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Shout! Studios (previously known as Shout! Factory) is an entertainment company founded in 2003 by Richard Foos (co-founder of Rhino Records), Bob Emmer (former Warner Music Group and Rhino executive) and Garson Foos (former Rhino executive, and Richard's brother) initially as a specialty music label. It focuses on enriched music catalog reissues, home video/DVD projects, and television properties.

Conceived as a retro pop culture label, Shout! Factory DVD projects include:

Shout! Factory has the home video rights to Mystery Science Theater 3000 (which was formerly distributed by Rhino) and is a producer for the 2017 revival series Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return. They have a reputation for rereleasing obscure titles on DVD, and successfully securing seemingly unreleasable episodes of MST3K, such as the Gamera films and others licensed from Sandy Frank. Saban Brands granted Shout! the rights to distribute their tokusatsu adaptations, including the first 17 seasons of Power Rangers. When North American distribution of several Studio Ghibli movies shifted from Disney to GKIDS, Shout! Factory distributed the home media re-releases. They had the home video rights to the Disney series Gravity Falls, and Netflix and Production I.G's B: The Beginningnote . In 2020, they acquired the distribution rights to most of the Stephen J. Cannell Productions catalog.

Shout! Factory CD and music DVD products are distributed by Sony Music Entertainment. Beginning in June 2007, their nonmusic DVD titles are distributed by Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment.

Due to the sheer amount of content they have, they have their own free streaming service, Shout! Factory TV, which can be accessed through apps of its own and via other streaming services like Pluto TV.

Shout! Studios, launched in 2017, is their arm focused on content development, such as theatrical distribution for films and producing original television programming.

The distribution and production arm Shout! Studios has released the following original productions:

Scream Factory is their sublabel that specializes in Horror films. It has an extensive catalog with several categories, including The All Night Horror Marathon note , The Amityville Triple Feature note , The Friday the 13th Collection, Halloween: The Complete Collection, and The Vincent Price Collection.note