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  • In an episode of Maricraft, Mari and Lasercorn were at war in their game of Minecraft after Lasercorn massacred a village so he could conquer it as "Lasercornia", and when Mari objected to this, Lasercorn declared war on her for "insubordination". When Jovenshire entered the game and claimed to be a neutral party, Lasercorn decided to kill Joven and steal his stuff. Bad idea. Joven, who had previously been playing in Creative Mode, was clad in full Diamond Armor and wielded a Diamond Sword. Lasercorn got in one or two attacks, producing Scratch Damage, before Joven annihilated him. This also convinced Joven to ally with Mari. Lasercorn spent the rest of the episode in permanent Oh, Crap! mode. It's really funny to see Lasercorn go from "Muahahaha! Kneel before me!" to "Oh crap, oh crap, I did not think this through!"
  • Maricraft is funny in hindsight due to how some of the cast stated that they refused to ever play the game, Lasercorn and Sohinki especially. But once Mari started playing it frequently every one else slowly joined in.
  • In this Maricraft video, Lasercorn finds out how to make a nuke. To avoid the others knowing about it, he claims he made a teddy bear. Hilarity Ensues, especially when everyone realizes the "teddy bear" is bad news, only to not expect to take damage when the nuke goes off miles away from them. To top it all off, Lasercorn continues to talk as though it were an actual teddy bear throughout the whole thing.
  • Joven rejoins Maricraft after a long time of not playing, intending to discover someplace the others haven't found yet and settle down there while the rest of gang is busy in the Twilight World. Eventually, he does find an interesting place...
    Joven: Call me Christopher Columbus, 'cause I just found something!
    • ...Only to run into Flitz immediately, because what he just found was Flitz's settlement. The accuracy of the quote above isn't lost on the others.
    Mari: You truly are Christopher Columbus!
  • On Block of Love (a Maricraft parody of The Bachelor), Lasercorn plays Max Realname, who is definitely not a serial killer.
    • Lasercorn wreaks havoc throughout Block of Love, but his crowning achievement is the finale, where he accidentally nukes Tokyo and releases Kamizilla.
      Lasercorn: Oopsie doopsie!
      • When all is said and done:
      Lasercorn: I think when we look back on this, we'll all remember coming together to defeat the giant monster, and not the name of the person that nuked the city.
  • After an absence in Maricraft, Lasercorn returns and tries to trap everyone in the Nether at the first chance he gets by destroying the portals in the overworld... but as anyone who saw the previous few episodes knows, the portals aren't destroyed from both sides, and a new portal spawns if one is used without another open on the other side. Lasercorn, for once, is caught by surprise.

  • Any time Joven goes into #Jovenrage mode. Here are some compilations.
  • In the Halo 4 Capture the Flag Game Bang, the teams have been switched up and decide they need new names, rather than "Condors" and "Super Condors". The team consisting of Ian, Mari, and Jovenshire decides on "The Flaming Turtles". Lasercorn then declares that the team consisting of himself, Sohinki, and Anthony is "The Ballbusters". Sohinki and Anthony just reluctantly go along with it.
    Lasercorn: This is not a democracy, this is a ballocracy!
    Sohinki: How does the government work in a ballocracy?
    Lasercorn: You know how it works...
  • As an incentive to get 1 million subscribers, the gang decide to wax Jovenshire's chest and make him put on a Cupid outfit. Cue the 7 minute long video of everyone (inexpertly) waxing his chest hair while he screams in pain. Then Joven put an "extended cut" version up on his own channel which is over 12 minutes long...
    • Becomes even funnier when for having been active for a whole year the group does a dramatic reading of a fanfiction on what everyone did after the camaras were off. It is glorious
  • The intro to the Gamer Nation episode "Blaming Video Games For Violence" consists of Jovenshire unleashing a series of (bleeped out) swear words nonchalantly. This is funny enough on its own, but watch Lasercorn; while Joven is talking, he's giving the camera a creepy grin and waving like a robot...then as soon as the first swear leaves Joven's mouth, he drops his arm and looks over at Joven like "Really?" before cracking up.
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  • In the "Epic Smosh Rap Battle (Game Bang)", Joven was set to sing "Not a Player" by Big Pun. He couldn't keep up with the lyrics and started spouting random words and noises. Cue the editorial note telling the viewers to "Say no to drugs", while Mari said he just had a stroke. Then Ian adds that Joven probably couldn't read English...
  • While dope or noping Shadow Warrior, Lasercorn and Sohinki find a rabbit and try to kill it with magic. This somehow turns the rabbit demonic, and it proceeds to be the toughest enemy they faced in the whole session.
  • The Portal Game Bang was one hilariously giant cluster fuck all around. Ian legitimately lost his temper with Mari and Anthony halfway through his and Sohinki's turn, and when it was time for Jovenshire and Lasercorn to have a go, Lasercorn was stuck doing all the work because Jovenshire had never played Portal before, and was more concerned with messing with the game mechanics than winning. Highlights include:
    • Ian screaming, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" at the giggling Anthony and Mari after they wouldn't keep quiet.
    • Mari gleefully whispering, "Laaazeeer," behind Ian's back while he seethes.
    • Jovenshire's childlike glee at playing Portal for the first time, including him saying "Portal," every time he makes a portal, much to the delight of everyone watching save Lasercorn.
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    • Jovenshire saying he "found himself" and chasing after himself through portals like a dog would chase his tail, much to Lasercorn's chagrin. The team ultimately rage quits.
  • In the "Avengers Workout (Game Bang)" episode, the two losers must roleplay as Bruce Banner & The Hulk to prank-call a game store and request for a non-existent game. Sohinki and Lasercorn lost the game, with the latter acting as Hulk. His Hulk impersonation was hilarious as hell. Even the others had difficulty holding back their laughter.
  • In the second "Pokemon Showdown" Game Bang, the three losers had to become live-action Pokemon for the three winners. At one point "Cornachu" was attacking "Marcreep" and "Jovenfumes" with a horse-headed rod held between his legs like a phallus. Then this happened.
    Anthony: Jovenfumes, use Mouth to Unicorn.
    Jovenshire: [in a tone of genuine alarm] I've never learned that attack!
  • In the episode of Grand Theft Smosh where the gang attempts to create a movie trailer, there was a very hilarious moment in which Jovenshire and Mari are riding together in a helicopter - only to suddenly realize that neither of them is piloting the helicopter, that they're being flown around by a complete stranger, and they both decide to get the hell out of there.
  • In the Bonus video featuring Swing Copters, Sohinki's attempts at playing the game while singing "Rhythm of the Night", usually accompanied by loud NOs as he fails. And unlike everyone else in the video, Sohinki fails to get a single point but still tries to by the end of video. Hilariously during the PleaseSubscribeToOurChannel ending:
    Jovenshire: Sohinki is literally still playing that game.
  • Their Gang Beasts Game Bang, with special guest stars Seth Rollins, Paige, Xavier Woods, and Daniel Bryan. While this could be seen as a minor promo-of-sorts for WrestleMania 31 (it was released two days beforehand), it was still funny as hell, largely in part to Seth Rollins.
    Seth Rollins: [directed at Sohinki's character on-screen] SCREW YOU, PIKACHU!
  • Their playthrough of Slaughterhouse Escape.
    • The punishment is the three with the lowest scores note  must beg the three with the highest scores note  for strips of bacon.
      Joven: Hey guys, so I'm a little blind. I was thinking of "beg for bacon", it was actually "Beggin' Strips" [Bowser laughing from Super Mario 64]
      Wes: I am so glad I didn't lose this!!
    • Lasercorn is up first:
      Lasercorn: I'm a little rusty at begging, so "Eat a bag of dicks, bitch."
      Joven: No, no, no, nooo. I'm winning.
      Lasercorn: "Fuck you and your mother."
      Joven: I'm going to make you eat two.
      Lasercorn: You're right, that was bad. "Play in traffic and die."
      Joven: All right, that's two begging strips.
      • Lasercorn finally tries one.
        I'm going to rate this on a scale of one to ten. [takes a bite, spits it out] -3!
    • Flitz begged for his strip from Mari. He first started with what sounded like a sappy attempt to serenade her, then he barked and snapped the strip off her hand like a dog.
      Wes: That was the real thoughts of a dog, and what you actually hear.
  • For a bonus episode, some of the gang play Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid (aka "Joven, Joven, or Joven"). After an episode's worth of hilarious flying insults, who wins? Sohinki, represented in absentia by a Bob-omb toy.
  • The "Extreme Golf Carting" Cell Outs video, which invariably demonstrates how none of the crew are people you'd want to share a road with while driving.
    • The video opens with just 5 of the usual crew, with Joven explaining that Lasercorn is absent because he's been kicked out from the golf course for attempting to steal a golf cart. Cue Lasercorn swerving into the group in a golf cart, causing everyone to scatter.
    • Lasercorn made no attempt to tone down his driving while the game is being played. He continued to speed and swerve around wildly while ordering Joven (who was clinging for dear life) to get a high score.
    • Sohinki roleplaying as a golf course attendant who is giving Mari a tour around the location. They drove so slowly that the others had to physically come over to make them move faster. The turn ended when Joven (at Lasercorn's instructions) actually pushed Sohinki out of the cart, took over, and sped with it.
    • Flitz has absolutely 0 driving experience, and his first attempts to drive the cart involved him trying to use both feet, to Wes's dismay. He refused to have another go with the cart for his group's second turn, forcing Wes to drive the cart and play the game at the same time.
  • Mari discovers JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle and declares it "most fabulous fighting game ever".
  • Courtney guest stars in an episode of Grand Theft Smosh. Sohinki makes it into a competition to see who can win her favor, only to accidentally call her Mari.
    Courtney: Negative points!
    Wes: You don't even know her name!
  • Board AF: Secret Hitler: (Jewish) Sohinki is Hitler. The video even says "IRONY" when he hold out his thumb.
  • Everyone in Christmascraft reacts differently to being an intern at Santa's workshop. Flitz accuses the whole operation of being run on unpaid labor. Sohinki, Wes, and Joven both suspect the same thing initially, but Joven later starts to suspect a deeper conspiracy at work, Wes is won over when he finds out that they get paid in cookies, and Sohinki gets brainwashed by drugged figgy pudding. Mari trusts the Overseer (whom she dubs Senpai) from the get-go, to the point that Joven accuses her of brown-nosing. And, as for Lasercorn... well, he lasted three days before the giant Christmas tree drowned in lava.
    Lasercorn: Joven, you've got one day to figure out what's going on, and then I'm going to start burning things.
    (context: the gang is to recover presents stolen by the mobs)
    Elf Overseer: We must make haste! The sooner the expendable elves are, uh...
    Sohinki: What?
    Wes: What?
    Mari: What?
    Elf Overseer: I mean, the most skilled...
    Lasercorn: Why don't you turn off god mode and say that?
    • Lasercorns "poem".
    • Sohinki's attempt to add drama to the discovery that the Elf Overseer is brainwashing Joven hilariously kills the mood.
    Elf Overseer: No! What are you doing here?!
    Sohinki: Hold on! Dramatic music is necessary!
    (Sohinki pulls out a jukebox and starts playing mellohi)
    Elf Overseer: It's unfortunate that you all ca- Wait, what the hell?


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