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  • Yussef gets a pretty good one even before his device is fully started, defending Cidela from her abusive uncle.
    Yussef's eyes narrowed in anger, but then his face softened, and he smiled. Turning towards Cidela instead of her uncle, he bowed slightly and said, "Cidela, on behalf of my father, Sheik al Khan, ruler of Qatar, I would like to inform you that your request for educational assistance from Qatar has been granted. You will be welcome to continue your studies there at any time, under my family's roof, or here in Japan under our patronage, per your father's manifest will." He waved dismissively at her uncle, "this one will not trouble you there or here any longer, and you will find that our schools and universities are rapidly coming on par with those in Europe and America." He turned back to her uncle, and his smile disappeared as he finally answered, "I am Yussef bin Hammad al Khan, third son of the Sheik of Qatar. Who are you, peasant, to question me?"
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  • Noriko in Endless Waltz, chapter 32: Empire. In reaction to an Al Hanthis spell that killed every living relative up to five generations away, 14-year old Noriko, being the last living blood member of the Japanese Imperial Family, when presented at a press conference to state that the government is still looking at what to do, throws out the speech that was prepared for her by the Prime Minister and comes up with her own, the end of which is here.
    "We are the oldest continuous nation in human history! No invader, no conqueror, has ever set foot on these islands, save that we permitted them. The Mongol hordes were swept away, the Chinese never dared attempt a landing. Even the Americans, with their Marines and their planes and their atomic bombs, set foot on our islands only after we allowed them here. They remain here only because we deign to allow them to remain.
    "To Al Hanthis, I say, we will not deign to allow this! We are the Empire of the Rising Sun! Our nation is old beyond your understanding, stable beyond your comprehension. We will neither repeat our own mistakes, nor allow you inflict your own folly on us or our neighbors. We will oppose you wherever you go, wherever we find you, and you will rue the day you chose to attack us in such a cowardly and spiteful manner. You have proven yourselves utterly without scruple, honor, or redeeming feature, and we will see you pay for your crimes!
    "To my fellow Terrans, neighbors, former enemies and current allies alike, I say, Japan will stand with you against Al Hanthis. We will provide whatever we may to aid your battles, teach your people, arm your soldiers. We ask only that you extend the same aid to any nation that opposes Al Hanthis, any nation suffering under their iron heel. Japan will stand with any who stands against Al Hanthis, and when this travesty is over, when the battles finish and the killing finally stops, we will still stand, with all Terran nations, victorious!"


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