very first round has Suzy asking for the best product for a prom date. Everyone generally shills products that emphasize beauty or sexuality, except Jared from Hot Pepper Gaming...who suggests a Murder Rock.
  • The "Cream Shovel".
    Jared: I know that as a cowboy you and other same gendered cowboys sometimes leave your small, homophobic town to go to a tent on the mountain. And for those nights of fun and excitement you'll need a "Cream Shovel".
    (everyone laughs)
    Jared: I don't need to explain any further.
    • This idea is pitched to Erin, who needs a moment to process it before a look of disgust and laughter comes to her face.


  • Pandemonium ensues when Nathan discovers he has one card too many. After the long and laborious process of forcing him to discard a card, it happens again—and in the confusion, he picks up a second extra card while the others are still trying to get him to throw away the first one. Then he falls out of his chair.
  • Oney's costume is literally a potato sack.
    Michelle: Were you rolling around in poo before you came here?
    Oney: (defensive) The fuck is that supposed to mean?
    • When Suzy comments on it, Oney begins pulling actual potatoes out of it. While the others pass them around in disbelief, Spazkid eats one like an apple.
  • Spazkid forgetting Michelle's name.
    Spazkid: You get five poo.
    Michelle: You?
    Brian: What's her name, Cory?
    Michelle: "You get five poo?"
    Brian: What's her name? Say her name out loud.
    Michelle: Say my name.
    Brian: In front of everybody.

     Clay Grumptionary 
  • If the players don't like the card they get, they can draw from the "things that look like dicks" pile. The first card drawn from that pile? Ross. The person who has to sculpt it? Holly.
    • The entire segment of trying to guess it, which is actually just Mick, with Holly's favourite guess being "nipple sucker".
  • The return of the amazing Barry and Stamper team.
    (After Stamper fails to guess Mouse Trap.)
    Barry: I made cheese! I made cheese for you!
    Stamper: (holding the cheese up) This is cheese, Barry!? (he tosses it across the table.)
    Barry: I would eat that! And not just because it's Play-Doh!
    Stamper: Oh really!? Where'd that go? (he takes a piece of yellow Play-Doh} Do it, Barry! Eat it, Barry!

    (Barry sculpts a Japanese Flag and a bowl of noodles.)
    Stamper: Uh, Japan?
    (Barry points to the noodles.)
    Stamper: Uh, uh, udon?note 
    (The timer runs out, Barry slams his head on the table.)
  • Stamper being just as hammy as ever.
  • One of the things Stamper has to sculpt for Barry is "Ring Toss Isn't Free." Bonus points for it being the only one they get without yelling at each other.

  • The entire thing as the guys keep character for the whole game.
  • Jirard's first play, setting the tone for his playstyle.
    Jirard: I don't know who to trust here so I'm gonna go out on a whim and put you (Criken) in jail.
    Criken: Whuuuuuuut!?
  • Everyone discussing if they should trust Slab the Killer.
    Barry: I'm gonna equip a scope so I can look at y'all's pretty faces.
    Criken: Slab's not so bad.
    • Barry defends his action by saying that "a killer's gotta kill.". Chad takes the hit and respects his tenacity.
    • Then Chad retaliates by throwing him in jail and shooting him.
    Jared: I really hope you guys end up being on the same team.
    • THEN Chad plays a saloon card that restores lives and both him and Barry get the health back they got by shooting the other.
  • Jared attempting to steal.
    Jared: Chad-
    Chad: (weakly) No.
  • Nate's Pre-Asskicking One-Liner.
    Nate: I'm gonna hunt me a vulture.
    Chad: What!? That's me! I'm a vulture!
  • This exchange:
    Jared: What's your name again?
    Criken: I'm Sid Ketchu-
    Jared: BANG! SHUT UP!
  • Jirard's third turn.
    Jirard: I've had a rough day so I'm gonna have one of them there beers. I'm also gonna take two cards...I took too many cards.
    Chad: Shooting, throwing people in jail, and drunk. This is our sheriff.
    Jirard: It may be my first day, but I need one more beer. Also, I'm gonna draw three more cards and I'm gonna have another beer!
  • Then This one:
    Jared: Bang! (at Nate)
    Nate: Got moves.
    Jared: Bang!
    Nate: Still got moves.
    Jared: Bang!
    Nate: Shit...
    Barry: Jesse Jones, no!
    Nate: Jesse Jones...
    Jared: Bang!


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