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Considering this crossover is the MCU, with the likes of snark extraordinaire Tony Stark and Natasha Romanov and Fish out of Water Thor among others, there are plenty of floor-rolling moments here:

All moments for Dial are unmarked as spoilers unless directly plot-relevant.

  • Tony's nickname of "Fanboy" for Mahmoud is often incredibly appropriate. Whenever Dial sees a superhero moment straight out of the comics (like seeing Captain America in full costume), he gets a big grin on his face.
  • Rath's fight with the Grappler Titania has plenty of moments.
    • When Rath is hit with Titania's Charm Person power, he instantly falls in love with her. Unfortunately for her, an Appoplexian's most romantic gesture to someone else is to beat the hell out of them.
    • Not to mention War Machine's bemusement when the battle goes past him and Rath is yelling about how he can be Rath's best man.
    • And the aftermath is especially hilarious.
      Rath: Are you licensed to do marriages?
      Natasha: [staring in surprise] Uh... no, no I am not.
      * Rath wilts in disappointment.*
      Tomas: Hold on. If you're in love with her, why did you still fight her?
      Rath: [scoffing] Let me tell you something, Agent Tomas Calderon of SHIELD! Appoplexians like Rath know the best way to show true love is to show off your FIGHTING SKILLS! Throwing a punch is how we show we care! Whoever wins gets to marry the other one!
      Natasha: Wait, you mean you get married no matter who wins?
      Rath: [shouting proudly] It's a WIN-WIN! Unless she says no. Then Rath will be respectful.
      * Cue Omnitrix running out of power and Dial becomes human again, dropping Titania/Davida in surprise. Cue Corpsing or giant grins from everyone around*
      Dial: ...Well that's embarrassing.
      Natasha: [grinning] I can't wait to tell Tony about this.
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    • And when Tony does hear about it, he starts off teasing Dial about how he cheated on Rhodey (whom he recently merged with as Upgrade) with Titania.
  • Jury Rigg has an odd relationship with technology. Whatever he Macgyvers together works wonders, but often has a strange side-effect.
    • The supercomputer he cobbled together while as a squatter worked great... except on Wednesdays.
    • The fridge sometimes flash cooks all its contents. Or eats them.
    • The forcefield generator he made the first time works, but also plays Black Sabbath.
    • The teleportation canceller bounces people back to their starting location... while giving them a sex change and a full-body polka dot dye job.
    • The Claytronics Forge randomly gives bystanders a neon dye job.
    • And the cake gun makes farting noices when it explodes.
  • When HYDRA executive Werner Reinhardt tries to use Creel's trigger phrase on him, a deprogrammed Creel just bitchslaps him to shut him up.
  • On the Reserve Avenger's first mission, Mockingbird asks about Dial's new standard-issue Armor Gear and how to activate it. Dial says the activation phrase is "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" Mockingbird, who hates the show, is horrified, but Dial was kidding.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke when Skye actually uses it as her activation phrase.
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  • It's coupled with an Awesome moment, but while Frankenstrike!Dial is electrocuting the Wendigo, he's also laughing, "It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!"
  • A moment when the Hulk is brawling with Fourarms. When the two of them are locked in a shoving match, Hulk tries to glare into Fourarms's eyes, but can't decide which set to glare into.
    • After their Percussive Therapy session, Dial takes Hulk to have drive-through, and Hulk is stuffing himself with fast food all the way back to base.
  • It's amusing to witness Ruby Hale, a Tyke Bomb groomed from birth by HYDRA to be the ideal assassin, try to square up against Black Widow, who overshadows her in experience so thoroughly that she finds Ruby cute.
  • Dial and Hawkeye go assist with an apartment fire:
    • When they respond to the alert, a confused dispatcher can only say, "...say again?"
    • Dial has to go Rath again to bust out through the burning apartment, carrying a little girl. The moment is Heartwarming until a jittery cop pulls his gun on Rath and orders him to the ground.
      • Not to mention Rath's confused response.
        Rath: ... No? Rath just helped everyone. Rath is starting to wonder if you're dumb, and that's saying something coming from Rath!
    • And when Rath and Hawkeye are called away on another mission, this is Rath's exit response:
      Rath: Rath is going to go fight HYDRA! STAY BEAUTIFUL NEW YORK!
  • The men of the Avengers having a movie night.
    • Tony makes a comment about Upgrade melding with a Centipede soldier's cybernetic eye, and Dial replies that it's just how Upgrade works. Bucky hides his bionic arm behind his back.
  • When Dial does his Transformation Name Announcement into Fourarms, Hulk decides to copy him.
  • There's a little bit of humour in watching Natasha, Melinda and Bobbi, three badass superspies, act like vapid 30-year-olds on a stroll to throw off HYDRA watchers at a target's house.
  • When Dial enters the final HYDRA battle as Rath.
    Rath: Let me tell you something, HYDRA Morons! Rath has had a depressing day and has been waiting for today for weeks! So now I'm gonna turn you all into my punchi-
    (HYDRA soldier shoots Rath in the face. Rath is unfazed.)
    Rath: ...You! Rath beats you down first! (Conducts Grievous Harm with a Body.)
  • After Mahmoud apologizes to Skye for treating her like she's delicate, Simmons lets out a Squee!.
  • Thor walks in on the above conversation, and Skye and Simmons have to struggle not to swoon while Mahmoud and Fitz are left feeling a bit frustrated.
  • After unlocking Big Chill, Mahmoud warns everyone that if his prediction is right, Big Chill will start eating metal because he's planning to reproduce. Tony starts laughing his ass off.
    • The other Avengers want to know if they should prepare a baby shower.
  • Hulk acts like a big kid around She-Hulk.
  • One morning, Clint comes in for breakfast, but finds the place cleaned out. Some exploration later reveals Thor, Hulk and She-Hulk, in bathrobes, with a table full of sweet breakfast, watching Gravity Falls.
    • And as a father himself, Clint finds himself joining in.
  • Dial has an In-Joke moment to himself when She-Hulk is confused at him calling her "Glamazon".
  • Victoria Hand is supervising a SHIELD training op, and isn't taking well to Dial's names for his aliens, or interacting with the party girl that is She-Hulk. Dial even thinks of a sitcom involving the two women.
    • And she finally gives up on sanity when Dial offhandedly mentions the Pet Avengers.
  • During strength testing, Dial transforms into Rath, and Songbird brings Titania over to watch.
    Rath: Let me tell you something Titania of the Grapplers! You better be ready, because Rath is going to hit this machine so hard that other machines will cheer! AND THEN WE SHOULD GET MARRIED! (Beat) Wait, Rath doesn't want to get married! Why did Rath say that?!
    • Right before this scene:
    Titania: So I hear you're changing into my fiancee.
    Dial: I'm changing into the guy who beat you like a rented drum after you mind-controlled him, yes.
    Titania: Yeah, okay. That's fair.
  • Mahmoud is dismayed when it's revealed that Steve had watched the Star Wars prequels.
  • In a gym full of enhanced people, She-Hulk attracts a lot of attention, and one guy starts doing his reps faster to try and impress her.
  • After a gamma-enhanced tiger ends up bonding with both Hulk and Dial, which ends with the tiger following Dial around and sleeping at his feet, She-Hulk tries to decide whether to be confused or intensely amused.
  • Dial accidentally makes a "That's What She Said" joke.
  • Black Panther succeeds in tracking down Ulysses Klaue and bringing him in, but even he is discomfited by how chatty Klaue is.
    Klaue: (as Black Panther approaches with a syringe) Okay, can you not? I promised I'd stop with the hard stuff, took a program and everything.”
    (Black Panther sedates him)
    Klaue: Damn... I was going to get my three year... chip...
    Black Panther: I wish my father had warned me he would talk that much.
  • While walking the streets of Hell's Kitchen, some goons think about accosting Mahmoud and Natasha. They do an about-face when Nat changes her walk from "casual woman" to "I-can-stab-your-heart-out-while-smiling".
  • Dial admits to Daredevil that he brought Black Widow with him to Hell's Kitchen to protect him from ninjas. Daredevil is skeptical.
  • Tony being his usual irreverent self at a fundraiser and Pepper keeping him in line.
    • Tony steps up to give a speech at the fundraiser. After he's done, Pepper tells him he wasn't supposed to give a speech; someone else was.
    • When Christine Everhart confronts them, the couple snubs her to great effect, first by Tony not recognizing her (even though he actually does), and after she introduces herself, the following dialogue wipes the smile off her face for a second time in a row:
      Tony: Oh I get it, you want a job. I get it, working for those hacks. Tell you what, Pepper could use a new assistant since her best one turned out to be Avenger material.
      Pepper: I'd rather not. Natasha was too good to be replaced by anyone subpar.
    • When Christine effectively calls the new armor-user Rescue Tony's "woman on the side", Pepper steps up and reveals that she is Rescue. The gobsmacked look on Christine's face is priceless.
  • Even as Goop!Dial is clearing out an illegal brothel, many goons wonder why he smells and tastes like lime jello. And so does Daredevil.
  • The morning after Mahmoud had a chance meeting with Stan Lee has Mahmoud taking a breath and stepping out into a new day... before running back into his apartment because he forgot to brush his teeth.
  • Jen literally dragging Mahmoud with her on her meeting with Matt and Foggy.
    • Foggy gushing over his and Matt's new expensively-furnished offices after being hired by Dial.
    • When Foggy sees Jen for the first time, he is literally struck speechless. Even his POV title card (which usually goes "Real Name"/"Alter Ego") states "Foggy Nelson/Currently In Love".
    • When Matt teases him for coming off strong, Foggy tries to save face by calling her a "horror show", since Matt is blind. Jen (who is in her office), states that she can hear him.
  • Tony responding to an Avengers Assemble call by diving out the window and getting Jarvis to send his armor to him.
  • After a meeting with the new recruits for an upcoming mission, Victoria Hand tells the group to "get to the chopper" and inadvertently kills the tension.
  • As Astrodactyl!Dial flies Creel and Hartley to the Enterprise, he comments that Creel forgot to change his clothes from last night since he smells. Unbeknownst to him though, Creel was sleeping with Hartley last night.
  • Crossed with awesome, but the way Frank Castle horrifies demons is pretty hilarious.
  • Big Chill having to transport Ghost in a Bridal Carry.
  • Dial complaining that Hawkeye was apparently taught driving by Commander Shepard.
  • After an earlier chapter where Frank Castle kills a demon with such viciousness that other demons watch in horror, Dial notes that most demons have been running the second they see him.
  • Fantasma's reaction to learning that Chernabog fed her the soul of a cyber-ape to rejuvenate her.
    "You fed me a monkey!?"
  • Luis's cameo where he recaps most of the MCU and story.
  • Maria Hill is calling Boris and is asking for Kraven's help in finding Dial, who is lost in the Savage Land. Before Boris can even finish his response Kraven, who heard the whole thing from outside the room, loudly replies that he's on his way. Chernobog then enters the room and says this:
    Chernobog: Hey, so… Kraven just passed me in the hall? He was grinning like a loon. It was creepy.
  • Demi being distracted by X:
    Demi: Shiny.
  • When She-Hulk goes to investigate a bank robbery, an idiot tries heckling her by shouting "Take off your shirt!".
  • Dial and She-Hulk find Stilt-Man, who unlike the rest of the MCU's much more down to earth and realistic attitude is hamming it up and Chewing the Scenery like an actual silver-age comic villain. Dial squees like a fanboy at how over the top the criminal is acting as positively loves that after all the life or death fights he's been in since arriving he finally gets to tangle with a comical bad guy.
  • When talking to Ares, Dial insults Zeus, causing thunder to roar at a distance.
    Dial: Yeah, I’m not taking that back. You’re an asshole.
    Ares: Heh. I knew I liked you.
  • When Dial tells Agatha what the standard version of the Ancient One looks like, she laughs out loud.
  • When discussing Dial's fighting style, X reveals to Creel that 25% of it is made up of anime and wrestling moves while saying the attack's name.