Lucky Bastard

Better to be lucky than good.

A Villain or rival who succeeds in his plots against the world or the protagonist, not because of his own cleverness or awesomeness (which he may or may not have), but because luck favors him. The Million-to-One Chance works for him.

Compare Born Lucky. May result in the villain becoming a Karma Houdini if luck takes enough of a shine to him.


Anime and Manga
  • Dragon Ball Z gives us Cell and Majin Buu, who reach their ultimate forms not so much because of their own cleverness and guile as because many of the heroes make very poor life choices while trying to destroy them.
  • Katsuhiko Jinnai from El Hazard. He lands in an alien world and immediately becomes ruler of a powerful nation with millions of slavishly-loyal and murderous servants (not to mention the not-unattractive Queen). For no reason other than dumb luck. Ironically enough, Jinnai sees Makoto as this.
    • It is important to note, however, that while dumb luck may have been what gave Jinnai power, it was his tactical genius that (at least in the first OVA series) allowed him to continue being successful as a villain. The Bugrom had been attacking other countries for centuries after all. They had little, if any, success until Jinnai began leading them. Once he did, he made conquest after conquest, coming very close to taking over El-Hazard. He most likely would have succeeded were it not for the heroes' Plot Device super weapon.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure features this for many antagonists, but special mention goes to Dio Brando, who has a birthmark on his ear indicating he was born with great luck, and demonstrates it on multiple occasions.

  • Although not actually a villain, the Donald Duck character Gladstone Gander, created by Carl Barks, is both Born Lucky and typically a major Jerkass Smug Snake.
  • Dr. Robotnik/Eggman from Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog: When he was first discovered by Charles and Jules, Robotnik was being shot at for undisclosed but obviously serious crimes. In the years between his discovery and eventual takeover, nobody in the royal court stopped to both think about why he was being shot at and/or plan ahead in case he tried something. He later stole the roboticizer from Uncle Chuck, who seemed way too open about it given what it could do, gaining the means to build up his robot army. Even King Max, who was literally being guided by a primordial intellect, was taken by surprise at Robotnik's takeover. As the book has gone on and revealed all the powerful wizards, factions, and occasions that could've ended in his defeat, but have obviously not, he really seems to be this. To the point that Sonic's Chaos Factor is really just someone finally getting a counter ability.

Fan Fiction
  • Earth and Sky: The Flim-Flam brothers seem to have reached this status ever since the Pegalathon started, and is the only reason they're still in the race. Whenever it seems they're about to be arrested (or harassed by the other racers), something happens that stops it (usually in the Amusing Injuries category) and lets them get away scott free. Up until they nearly kill all the other contestants by accidentally burning down the Appleloosa prison. Then Princess Celestia decides she's had enough of their horse apples, and has them disqualified from the race and pursued by an entire battalion of her best guards. They still manage to dodge the guards all the way to Canterlot, but then their luck runs out and their flying machine falls apart just short of the finish line.

  • Chris Wilton of Match Point: he murders his pregnant mistress by trying to make it look like a robbery but ends up making a few mistakes and one of the investigating cops manages to figure out his methods and motive to the letter...but one of the rings he took to simulate the robbery ends up falling on the street instead of the river he threw it at, was picked up by a drug dealer who was then found dead and thus ended up taking the fall for the robbery, allowing Wilton to get away with it scott free.
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Ferris Bueller (for those who view him unfavorably) undeniably accomplishes some of his achievements through his own cleverness, but he had a hell of a lot of luck with some of them.
  • Prince Hans in Frozen mixes this with Opportunistic Bastard. He is clever enough to spin things in his favor with some fast talking, but he can only get so far on charm alone, and is repeatedly favored when his plan to become king would fall apart. Queen Elsa is an Ice Queen who is completely unimpressed by him? Not to worry, she has a little sister he didn't know about who is more receptive to his wooing. Elsa vetoes their Fourth Date Marriage plans? Anna accidentally pushes Elsa into revealing her magic to the public, causing her to run away in panic. Anna goes after her, and puts Hans in charge while she's gone, giving him legitimate power in the kingdom. Elsa's magic curses the land into an eternal winter, causing her to lose favor with the people and gives Hans a convenient excuse to kill her with no negative consequences. Elsa accidentally cursing Anna to freeze to death leads to Hans gleefully refusing to even try to save her, getting rid of another loose end while painting her as a martyr, and claiming she was married to him while the panicked populace is too busy wanting Elsa dead to ask questions. His luck finally runs out when Elsa unintentionally unfreezes Anna, regaining her confidence and uncursing the kingdom, leading to Hans' lies being revealed by Anna, and ends with him stripped of his title and shoveling manure back in his own kingdom.

Live-Action Television
  • Helen, the Big Bad from Primeval. In nearly every episode she appears in, she gets captured at gunpoint but always either manages to convince her captors to let her go or tackles away their weapon. Considering she's a 40-ish archeologist and the people holding her at gunpoint are usually trained soldiers with good reason to hate her, she must have some sort of superpower that causes any heroic character within earshot of her to juggle Idiot Balls. At one point she escapes from the middle of the hero's base by taking another villain hostage and demanding to be released... for some insane reason, the heroes not only let her go but give her the MacGuffin as well, instead of just shooting them both. However, karma gets her in the end. In the form of a Velociraptor.
  • Graham Chapman's assessment of Dinsdale Piranha:
    It's easy for us to judge Dinsdale Piranha too harshly. After all, he only did what most of us only dream of doing,. (facial tic; controls himself) I'm sorry. After all, a murderer is only an extroverted suicide. Dinsdale was a loony but he was a happy loony. Lucky bastard.

Video Games
  • Sergio Morello from Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven even has this very Trope Name as the title of his mission. First he evades being shot, then he evades a car bomb, then he evades being shot again, then he evades being hit by a train and just after one hell of a heist, he is finally put down.

Web Comics
  • Xykon the lich of The Order of the Stick has a few instances of this, such as when he and Redcloak (who was carrying his phylactery) were inadvertently saved from death by the actions of Miko Miyazaki, which also ended the Battle of Azure City in their favour. A more recent (half) example (in a strip actually titled " Lucky Breaks") his phylactery just misses the hole into the Snarl's prison, although it still falls into a sewer which will carry it somewhere difficult for Xykon to recover it from.

Web Original

Real Life
  • One of the most infamous people in history: Adolf Hitler. While he was of average intelligence and had incredible skills as an orator, his rise to power and rule over practically all of Europe was by sole virtue of dumb luck. He survived a gas attack in World War I merely because he was lucky. The Great Depression messed up the world's economy just as Germany was starting to recover economically, the Treaty of Versailles produced huge backlash and anger in Germany, and the Jews were a convenient target as anti-Semitism was on the rise. Hitler showed up just as all this was happening with fiery oratory about how Germany deserved better and Jews were to blame, and Germans responded in force. Then, when he was in control, his legitimate threat to the world was ignored because the Soviet Union under Stalin had started to act up, letting Hitler build power with a relatively free hand. When the German army had great difficulty penetrating the superior armor of French tanks, the desperate tactic of turning the anti-air guns on the enemy tanks worked brilliantly, saving the war for Germany and letting them conquer France. When people actually started trying to kill him, he survived far more assassination attempts than anyone really should (not by awareness or the competence of his guards, but solely because he was lucky). One incident involved him deciding, for no apparent reason, to shorten a speech from an hour to eight minutes then leave; the building exploded shortly after he left or when a silent bomb with 30 minutes fuse was put on his plane but the bomb didn't explode because the percussion cap became too cold as the parcel was carried in the unheated cargo hold. The "Valkyrie" attack plan would have worked, but the bomb was moved one foot behind a table leg just before it went off. Historians are actually aware of this, and have coined the term "Devil's Luck" to describe Hitler. Eventually his luck ran out, but even then he ended up dying by his own hand.
  • Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga (whose Historical Villain Upgrades you can enjoy in dozens of anime, videogames, and Jidai Geki) was a tactician and strategist of impressive skill and appalling ruthlessness, but it certainly helped that two of the most powerful lords opposing him (and who were also the best generals in Japan during the era) suddenly dropped dead of mysterious causes just as they were about to enter a full scale war with Nobunaga.
    • Many Japanese historians debate over whether or not this was sheer luck, given the timing and the fact that Nobunaga had access to men trained in undetectable assassination. This is why historians hate ninja.

Alternative Title(s): Lucky Bitch