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Webcomic: Girls Next Door
Corollary to Roommates, this deviantART fancomic combines the Labyrinth, The Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean and Les Misérables. This one is told from the girls' perspective, and apparently developed its own storyline with only loose connections to Roommates. Found here. Tends to run on Finagle's Law and Rule of Funny (or Rule of Fanservice). Part of the Buildingverse.

Rooming arrangements so far:

Has a voice-over project on YouTube (here) and an audio only one by Shirekat here. There's also a Hungarian translation project titled A Szomszédlányok. (Scroll down. They have tropes!)

This comic provides examples of:

The Youtube Voiceover project provides examples of:

  • Limited Animation: Very very limited... you could swear it's just static images with an occasional effect or zoom.
    • It isn't?
    • It is, but if someone would do some mouth animation it would be actually hard to tell as thanks to the dynamic editing looks more alive than some actual cartoons from the 70s-80s.
  • Vocal Evolution: As the cast is mostly non-professional it's not surprising that they get better and better as time goes by.

The Hungarian translation provides examples of:

  • Gratuitous English: Some of the English is left unchanged. Mostly advertisement taglines and names of places (with subtitles if needed).

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alternative title(s): Girls Next Door; Girls Next Door
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