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It's the Omnitrix in a Marvel Universe. Yeah, going to be some awesome moments.

  • Near the beginning of the story, Diamondhead ends up fighting a small army of SHIELD (Really HYDRA) soldiers... and tears them apart. He's immune to bullets, can make powerful weapons out of crystal, creates crystal ramps to move about the city, and capable of taking out a helicopter. Once done, Dial transforms into Astrodactyl, Wronski Feints into the air, and disappears into the distance.
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  • The first appearance of Rath is full of this. While fighting Creel, he ends up finishing the fight with his Polaris Piledriver.
  • Arnim Zola (or at least his recorded brainwaves) may be a mental match for Captain America and Black Widow, but he is completely out of his league against Dial and his Jury Rigged devices. The ballistic missile he launched to deal with the heroes after telling them about his algorithm is deflected by Dial's portable radar jammer, and when Zola refuses to tell him anything, Dial turns into Jury Rigg and disassembles him into something that will.
  • Rath pulls off Zangief's Final Atomic Buster against Creel during their second encounter, taking the metallic villain out.
    • When Creel turns into vibranium to No-Sell all of Rath's physical moves, Dial is at a disadvantage especially when it times out. But his next transformation is Goop, who himself is immune to physical moves.
  • The fact that with Dial's alien-tech communicator providing an unhackable communication line, Steve is able to call for reinforcements - specifically Hawkeye, War Machine and Iron Man.
  • The Battle for the Triskelion:
    • The major factor that turns Steve's announcement to SHIELD about HYDRA infiltrators from unknown dissension in the ranks to a calculated excision of HYDRA - Zola's algorithm. Between Jury Rigg and Iron Man, they turn the algorithm into an application that they send to all agents, and identifies them as SHIELD loyalists or HYDRA moles.
      • For added awesome, the app is named Hercules, the mythological slayer of the Lernean Hydra.
      • Sharon witnesses an awesome moment that crosses over with heartwarming, when she and all the other agents in the room she's in raise their phones, and not a single HYDRA mole is among them.
    • Iron Man, War Machine and Diamondhead!Dial diving in to stop the Insight Helicarriers from launching, and how does Diamondhead do it? By growing an entire crystal mountain over the hangar doors to block them!
      • This is quickly followed by a rapid transformation montage between it, Fasttrack, Blitzwolfer, Feedback and Goop to clear out the hangar.
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    • When Pierce calls in HYDRA agents to try and kill the rest of the World Council, Black Widow (disguised as councilwoman Hawley) gets the drop on him and the group. And when the remainder aim at her, Hawkeye (disguised as councilman Yen) gets the drop on them.
      • And when Pierce tries to secretly activate the self-destruct signal on their badges, it is trivial for Jarvis and X to block the signal.
    • Falcon and his SHIELD quinjet backup defending Dial's crystal barricade as HYDRA tries to demolish it.
      • Falcon shoving a ton of crystal onto an unwary quinjet to squash it, and then taking another out with a grenade.
      • When the remaining HYDRA quinjets try to get a bead on Falcon, they are left open to the SHIELD squadron flying around the other side.
    • Jury Rigg!Dial assembles a device from one of the helicarrier into a transmitter for Jarvis and X, allowing them to access information about HYDRA agents all over the world, identify them, and strip them of their assets and their privacy.
    • War Machine confronting the Absorbing Man, and defeating him by using a sonic cannon against his raw vibranium form.
    • Captain America and the Winter Soldier fighting in the middle of a pitched firefight between the two sides. And when Crossbones tries to intervene by shooting Cap, Iron Man comes in and blasts him away.
      • We get to see a perfect combo attack from the Avengers, where Iron Man blasts the Winter Soldier into Cap's arms, who promptly and cleanly suplexes him.
    • Dial is faced with the prospect of one of the Insight Helicarriers self-destructing, and when War Machine (carrying a supposedly sedated Absorbing Man) flies in to assist, Creel gets the drop on them both and tries to break Rhodey's back. Dial's next transformation gets him the perfect alien to help - Upgrade, who promptly fuses with the War Machine armor and blasts Creel off the bridge.
      • Another benefit of Upgrade - enabling him to fuse with the entire helicarrier and assimilate and shut off the self-destruct himself.
      • And when Creel still doesn't go down, Dial Upgrades War Machine one last time to finish the job - with an Arm Cannon perfectly tuned to strip away Creel's armor and knock him out.
      • And the grand finale of the battle - the Upgraded Insight Helicarrier lifting out of the water and eradicating the remnants of the HYDRA convoy with extreme firepower.
  • A few moments during the liberation of SHIELD Academy.
    • Black Widow waltzing into the middle of the HYDRA occupiers, saying hello, and then promptly beating the shit out of all of them.
    • Black Widow gets another moment when she quickly neutralises Fasttrack, who had been charmed by the enhanced human on HYDRA's side, the Grappler Titania.
    • Then when Dial turns into Rath, Titania uses her charm power on him too, and succeeds. Rath then does what all Appoplexians do to their loved ones - beat the daylights out of them.
      • Just as a reminder, Rath is a wrestler. Titania is also a wrestler. So when Rath breaks out his best moves, Titania is free to do the same, even countering a power bomb with her signature hurricanrana!
      • And just like above, Rath also takes her out with Zangief's Final Atomic Buster.
  • When Dial gets the chance to fly an Upgraded quinjet, he gets a moment to experience some The World Is Just Awesome moments, including diving to see the sunken Titanic, and flying into space to see the curvature of the Earth.
  • Let's face it. If you were Dial, an Ascended Fanboy turned Avenger, walking with the other Avengers in full costume, you'd feel like a bonafide badass too.
  • Tony sets up an opportunity to see Dial building his alien tech in action, and Dial does not disappoint. Between Jury Rigg, Upgrade and Feedback, and a little help from the others, he completes his first project - the Rescue Armor, made for Pepper Potts.
  • A little dash of awesome for Dial, when an oblique mention of how SHIELD was supposed to be the bridge between normal and weird turns into the new name for a new organization: BRIDGE, the Bureau of Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Development and General Enhancement.
    • To say nothing of the new Director - Maria Hill.
  • A contingent of Avengers and agents, including Captain America, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Isabelle Hartley, and the recently deprogrammed Winter Soldier and Absorbing Man, taking out a HYDRA executive in his own base.
  • The Reserve Avengers' first team mission to raid the Graveyard:
    • Dial gets the chance to show off the new standard issue equipment for BRIDGE agents - Armor Gear, Adaptive Armor that provides Heads-Up Display battlefield intel, jump jets, enhanced protection, agility and strength if requested, and Spontaneous Weapon Creation, including shields, wrist blades and signature weapons, as well as adaptable sidearms and rifles and an extendable sword. Oh, and it's also wearable as clothing and activates via a Transformation Name Announcement. What's not to like?
    • Dial blasting through HYDRA forces, first in his new armor, then as Swampfire, and finally joining Falcon and War Machine in the air as Astrodactyl.
    • Wildmutt!Dial fighting with a gamma-enhanced tiger experiment while Alloy and Warrior handle other failed HYDRA experiments.
      • And Dial using the Omnitrix's power to repair the DNA of all the experiments in the room, undoing their mutations as best he can and depleting its power supply for a while.
    • Dial and Alloy vs. the HYDRA experiment designed to take on the Hulk - the cannibalistic monster called the Wendigo.
      • The Wendigo is practically an Implacable Man, with its strength capable of throwing Creel around (if unable to hurt his vibranium body) and its regeneration stopping any of Dial's shots, even Dial's blade cutting its arm off.
      • The tables quickly turn when the Omnitrix recharges and grants Dial a new alien - Frankenstrike. And Dial promptly uses the opportunity to use his new Magnetism Manipulation with Creel's metal body - to railgun him directly into their opponent.
        Dial: Fastball... Railgun!
      • And finally the two of them luring the monster back into its cage and sealing it shut. With Diamondhead crystals.
    • Mockingbird, Nomad and War Machine vs. a room full of repurposed Hammer drones and Chitauri projects.
      • And War Machine fighting a kludged-together Chitauri junker bot cobbled from Tony's Igor suit, Ivan Vanko's Whiplash suit and the Iron Monger one-on-one. With a sword!
  • Dial has to fight the Hulk down after he hears that his cousin Jennifer had been kidnapped, and he is very excited to do so as Fourarms.
    • And eventually, he does manage to beat some sense into him that the Hulk and Bruce have to cooperate to save their cousin, leading to the Hulk fighting Fourarms with Bruce's jujitsu knowledge. To call the spar afterwards earth-shaking would be an Understatement.
  • Ruby Hale may have been groomed from birth to be a ruthless HYDRA assassin, but she's still a 14-year-old teenager who cannot begin to hold a candle to the likes of Black Widow. When she gets petulant and physical at Natasha ignoring her, Natasha takes care of her without a sweat.
  • Mahmoud effectively calling out T'Chaka and T'Challa about hoarding their vibranium-based tech to themselves, and reiterates that he is planning on advancing the world with his alien tech and Wakanda can either join him or be found out when the world surpasses them.
  • Dial and Hawkeye rescuing the residents of a burning building. Including Rath!Dial smashing his way out of the building with a little girl in his arms.
  • Later, the two of them help rescue Ghost from a contingent of HYDRA Centipede soldiers aiming to capture her, as well as dealing with the squad themselves.
    • And Upgrade!Dial stopping the Extremis nanotech from killing the soldiers too.
  • Fourarms and Hulk rampaging through a HYDRA base. Extra points for the Thunder Clap Combination Attack, and them playing ball with tanks.
  • Frank Castle a.k.a. the Punisher's first mission as a BRIDGE Elite.
  • Dial and Iron Man vs. Blizzard and Blackout:
    • When their initial matchups prove nothing more than stalemates, Snare-Oh!Dial and Iron Man pull an Opponent Switch, so that Iron Man can use his implemented Melter tech to fend off Blizzard's ice, and Snare-Oh can use his shapeshifting and immunity to life drain against Blackout. Snare-Oh even pulls a Sonic/Samus ball attack on him.
    • When Blackout's obsession drives him to pull out the stops, Upgrade!Dial quickly fuses with Iron Man's armor and opens up with all barrels, entering a Beam-O-War with Blackout - that the Avengers eventually win.
    • Unfortunately, the lethal victory causes Blizzard to go berserk, dropping a snowstorm on the battlefield. Though Tony enters another Melter-based Beam-O-War with Blizzard, Blizzard decides to aim at a timed-out Dial, forcing Tony to employ lethal measures with his Uni-beam.
  • BRIDGE vs. HYDRA final battle:
    • Rath conducting Grievous Harm with a Body with a hapless Chitauri-armed soldier.
    • An armoured Captain America charging with Nomad, Alloy and Warrior to break into Baron Strucker's citadel.
    • Dial going up against a three-on-one fight against Poundcakes, Songbird and Scarlet Witch (staged as they wish to defect), first as Rath, then as Frankenstrike.
      • However, Baron Strucker sees through it and buries the four fighters with a booby trap, but all four of them are strong enough to survive and bust their way out.
      • While going to rescue some allies that John Garrett is trying to spirit away, Dial unlocks a new alien to use: Big Chill, whose intangibility and ice powers proves to be a big asset in the fight.
      • Big Chill!Dial fighting against a flying Deathlok in mid-air.
    • Hulk going up against the two major HYDRA gamma mutates - Abomination and Aberration.
      • When the two mutates break out the Berserker Staff to boost their strength, Bruce and Hulk stop holding back and start growing in size and strength.
      • Then a new player joins in on Hulk's side - Iron Man, in the Hulkbuster Armor. The resulting battle is as long and brutal as you'd expect from four brutish brawlers built for strength.
      • Some highlights include: Aberration temporarily being caught in Tony's restraining cage, Tony rocket-smashing Abomination in the face, and Tony calling replacement parts to repair himself.
      • When Abomination manages to stab Tony with his half of the Berserker Staff, Tony puts everything into his boosters and Meteor Moves Blonsky into submission.
      • Hulk matching Aberration's weapon half of the Berserker Staff by using a tree as a Telephone Polearm.
    • Thor's return and entrance into the fight, KOing Abomination and downing the HYDRA gunships in the process.
    • Baron Strucker displays his planning chops, anticipating both the Grapplers and the Maximoff twins' defection, and Sterns's double cross, and taking appropriate measures.
  • Strength training with the Grapplers, the Hulks, Thor and Dial.
    • She-Hulk adapting to her new strength with ease.
    • Dial trying out his new Asgardian form. How? Sparring with Thor. And we know they're serious when their sparring kicks up a storm in the region.
  • Black Panther and the Dora Milaje ambushing Klaue's stronghold and capturing him.
  • Dial's outing with Daredevil:
    • Daredevil getting used to his new catom-based armor and billy clubs.
    • The two of them (with Dial as Snare-Oh) ambushing a sex slave transport and freeing them, taking out their rage on the goons. As apropos for a chapter published on Halloween, the whole thing is played out with a Terror Hero vibe, with a mummy and the devil taking out other monsters, followed by an interrogation with a Hell Hound (Wildmutt).
    • Then later, the two of them clear out a Russian-run sex slave "training location". Stealth-style.
  • At a formal fund raiser, Tony and Pepper are confronted by Christine Everhart who wants to know about Tony's new flying companion and apparent new squeeze Rescue. The way the two of them snub Everhart during the greeting is sweet enough, but the crowner is Pepper telling the reporter to her face that she is Rescue.
  • The Rio de Janeiro time quake:
    • One epic moment for a group of Badass Bystanders: about to be buried by a collapsing ceiling, the bartender managed to catch the roof on his shoulders, and he and the other trapped people managed to hold it for 5 straight hours, trading off in 20-minute shifts, until Dial and his team found them and dug them out. If that doesn't display humanity's will to live, nothing does.
    • Frank Castle and his team engaging in a firefight with a group of literal demons, and when one gets too close, the Punisher goes ham on its ass with bullet and bayonet until he runs out of bullets and the demons runs out of face flesh. Hell, even the demons are staring at him in horror during all that.
    • Ulik the Troll is one hell of a brute, able to hold off Thor and the Hulkbuster and TKO Fourarms!Dial. It takes an ambush by Hawkeye and Mockingbird driving an explosive-laden car to get the drop on him, and even then the Avengers only win by Ring Out - Thor overcharging Iron Man's Uni-beam to blast Ulik clear over the horizon.
    • Hulk suplexing a T-Rex. 'Nuff said.
      Bruce: Rath is a bad influence on you.
      Hulk: Rath is good influence.
  • The Food Fight that erupts out of the Avengers' evening party is equal parts hilarious and awesome.
  • The first big team-up between the Avengers, BRIDGE and the Winter Guard.
    • Crimson Dynamo and Skye in her new armor dealing with some of Red Ghost's soldier corpses that weren't actually corpses.
    • They have to fight flying cyber-monkeys and cyber-gorillas who are armed with plasma cannons and force fields while in mid-air.
    • Then they go into an all-out melee after the Bus crashes, with the Winter Guard's military liaison Mikhail suddenly revealing his own powers - as well as his comic identity as Ursa Major.
    • Creel doesn't need a jump-pack to catch himself after he skydives out of a plane; he just needs his vibranium form. And when he lands, he elbow-drops on a gorilla and shows off his Crater Power in the process.
    • Kraven the Hunter showing off his Badass Normal credentials; all he needs is the standard jump-pack and his bowie knife to cut cyber-monkeys out of the sky.
    • Dial embracing the madness fighting cyber-monkeys and going full Warhammer 40,000 Large Ham on his targets.
    • And finally, Fantasma ending the battle with a magic spell that burns the enemy forces to ash.
  • The final battle against Sauron.
    • Creel is able to tank everything Sauron dishes out. How? Simple, vibranium can handle anything.
  • When trapped with no one able to assist him quickly, Dr. Octavius is able to hold off his attackers using his greatest creation: robotic limbs.
  • After meeting Ares, the god who is helping in Greece, Dial, She-Hulk, Captain America, and Nomad go and help the god kill a hydra.
  • Dial and Thor are sent to do humanitarian aid in Africa; the village they go to is experiencing a famine. After seeds are planted via StarkTech, Thor unleashes a rainstorm while Swampfire causes all the plants to grow.


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