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Good Luck Charm
A Good Luck Charm is an item that brings you good luck, or is believed to do so. These are very common in folklore; the most common examples are a four leaved clover, a rabbit's foot, and a horseshoe (hung upside down so that the luck won't pour out). In video games, expect an item like this to improve your Luck Stat.

Supertrope of Four-Leaf Clover and Lucky Rabbit's Foot. Contrast with Bad Luck Charm.


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     Comic Books  


     Video Game  

  • In A Tale Of Two Kingdoms, to win a gambling game you need to find a horseshoe for luck first.
  • The Legend of Kyrandia also has a horseshoe as lucky charm (and magnet) which is a component in one of the potions.
  • Terraria: Has an item called the Lucky Horseshoe which looks like a traditional good luck charm. However instead of affecting luck in the game it negates fall damage.
  • In Star Ocean: The Second Story, being the Born Unlucky character of the cast, Ashton Anchors likes to collect lucky charms, especially after having been possessed the two dragons on his back.
  • Resident Evil 2 has Sherry's gold locket which subverts the crap out of this trope. It secretly contains a sample of the G Virus, which is the reason the Tyrant T-103 Type is hunting her down.

     Visual Novel  

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