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  • "I'm the Teleporting, Teleporting, Telephoning Fat Guy!!!"
  • One word: Stranded.
    Day 17: "I found an apple in the sand, but it only lasted us a day. We knew that we would have to choose which one of us we would eat first. Robbie and I both chose Jamal, but he called us racist and threatened to eat himself. We told him that wasn't physically possible."
    Day 18: "We were wrong. Jamal ate himself."
  • In "License Test", the driving instructor makes Anthony wait at a house while he goes in. Gunshots happen and the instructor is seen carrying heavy bags (most likely containing money) and he makes Anthony just drive right away. He finds out he got shot in the stomach, and Anthony freaks out. The instructor tells him that's not a problem, but he's more disappointed that now he has to fail Anthony.
  • GAMER GETS TROLL'D! The ending where Anthony and Ian finally kill the former's annoying cousin who keeps playing Xbox after trolling him enough times.
    • In Troll #6, if you look in the mirror you can see the camerawoman in a wig and underwear.
    • The scene where they break the Wi-Fi router so Anthony's cousin can't play Xbox which is like that scene in Office Space only without the printer.
  • In their popular Pokemon parody, the Monkey/Mankey gag.
  • In Food Battle 2013, the Gummy Snake coming out of Anthony's "You Know Where".
    Anthony: (With snake coming out of his pants) "MONEY!"
  • The "If it Were Real" Series is so full of these, it could use its own subpage.
    Anthony:"Why is that dead guy breathing?"
    Jigsaw:(pounds fist on the floor) "Dammit!)
  • From "I BROKE MY FOOT!"
    Anthony: How does it feel to be my bitch, BITCH!?
  • From If Holidays Were Real: "Always trust a man in a BIG WHITE VAN!"
  • The entirety of the "Parents Suck!" rap. Crosses with Awesome Music.
  • In Motion Gaming Sucks!
    Otto: And my children will disown me...except for the gay one he really likes that Taylor Lautner fella.
    • "You press the A button! (shot by Ian)"

  • DUBSTEP COMMERCIALS SUCK! is hilarious, but the dubstep-ified baby food commercial's escalation makes it surprisingly funny.
  • In 15 Hour Energy.
    Stephen Hawking: "It used to take me four hours to type a single sentence. But thanks to 15 Hour Energy..."
    (flips over wheelchair)
    Stephen Hawking: "I don't need that s*** anymore!"
  • In "Real Death Note!"
    Ian: "That doesn't make any sense! I wrote your whole name on here! Look!" *holds Death Note up to his mom, with "MOM" written on it*
    Ian's mom: "My name's not 'Mom', dumbass."
    • Followed by Ian getting very upset that he has no idea what her real name is.
      Ian's Mom: And you'll never know! MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! [throws a smoke bomb on the ground and disappears]
  • Ian's Mom's reaction to Ian dressed up like Honey Boo Boo Child.
    Ian's Mom: "....F**k my life..."
    • An earlier clip shows her struggling to put a shopping cart up on a curb, and when her reaction shows, her name is subtitled "hates shopping carts".
    • The increasingly inane "facts" culminate in "Most people believe anything they read."
    • Two sequels, "My Twerking Addiction", and " Addicted to Selfies!" carry on the style and are just as funny. All are Take That! videos to popular trends.
    • "Ian's Mom disowned Ian and in her grief she ate herself to death. Literally. She ate herself."
  • In Food Battle 2010, Anthony tries to use his chilli pepper as poison on Ian's Mom. It doesn't work. Then, in the very next scene, IAN tries to poison his own mom. It appears to be working at first, much to Ian's delight, but it was just a sprinkle.
    Ian: "You're supposed to DIE!! [Starts crying]
    Ian's Mom: "[Hugs him] Oh, can try to kill me again later.
  • The whole "Twilight As Seen by a Seven Year Old" episode, these moments in particular:
    Edward: My mom did it with a monkey
    Bella: (Stares)
    Edward: Yes my mom did it with a monkey, so what?! (eats banana)

  • The iPhone 5 spoof, they talk of how the vibration measures on the Richter scale, we then see it shatter the table it's placed on. When the owner picks up the phone, she asks the caller to call back. She then moves the phone below-screen and it vibrates again.
  • "My Stupid Dying Grandpa." ALL of it. Special mention goes to Ian and his mom fighting over who takes care of Ian's grandpa, Anthony forcing Ian to kiss his worst fear [a picture of Aunt Jemima] and causing him to run away screaming and crying, and Ian stealing a cookie from a little girl, right in front of her extremely buff father.
  • The entire concept of Google Glass.
  • Zelda in Real Life: Link is somehow dropped into our world.
    Narrator: Despite 16 epic quests in the land of Hyrule, Link only lasted 25 minutes on Earth.
  • STOP MILEY. All of it.
    Anthony: Yeah nothing gets between a man and his P Roll! NOTHING!
  • The entirety of their interview with Tom Hiddleston, in which they interview him seperately and are told by the other over earpiece to ask the most ridiculous questions and do the stupidest things, with the aim of embarrassing both themselves and the interviewee (think Impractical Jokers). And Tom just goes with it.
  • Stevie. Just...Stevie.
  • In the BTS video for "Movies vs. Reality", while shooting the fight scene, Anthony actually hits Ian but actually breaks his nose in the process. Ian later says he has "an Owen Wilson nose", and says he'll spend the rest of the shoot talking like Wilson. (Caption appears saying "Please don't.")
    • It comes back in the end.
    Crew member: Have you guys seen Owen Wilson? Oh, there he is!
    Crew member: Owen, we need you on set.
    • Also, after there's a fire and an explosion, firetrucks and news reporters arrive, and Anthony decides to try and get interviewed. While wearing a wig and fake breasts.
  • My Morning Routine. That is all.
  • REJECTED VIDEOS. All of it
  • All of MAGIC iPOD, where Anthony and Ian find an old 2004 iPod that grants a genie that's...not exactly current in style.
    • As the genie leaves after Anthony accidentally grants him smallpox, if you listen closely you can hear the PS2 start-up sound.
  • "MIME FAIL!" shows what would happened if mimes tried other things. HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES:
    • Bungee Jumping: after "tying" a rope around himself, he jumps off the platform... and explodes.
    • Taxi Driverrrrrr...: After Ian refuses to get into the mime's "taxi", he backs up, hits Ian, then flips him off. It counts as a CMOA since this the only thing the mime doesn't fail at in the video.
  • This.
  • MOLESTER MOON: "I'm going molest yoooooou!"note 
  • "MANSPIDER" has Anthony in a black spandex spider costume with fake arms suck at being a hero. Go watch it.

Smosh's 2nd Channel

  • This video of Ian with a Christmas hat on his head playing music while Ian stares at the camera with the most EPIC, FACE, EVER.
  • The entirety of CRAZY KARAOKE, in which Ian and Anthony make each other sing songs while listening to another song via headphones.
    • Anthony completely butchering the national anthem. While listening to Aphex Twin's "Rubber Johnny", no less.
    O'er the ramparts we see
    And the...skylight's less gleaming
    Hilltops we...hchkstpuh..ran
    Ninuh vuh yol we fftcrr..cram
    And the flag's in the air
    • Ian just dying of laughter right next to Anthony is pretty funny in and of itself to watch.
    • Anthony singing "Baby" while listening to a Job for a Cowboy song. (For those not in the know, Job for a Cowboy is a really hardcore death metal band.) The discomfort on his face and in his voice is priceless.
    • Anthony accidentally knocking the camera over in the middle of the video.
  • Every single Whisper Challenge video, since both Ian and Anthony interpret the others' whispers as ridiculous Freudian nonsense. One bizarre adjective invented from these misunderstandings was "pussytastic". And yes, it was used by the guesser in a Your Mom context.


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