Characters / Dungeons

A list of characters from Dungeons:

Deimos the Dark Lord

One of the strongest and most dreaded lords of the land, he was betrayed by his concubine Kalypso and banished from his domain. With his loyal army of goblins he has to get his powers and fame back.

The Advisor

Your trusted goblin advisor, he explains the quests and game mechanics to you.


Deimos' former lover and a Succubus, she has dumped Deimos and took over the deepest pits of the Netherworld. She's the main playable character in the Expansion.

  • Enemy Mine: In the expansion she's soon involved in a Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with Mr. Sidekick the Advisor, Minos and the Zombie King in order to destroy the Other Ring.

The Zombie King

The most prominent Dark Lord in the Catacombs, he's an ancient undead king who rules his domain with hordes of undeads.


A fierce, giant minotaur and ruler of the second level, the Sunken Temple.


A paladin from the Neverwicked Mountain monastery. He's persuaded by Deimos to embrace the dark side and leave the light behind.

The Goblins

Your trusty, dimwitted servants, which can dig new rooms and keep things running. They can't fight however.

Catacomb Monsters

The monsters inhabiting the Catacombs such as Vampire Bats, Jelly Monsters, Skeletons, Rat Men and Guardians. The Dungeon's Guardian is the Undead Butcher.

Temple Monsters

The monsters dwelling in the Temple Level such as Flying Snakes, Six-Legged Beasts, Giant Scorpions, Giant Frogs and Living Statues. The Dungeon's Guardian is the Colossus.

Hell Monsters

The monsters residing in the Hell Level such as the Flying Skulls, Demonic Spiders, Imps, Hellhounds and Fire Wyrms. The Heart's Guardian is the Fire Angel.

  • Creepy Centipedes: Fire Wyrms, as in the giant, fire-spitting maggots which fed on the entrails of a rotting dragons corpse.
  • Dem Bones: Flying Skulls.
  • Giant Spider: Demonic Spiders are this plus some humanoid parts.
  • Hellhound: They only have one head though.
  • In the Hood: The Fire Angel.
  • Legions of Hell
  • One Monster Heroes: The Fire Wyrm can keep heroes busy for a while and even kill them if necessary.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Fire Angels, lost flaming creatures cast down from the heavens. Very undead judging from the look. Is not suggested to invite one of them to stay for dinner.
  • Playing with Fire: Basically everything can spit flames.
  • Whip It Good: The Fire Angel.
  • Unique Enemy: A Dragon in the Sword of Destiny Level. Is actually a gargantuan Fire Wyrm with tons of health points.

Expansion Monsters

The monsters inhabiting the Ice Cavern plus the special creatures seen in the Expansion. The common ones are simply ice-themed versions of already existing monsters from other levels. The Heart's Guardian is the Yeti.