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Awesome / Diaries of a Madman

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  • Nav threatening Kat in a fit of rage after her abuse of him, scaring her senseless while he's practically half dead.
  • Both of the times Nav blatantly abuses the rules in the fighting competitions in Maris and Flankflurt.
  • Nav's fist fight with Sombra.
  • The war games exercise, which results in a crushing defeat for the Day Guard.
  • Pinkie threatening and terrifying Kat — a trained assassin — if she hurts Navarone again.
  • Nav spicing up the haunted house for Nightmare Night, with Luna's help.
  • Nav setting the time of his first duel with Blueblood to "now", followed by a crossbow bolt to the throat.
  • Nav's Knife Fight with a griffon assassin.
  • While Nav lies convalescent after Blueblood stabs him in the chest, Luna decides to try and invade his dreams. Nav immediately ejects her with a shotgun, but can't handle the stress - so Flo repeatedly, and inventively, 'kills' Luna time and time again.
    Navarone: I gotta say, that was a pretty inventive use of sunflower seeds.