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06:28:52 AM Feb 25th 2013
Donald Duck is a unique case: he's Born Unlucky when it comes to profit most of the time, but that's because the story demands it. When he has to be The Hero, however, all the luck and karma get channeled into doing heroic things even if they become The Greatest Story Never Told. The time he saved the daughter of a wealthy man, the reward was $10,000 in that era's money—which is close to a million now. So when he has to be a hero, Don trumps Gladstone. If rewards come afterward, well, he DOES have three nephews to care for— and possibly start college funds for too.
11:05:28 AM Jun 7th 2011
Does this trope cover empty luck? And what about people who are simply having a lucky day? What about an unlucky lucky day?