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A Slice of Life fanfic of the A Certain Magical Index universe by EarthScorpion.

After the events of the Sisters Arc, the clones of Misaka Mikoto have been spread to various facilities around the world. We follow the diary entries of Misaka-11111, a perfectly average Sister who is one of the few remaining in Academy city as she has to deal with life: roommates, stocking food in the refrigerator, broken appliances and public education. Culture clash and Hilarity Ensues as Misaka-11111 goes through life with a rather skewed mindset and priorities.


The main, edited story can be found here, rough drafts along with a commentary thread here.

This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Bilingual Bonus: In order to fit in, Misaka-11111 takes on the moniker 御坂唯note . The joke here being that whilst the family name is identical to canon ToAru's Mikoto, the character "Yui" is a homonym for "just". In other words, Misaka-11111 is Just Misaka.
    • An alternative translation is "Only". By this translation the 11111th Misaka is the "only" Misaka.
  • Diary: The chapters are presented as entries in Misaka-11111's. Unlike most diaries, they are labeled by entry number and not by date. Justified however, as Misaka-11111 has been ordered to keep a diary by her mental health professional and is unfamiliar with diary-keeping conventions. Also allows the author to not keep track of the date.
  • Freudian Excuse: Misaka-11111 has a tendency to be highly paranoid and subtly mistreat her roommate Koizumi Kyoko, purely on the basis of her ability as a Vector Manipulator, albeit a low-level one, just like Accelerator. Koizumi Kyoko, for her part, is a meek, mild, timid girl who tends to be dominated by all the stronger personalities around her. It is such that even Misaka-11111 counts as a stronger personality next to her.
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  • Generation Xerox: Played with in Misaka-11111's roommates. Their abilities consist of Vector Manipulation, Dark Matter, and Meltdown. Most of the Sisters think it's an experiment to find synergistic interaction between the known Level 5 powers without putting the actual Level 5's at risk or in a position to kill each other. Last Order thinks it's some weird game the researchers and higher-ups play consisting of completing a set of Espers with the same abilities as Level 5's, and the goal is to collect a 'full set'. Misaka-11111 also has classmates with Mental Out and Aero Hand. Plus, there's a guy with the strange power, like Sogita Gunha and his weird Attack Crash, to make anything edible, and someone who's never seen, like the Number Six.
  • Hive Mind: the difficulties of keeping a private diary when one is part of a constantly active telepathic hivemind is lampshaded, and used as underline just how different the Sisters' thought processes are.
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  • Humans Through Alien Eyes: The fic has some elements of this, as Misaka-11111 filters perfectly ordinary human interaction through a very bizarre lens.
  • Immune to Mind Control: From "Entry 14", where powers are rated from 1 to 5, from weakest to strongest, this is the meaning of electrical powers stopping a lower-level brain manipulation one:
    Even if 'his tricks' do not work on me. The Network's status as a Level 3 Electromaster protects us from his Level 1 power of Mental Out.
  • Plot Armor: Played for Laughs. Touma gets into a fight with five armed soldiers. He wins offscreen, using nothing but his fists. The narrative makes no attempt to explain how he does it.
  • Red Baron: Aino Sumiko, Misaka-11111's classmate with the Meltdown ability, is known as 'The Suicider' due to her self-inflicted injuries from her powers growing out of control. Misaka-11111 herself is called 'The Stungun', due to being weaker than 'The Railgun'.
  • Shrouded in Myth: Kuroko has attained this status among both the sisters, who fear her both due to rumors she somehow augmented with experimental procedures and is capable from recovering from having her neck snapped, and Misaka Mikoto constantly warning them away from her.
  • Swiss Cheese Security: Despite being the most high-tech city on Earth, with literally next-generation technology available to everyone, it's security measures are apparently utter crap. To quote Misaka-11111:
    "...this diary will be totally secure. Only I shall be able to read it. And the approximately ten thousand clones from the same geneline as myself who can casually access my audiovisual input, of course. And anyone who gains access to the Network via a variety of means, beginning with the standard override protocols usable through the administrator access interface, and progressing to more esoteric means. And anyone who breaks into my room and reads my diary. This is a greatly improved level of security from the norm in Academy City, and I will hereby attempt to institute it as standard policy among us."
  • Verbal Tic: Misaka-11111 retains the Sisters distinctive verbal tic

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