Good Luck Charm

A Good Luck Charm is an item that brings you good luck, or is believed to do so. These are very common in folklore; the most common examples are a four leaved clover, a rabbit's foot, and a horseshoe (hung upside down so that the luck won't pour out). In video games, expect an item like this to improve your Luck Stat.

Supertrope of Four-Leaf Clover and Lucky Rabbit's Foot. Contrast with Bad Luck Charm.


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     Comic Books  


  • "Lucky" Garnett's lucky quarter in Swing Time. His friend "Pop" seems to take it more seriously than Lucky himself does, since Lucky is willing to have it changed so Pop can buy cigarettes.


     Live-Action TV  

  • Live-Action/Grimm: In a world of Were-Beastmen, there's an old myth about tearing off the foot of some humble were-rabbit and using it as an extremely potent fertility charm. Unfortunately, the rich couple who sponsored the mercenary to hunt down innocent were-rabbits and hacksaw their feet didn't realize that he proceeded to murder them violently soon after.

     Video Game  

  • In A Tale of Two Kingdoms, to win a gambling game you need to find a horseshoe for luck first.
  • The Legend of Kyrandia also has a horseshoe as lucky charm (and magnet) which is a component in one of the potions.
  • Terraria: Has an item called the Lucky Horseshoe which looks like a traditional good luck charm. However instead of affecting luck in the game it negates fall damage.
  • In Star Ocean: The Second Story, being the Born Unlucky character of the cast, Ashton Anchors likes to collect lucky charms, especially after having been possessed the two dragons on his back.
  • Resident Evil 2 has Sherry's gold locket which subverts the crap out of this trope. It secretly contains a sample of the G Virus, which is the reason the Tyrant T-103 Type is hunting her down.
  • In Dragon Age: Inquisition, ex-Templar Cullen shows a romanced female Inquisitor a coin given to him as a good-luck charm by his brother when he left to join the Templars - the only thing his brother had in his pocket at the time, Cullen recalls wryly. Although Templars are not allowed to carry such charms, since they're expected to rely entirely on their faith, he nevertheless kept the coin with him through all of his experiences in the previous two games, and muses that for whatever reason he survived when he should have died twice over. He then attempts to give the coin to the Inquisitor, if she'll accept it.

     Visual Novel  

     Web Comic  
  • Mindmistress: Mindmistress designed but never built this luck charm. When it is colorful, it brings good amount of luck. But if it goes gray... it brings bad luck. She refused to make it because she could not stop it from flipping modes. However her design was stolen and used. Person had massive good luck, till it turned gray. He kept wearing it for a full month, casing massive bad luck storm for him. Page where she explains it.