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Many of these characters are the superheroes of our childhoods and even our daily lives today. Is it any wonder that even in a crossover, they would touch our hearts?

  • When Fury questions Mahmoud's trustworthiness on account of him appearing out of nowhere, Steve vouches for him, saying that he has had many opportunities to hide or run, but instead stayed to help. The Power of Trust brings a tear to Mahmoud's eye.
  • Mild case when Rhodey comments that Mahmoud maybe shouldn't go on the mission because if he's forced to kill, it will change him, and he doesn't want that to happen. When Mahmoud reaffirms his decision to go anyway, Steve reminds him that he has support.
    • And when Dial eventually does kill, Natasha and Rhodey provide that support, talking him through his feelings and helping him come to terms with it.
  • It's heartening for Sharon Carter when she receives both the news that HYDRA has infiltrated SHIELD, the organization her aunt built, and an app to identify all the traitors lurking in their ranks. When she and everyone else in the room she's in lifts their phones, not a single HYDRA agent is among them.
  • When Mahmoud learns that X, the VI made from Arnim Zola's algorithm, has become a full-on Artificial Intelligence, X asks if Mahmoud would ask him to self-destruct. Mahmoud vehemently refuses.
  • Fury admitting that despite his suspicions, he's grateful for all of Dial's help and protecting the lives of most of his men.
  • The entire event of Jury Rigg!Dial building the Rescue Armor for Pepper. And Tony helping her afterwards experience The Joy of First Flight. And the two of them (with Dial as Astrodactyl) going on their first cross-city flight.
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  • Steve's blinding smile when he hears that Bucky has successfully been deprogrammed.
  • The Undying Loyalty that True Companions like the Grapplers have for each other.
  • The fact that Mahmoud named one of his new gadgets for BRIDGE BCW, short for Becuzitswrong, In Memoriam of the deceased fanfic author.
  • There's a lot of happiness abound in HYDRA's Graveyard, after Dial uses the Omnitrix to restore most of the failed HYDRA experiments to human form. Unfortunately, the keyword is "most".
  • It's rather heartwarming to know how much both Bruce and Hulk care for their cousin Jennifer Walters, such that they agree to work together to protect her.
  • Rath is extremely satisfied after he does the classic hero thing of saving a little girl from a burning building.
  • Most of the Avenger boys having a horror movie night.
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  • When a kidnapping attempt on Audrey Nathan comes to the Avengers' attention, Tony requests to go on the mission for Coulson's sake. Shows that despite how much he was hurt by Coulson pretending to be dead, he still cares for him.
  • After their Percussive Therapy session, Hulk seems to have bonded well with Dial. During their next mission, we have scenes like the two of them pulling off a Thunder Clap combination, playing catch with tanks, and after Fourarms!Dial is hit by a tank, Hulk goes ape on them while screaming, "YOU HURT HULK FRIEND!"
  • Knowing how much shit Frank Castle goes through in the usual iterations of the Marvel Universe, it's nice to know that in this one, as a BRIDGE Elite, he's got a job that allows him to spend time with his family.
  • Every moment of Ship Tease between Mahmoud and Skye.
  • When BRIDGE finally rescues Jennifer Walters, Hulk is relieved that she is okay.
    • And when She-Hulk meets her big Gamma cousin, Hulk is practically acting like a kid.
    • Later, Hulk also starts bonding with Poundcakes of the Grapplers, as she gives him advice on how to connect with people.
    • And even later, Hulk even bonds with a gamma-enhanced tiger.
  • Creel and Mahmoud bonding with boxing practice.
  • When Mahmoud enters a gym full of the people he healed from the Graveyard and got superpowers out of the deal, all of them start applauding when they see him. Dial is sufficiently bashful.
  • As the new Director of BRIDGE, Maria Hill is now Nick Fury's superior, and in Fury's opinion, there could be no better choice.
    Fury: Director for a short time and already giving impossible orders? You really were the best choice.
  • Tony and Pepper sharing some tender moments during a fundraiser party, including a dance and a kiss. When Pepper makes the decision to go public with her new Rescue identity and take a more active role in helping people, Tony admits he now understands what Pepper feels every time he goes into danger, but vows to support her to the bitter end.
  • Chapter 54 was published a few days after Stan Lee's passing, but the story still gets his usual Marvel Cameo - he is with his loving wife Joan, showing her around the multiverse of the world he helped create, and waving to Mahmoud for a brief moment. He even talks about dropping in on Jack to say hi.
    • The next morning, Mahmoud finds a charcoal sketch of Stan and Joan, and is reminded of Stan's Catchphrase "Excelsior", promising to always strive to become better.
  • After Dial's first lost fight against Ulik, he finds that he can't shake the memory of losing or almost dying, which really gets under his skin. Steve helps him out by spending a day out with him just being tourists, and shares with him his own experiences with losing, even after his serum treatment, and that the only thing he should do is keep getting up after getting knocked down.

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