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The Video Game

  • Accidental Aesop: Hearst Heist. Defy authority, even the law, if it means working for the greater good! Not that it’s necessarily a wrong message, but it’s not one you expect in a mobile game marketed towards preteens.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Lacey being Pandora. There are only three named Athena students, and we already proved two of them innocent. We know that the other main suspect, Kara, is innocent as well. There is literally nobody else left.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Jack Carver turns into this during parts of the "Zero Hour" storyline. While Lena is having the time of her life playing up the love triangle between her, Ezra, and Jack, it just makes Jack genuinely miserable.
  • Porting Disaster:
    • Not a disaster per se, but the Android version is noticeably buggier than the iOS. Thankfully, Pixelberry usually has a way to make amends for Android users.
    • The Kindle version has been one if not two updates being the iOS and Android versions since its release.
  • That One Sidequest: Any quest that requires you to admit a rare or expensive student to proceed with the story.
  • The Scrappy: Autumn gets this treatment more than anyone else. It doesn't help that she’s Wes’ ex-girlfriend and her character can be summed up as "she's nice and artistic and she likes everyone!" It's also agreed that it sometimes seems that the narrative tries too hard to make the player like her.
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  • Tastes Like Diabetes: The quests where you and your S.O. go on a special date can come off as this.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • Lea Michele's wide grin that never changes at all during her quests.
    • The jerky walk cycles to some.

The Visual Novel

  • Abandon Shipping: Several fans have stopped pursuing Ajay since the events of Class Act, Chapter 12, when he failed to stand up for Bailey amidst false accusations that they were responsible for Jordan's injury.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Zoe wanting Caleb back near the climax of Book 1. Did she really regret having Brian and truly wanted Caleb? Or was she only trying to distract Caleb before the game?
    • Brian's behavior in general. How much of his justification in Book 1 is true? Is he just a plain Green-Eyed Monster and is using Caleb as a scapegoat for all his problems, or has an inferiority complex caused by feeling under Caleb's shadow? Was his apology just a bluff, or he returned to be a jerk in Book 3 because he was denied forgiveness? When his parents appear in Class Act and mistreat his sister, there are fans who believe he was also abused yet chose to react differently from his sister, hence why he's pampered while his sister remains mistreated.
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    • Is Cameron just a shy and insecure individual like the rest of the Hearst students under the heel of Kara, Max, Zoe, Terrence, and Brian; or really passive-aggressive who lets Terrence complain in their name to get the sax solo and make themselves look better?
    • Is Terrence standing up for Cameron getting the sax solo in name of Hearst's reputation or is he a Jerk with a Heart of Gold defending Cameron for true friendship?
  • Author's Saving Throw: Fans actually applaud that this version is much more open about Mia and Katherine having been a couple. Sydney is also introduced as a potential love interest for Mia.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Emma. Fans either love her as the Girl Next Door love interest, only want her as the best friend, or consider her bland, weak and pointless in the story, since the only contribution she gives to the group is being The Heart. Book 2 slightly polarizes her when she hides her part-time job from her friends because she doesn't want to aggravate their situation further. Some players find the move understandable because her schoolmates have suffered enough stress from Isa's Divide and Conquer strategy to subjugate Berry High. Others think it's Genre Blindness because Berry students usually accept one another regardless of various factors.
    • Caleb. Some Choices fans consider him a rehash of Sean from Endless Summer and the typical Lovable Jock love interest, while others love him for being a good person and a sensitive guy.
    • Aiden. Some find him a boring Insufferable Genius while others love him for being the most artistic and intellectual of the love interests.
    • Michael. Some players view him as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who had a difficult high school experience prior to transferring to Berry and someone who cares about his friends and school, while others view him as a poor rehash of Wes Porter and a typical "bad boy" with a heart of gold.
    • Principal Hughs. She’s either seen as a nice lady who serves as a good source of comic relief, even if a bit ditzy (like rollerskating in the hallways or treating high schoolers like kindergarten children), or a Womanchild completely unfit for a position of leadership. The base was divided between keeping her as comic relief as a Premium, or replace her with Principal Rivera, who is seen either as more competent, or too flat and uninteresting.
    • Rory. He/She is either a confident and nice person to some players, or give the impression of being a boring Mary Sue with a lot of Character Shilling and a fanclub who has an unexplained crush on them.
    • Ajay. On one hand, there are players who like him for his wit, sarcasm, sass, and dedication to the theater. On the other hand, there are players who dislike him for being an Insufferable Genius who exaggerates his role as student director and disrespects the actors he works with. The comparisons with Aiden, Terrence, and Thomas Hunt are polarizing as well, with people liking or hating him because of this. In Book 1 Chapter 12, he rubbed players the wrong way when he considered the possibility of Bailey sabotaging Jordan while officially declaring himself to be impartial, giving the impression that he believed it was true. Exacerbating matters is that after the truth is revealed, he tells Bailey that he's glad they were innocent, but never actually apologizes, prompting some players not to pick the premium option to give him a "Thank You" card.
    • Skye. While there are many players who find her aloof personality mysterious and appealing, there are also a few players who are initially put off by this because they assume she represents the negative stereotype that goths are loners who hate everything and everyone. There’s another portion of fans who feel her characterization is inconsistent from the two first chapters, since at first she’s alone and a Deadpan Snarker, while Chapter 2 shows her as the “apathetic friend” who sits with the rest of the drama club despite presenting herself as a loner. In Book 2, her attitude toward the elections has also split people. While some find her determination to stay out of the drama an admirable and justifiable decision given the potentially destructive effect it could have on the friend group, others feel her apathy doesn't exactly help any matters, not to mention her original intention to vote for Morgan (a major Scrappy) before the latter dropped out of the race. However, in Chapter 11, she won back of a lot of fans for forcing Rory and Casey to put aside their differences and team up to beat Lorenzo.
    • Casey became divisive only two chapters into the story, and has remained so throughout the series. Some consider them adorable and funny for all the sibling teasing, and female Casey is admired for having been "out of the closet at six years of age". On the other hand, some find them annoying and self-absorbed, focusing on their own issues instead of helping Bailey when they need it. Casey also gained both supporters and detractors in Chapter 1 of Book 2 by deciding to enter the election for class president. Some appreciate that they are trying to make a difference in the school and believe that the story will give Casey's character more depth, while others deride them for the awkward position the decision puts Bailey in, given that Rory is also running, and campaigning for strengthening the school sports program despite sports already being the most heavily supported of the school's programs.
    • Even Jordan has become this. Some people liked Jordan all the way through for their charisma, friendliness towards others, and standing up for the right thing. These are the main reasons why supporters believe Jordan should have been the protagonist of Class Act. Others argue that Jordan stopped being likable after Book 2 and that their character got downgraded from someone who exposed their principal as a criminal to someone who let bullies walk all over them and acted melodramatic at times. There is also the belief that the male character model for Jordan is ugly or looks too fragile for a high school student. Another group dislike the amounts of Character Shilling Jordan gets in Class Act, described as the most popular person in school, always fixes everyone's lives and excels at any club they join, prompting many to regard them as a Mary Sue character.
  • Broken Base:
    • Reactions from fans vary regarding Dad and Julia (Emma's mom). Regular readers ship them together, while some Jordan/Emma shippers consider it weird. The indifferent portion of the fandom only has an issue with having no option to not help Emma ship them.
    • When Class Act was announced, a big debate ensued over whether or not the series needed to be rebooted. Some fans were upset by the news that the story would focus on a new main cast altogether and demote the original main cast and love interests to side characters. Other fans welcomed the change by stating that Book 3 of the series was inferior to the previous two installments and that all of the characters, even their love interests, seemed overly dramatic and unlikable.
    • Players are split on what Pixelberry should do with HSS after Class Act ends. Some believe that they should go back to the original cast given that some love interests like Maria and Aiden are seniors at this point, and they've grown attached to the characters. Some believe Pixelberry shouldn't give in to the demands of people who prefer the original trilogy, given that they view the people who demand the original cast be brought back as entitled. Some believe that this matter is ultimately for Pixelberry to decide. Others believe that the series should just end.
    • The decision of whether to forgive Danielle in Book 1 of Class Act splits a lot of people. Many people appreciate that she is genuinely regretful of her actions and shows a sincere desire to become a better person, such as persuading Amber to send a ten thousand dollar check for the play. However, many feel she doesn't deserve forgiveness since the only thing she expresses regret over is potentially ruining the play just because it concerns Rory's mother; she never expresses remorse for breaking Jordan's leg or harassing Bailey.
    • The idea of whether or not there should be sex in the story. On one hand, some people argue that real high schoolers often do have sex even when society discourages it and are fine with it being in the story if it's handled responsibly. Others find the idea inappropriate since most characters in the series are younger than 18, and feel that Pixelberry would be condoning underage sex by depicting it in the story.
    • The introduction of Graham as Clint's love interest. Some people consider it a No Yay when it's implied that Clint has feelings for Graham because of Clint's scrappy status. Others agree that Clint having a new boyfriend is a way to make him grow out of being Rory's groupie, or to give him a taste of how it feels to be stalked if Graham turns out to be crazy too. When Book 2 ended, a number of fans indicated that while they have no problem with the couple themselves, they resent the fact that the two can be brought together without diamonds (which is possible if the player takes advantage of all the free opportunities to encourage their relationship) while Erin and Casey cannot.
    • People are split on who to support in the Student President elections. Some people support Casey in favor of Bailey’s family while others support Rory for a variety of reasons, such as Rory being their love interest, feeling the arts are underappreciated in high schools, finding Casey annoying, or feeling that Rory is simply the most dedicated to the position and has the clearest plan for making the school better. A few people have voiced their support for Myra. Almost no one has voiced support for Lorenzo or Morgan due to the former’s Dumb Jock persona and the latter’s scrappy status.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Danielle was the one who sabotaged Jordan's audition. She was the one who told Bailey where to find the wheeled cube, and she isn't exactly subtle about the fact that she would do anything to get close to Rory.
  • Catharsis Factor:
    • A premium option in Book 3 Chapter 11 allows Jordan to deliver a "Reason You Suck" Speech to Brian for the bad things he has done in the story, allowing many players to blow off steam towards him. The cherry on top is the option to slap him or stomp his foot, which many players took.
    • The following chapter, after Brian throws a baseball at Myra, Zoe is the one who puts Brian in his place by calling him out on his selfishness and misogyny, in front of all the stadium.
    • After seeing Morgan act like a selfish jerk in Book 2 of the original trilogy and not face any consequences, it's pretty satisfying when Rory shoves her hypocrisy regarding "oppression" back in her face and humiliates her in Book 2 of Class Act.
    • In Class Act Book 2 Chapter 11, Skye manages to get Casey and Rory in the same place, calls them out for their stubborness, scolds Rory for considering Danielle's unethical plan to sabotage Lorenzo, and makes the two of them compromise and form an alliance that benefits everyone equally. Many readers admitted that this was exactly what they wanted to shout at them.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Jordan's father. He is a very welcome source of comic relief and one of the most likable adults in the story.
    • Book 3 quickly cemented Bethany as this, since she’s the only Hearst student who isn’t afraid of befriending Berry students, and has good chemistry with Ezra.
    • Like Bethany, Tucker also gained fans by showing how being the Class Clown gave him confidence to be himself at school and ignore the bullies.
    • Erin from Class Act. She is very perceptive and mature, noticing behaviours and problems with her fellow students, has useful advice for Bailey, and a much better chemistry with Casey than Amber.
    • Rory Silva's mother Brenda immediately gained fans both for her good cheer and determination despite fighting cancer, and for agreeing to be Skye's Parental Substitute when Skye's own parents didn't attend the play.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In Book 1 Chapter 6 Koh tells Jordan that the whole “bad boy dates a goody two shoes” thing is overrated. She would have utterly groaned at Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance.
    • At the end of Book 1, Brian mentions that there are "hot girls" in Hearst to Caleb, whose alternate Love Interest in Book 3 is Jade, a Hearst student.
  • Ho Yay:
    • In Book 3 Chapter 5, Kieran accepts Tucker's offer to drive him home by shyly taking his hand and walk out together. Their relationship is confirmed in Chapter 7, when Kieran accepts Tucker's promposal.
    • In Class Act, the Theatre Club meets Graham, who only has eyes for Clint. Clint starts to return his affection after being told about Graham's obvious crush on him, and it's up to Bailey to set them up.
    • The cover of Class Act Book 2 depicts Skye and a female Bailey giving each other very flirty looks.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Ajay. Even for people who are not Ajay's fans, they felt for him when it's revealed that the reason why he was so invested in Rory's campaign is because his parents' fights became more insufferable, putting him and his little brother in the middle of their bickering. It got to the point where they finally decided to sign divorce papers, adding more pressure on him.
    • Wes comes across as this for some players. Following his backstory, he is a slacker who rarely helps unless he is offered some kind of payment. The only time he is right about Principal Isa's plans, he indirectly hurts Autumn, who is in the hall monitors group. While both refuse to see each others' points, their break up hits hard given the circumstances. They can potentially reconcile after this, or keep broken up if Autumn moves on to Julian or remains single.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Some players who have played the original video game play this visual novel just to see the characters from the original app. Some players, in turn, play Class Act just to see the characters from the first trilogy.
  • Love to Hate: Unlike Brian, Zoe, Max and Kara, Danielle from Class Act is this for the players, who like her character design, her passive-aggressive demeanor, and her role as the romantic and club rival for Bailey.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
  • One-Scene Wonder: Bethany Fox's Early-Bird Cameo in Book 2, which occurs if Jordan's on the basketball team. She was first introduced as a Hearst basketball player identified as Hearst #5 stealing the ball, which quickly captured players' attention because of her iconic design and playful personality.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Zoe starts out as an unrepentant ex-girlfriend who abused Caleb, cheated with Brian, and later tried to get back with Caleb while still dating Brian. It doesn't help that Book 3 depicts her as a hypocrite and Kara's Beta Bitch as they bully other Hearst students, especially Kieran, into agreeing with everything they say. Since Chapter 13, she warmed up to the audience when she called Brian out for his misogyny and selfishness after throwing a baseball at Myra, admitted her selfishness when Brian pointed it out afterwards, sought closure with Caleb in a premium scene, and warned Jordan that Max and Kara were intimidating people into voting for them during prom night. For the joy of many readers, she has become less vitriolic to Berry High in her brief appearance in Class Act, where she even cheered against Brian during the football game.
    • Clint and Natalie for some in Book 2 of Class Act, upgrading them at least to Base Breaking Characters, after introducing Graham as Clint's Love Interest. While some readers still hate them, the ones who changed their minds about them like that Clint gets more fleshed as his own character, and others find Graham and Clint's relationship cute, while Natalie reflects the Yaoi Fangirl base for shipping Graham and Clint.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Autumn gets hit with this from Wes's fans, and gets reinforced after she joins the hall monitors in Book 2. While she does apologize in the end, she never does so directly to Wes.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Principal Isa became this after a few chapters in Book 2. While it can still be argued that she started out as a Strawman Has a Point regarding safety inside the school (justified since Principal Hughs had made pretty questionable calls), later chapters placed her in scrappy territory after she suspended Aiden unfairly, made pretty clear her favoritism for the basketball team (because she put her incompetent brother in charge) and the hall monitors, and is the direct cause of all the conflicts between the students. The revelation of her true identity and that she has been stealing money from the school amplified the hatred towards her, especially after she threatens to expel Caleb and is looking for an excuse to do the same to Jordan.
    • Morgan is considered the worst of the hall monitors, given that Caleb, Frank, and Autumn joined with good intentions. Unlike them, Morgan agreed to be part of the monitors to reduce her suspension days and infractions for all the rules she broke, won't hesitate to betray her friends because each report gives her more credits with Isa, and won't stop bragging about her role in front of others. Jordan had to beg her to look away to stop her from bothering a clearly distraught Ms. Maddox. The fact that she gets away without even apologizing like Autumn and Frank cemented this. Unless the player picks a theme for Payton's party, where Morgan is present, nobody even noticed or complained that she was the only student not shown. Book 3 and Class Act don't portray her in a better light. In Book 3, she is shown to be tempted by Max and Kara's bribes, showing that she doesn't have strong loyalty to her friends or school. Class Act Chapter 10 starts with her intentionally trying to avoid Bailey and their friends when they believe she may know Skye's whereabouts. To several people, this cemented her reputation as a selfish bully. The writers seem to have caught on to how much Morgan is hated given that there's a dialogue option in Class Act Book 2, Chapter 1, that results in Bailey referring to Morgan as "weird and mean".
    • Mr. and Mrs. Crandall quickly become this in their debut. They favor Brian over Skye to the point of spoiling the former rotten, hence his entitled behavior, and abandoning the latter in the school parking lot at night for sitting with her schoolmates at a football game instead of supporting her brother and sitting with the Hearst crowd. Players' hatred becomes more intense in Chapter 9, when the Crandalls call Skye selfish and irresponsible for missing a dinner date to "have fun with her friends" (even though the "fun" was actually helping Ajay study so he wouldn't fail math), embarrass her by yelling at her in front of her friends, and finally drag her out of the school.
    • Clint and Natalie, two theatre club students with huge crushes on Rory, in Class Act Book 1. Most of their scenes feature them stalking Rory despite his/her discomfort around them, as if they don't know how to give Rory space. They became even more hated when they joined Danielle and Trevor in accusing Bailey of breaking Jordan's leg, and again when they forced Bailey to leave the group's lunch table.
    • Trevor became this for being one of the first people to accuse Bailey of breaking Jordan's leg, insisting it was sabotage when most of the others accepted that it was an accident, and never apologized for it. The negative feelings towards him skyrocketed in Chapter 15 of Class Act Book 1 when he threatened to drop a chandelier on Bailey's head for referring to him and the rest of the tech crew as "techies". Most fans are happy that he appears very little in Book 2, and applaud the announcement at the end of the book that Skye is being promoted to head tech since it seemingly indicates that Trevor will not be around anymore.
    • Lorenzo and Amber became this in Class Act Book 2 for staging a fake rescue of a kitten to boost his numbers in the polls for student president, with many being angry at them for endangering an animal. (She had released it right in front of Mia's horse, knowing it would spook the horse. If something had gone wrong, the kitten likely would have been trampled to death). Lorenzo is also hated for having no real plan for the school, eventually deciding to only throw parties if he becomes student president, not caring about the arts or athletics. To many, this reeks of Skewed Priorities that depict him as uncaring towards education.
      • Amber even got this way before in Book 1 for being an obsessive girlfriend to Casey (two steps away from becoming a Yandere), constantly throwing herself at them, pressuring Casey into going at her insane fast pace of a relationship. She even wanted them to have matching tattoos and said to Casey "I love you" after dating for just two weeks, in front of everyone, at her own party, putting Casey against a wall at that moment. On top of it, after Casey breaks up with her, Amber doesn't even wait a month before starting to date Lorenzo, making out with him and declaring their love in front of Casey, who is just trying to recover from their first break up.
  • Seasonal Rot:
    • Book 3 is considered by many as a low point in the series. Major complaints include excessive focus on prom in the story, melodramatic behavior of the characters, and lack of a centralized plot.
    • Class Act Book 2 is also widely disliked for the school election drama, which many find boring, as well as the lack of focus on anything related to the theatre.
  • Shipping Wars:
    • Who's the best suitor for Jordan? Emma, Caleb, Michael, Maria or Aiden?
    • Emma/Jordan vs. Emma/Luis shippers
    • Wes/Autumn vs. Julian/Autumn vs. Autumn staying single
    • Class Act gives us Rory vs. Skye vs. Ajay as Bailey's love interest. Fans of Skye and Ajay tend to resent the way the narrative favors Rory, causing a rift between those two groups and Bailey/Rory shippers.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped:
    • In Book 3, contrasting to all the romantic public promposals, Myra gets harassed by Brian for months until she bluntly rejects him. Fans felt necessary to address the topic of harassment through Brian, who kept trying to pursue and guilt her into accepting his advances, later placing the blame on her and even attempting to attack her physically after she didn’t oblige.
    • Class Act features a subplot that revolves around Skye being verbally and emotionally abused by her parents. Several players have applauded this storyline for showing potential younger Choices fans that they could have a friend who is being abused in their home and how to look for signs of it.
    • Book 2 of Class Act shows Ajay struggling with his parents' divorce after their constant arguments, which players generally accept as a necessity to show how arguing couples and divorces put huge mental strains on children.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Despite Vice Principal Isa being the typical Dean Bitterman, she does have a point that Principal Hughs was too carefree as a high school principal, overlooking important issues like hallway security and discipline.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • The premium option to sit with Rory in Class Act, Chapter 1 allows Bailey to want to take down an evil principal. Rory would reply that the Faris scandal in Book 2 of the original trilogy sounds more exciting on the news than it actually is, a subtle nod at Isa's status as The Scrappy.
    • In Class Act, Book 2, Rory gets the opportunity to call out Morgan on her hypocrisy of basing her campaign on anarchy and calling the student council “oppressive”, after she was part of the Hall Monitors for selfish reasons. She drops out of the race after being humiliated in front of the entire school.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Despite having a very minor role, Coach Andrew Isa is a pretty worthless character, since he is incompetent at his job and doesn't do anything relevant in the story, as one can easily erase him from the plot and nothing would change. The fact that he's also revealed to have a fake identity along with his sister is seen as a wasted opportunity to have him do something interesting during the climax, or even have him show his true colors instead of having his background exposed in Isa's emails. Instead, he has weak motivations (he only blackmailed Isa to join the charade at school just because he wanted to be a sports coach, despite knowing nothing about the job) and doesn't provide any type of challenge during the climax.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Several players feel that Class Act should've been set in Hearst instead of Berry. The main reasoning is that the nice Hearst students would feel inspired to overthrow Principal Warren for fostering a toxic environment rife with bullying after hearing Principal Isa's overthrow. It also helps that Max and Kara have graduated, Zoe has turned over a new leaf, and Brian was put in his place by Zoe. Moreover, doing so would make Skye's story darker but more compelling.
    • Several fans are furious that some of the theatre kids in Class Act (Trevor, Clint, Natalie, and Ajay) never officially apologized to Bailey for incorrectly accusing them of sabotaging Jordan's theatre audition.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • In Book 2 Chapter 13, Head Detective Stephen Flores prepares to arrest Principal Isa and her brother for embezzling funds from Berry High.
      You'd Expect: That he would block all the exits and then call for backup before announcing their arrests, in case they try to escape.
      Instead: He only calls for backup after they run away following his announcement while letting the students, including his own daughter, chase after them.
      Result: Jordan narrowly avoids being hit in the face by Isa's discarded high heel, and she then threatens to run the hall monitors over when they block her escape in the parking lot.
    • In Book 3 Chapter 8, you and your club leader (Julian, Mia, or Ezra) are waiting for Cameron, Jade, or Kieran to show up for tryouts. They seem to be running late.
      You'd Expect: That one of you would call your rival to make sure they are coming.
      Instead: You both wait twenty minutes and start without them. This leads them to accuse you of sabotaging their tryouts.
    • On the other side, Cameron, Jade, or Kieran receive fake e-mails telling them that tryouts have been cancelled.
      You'd Expect: That they contact their respective club leaders (and in Jade's case, Coach Shaw as well) to confirm the information.
      Instead: They angrily accuse Jordan of sabotaging tryouts, with Max and Kara accompanying them. While this hurts your reputation, it does not fix the fact that they were cheated out of a fair tryout.
    • In Class Act Book 2 Chapter 10, Bailey and Skye overhear Amber and Lorenzo admitting that the video of Lorenzo rescuing a kitten (which caused him to shoot ahead of Rory and Casey in the polls for class president) was actually staged. They inform the others of this news while admitting they have no actual proof.
      You'd Expect: That they attempt to find some sort of evidence to back up their claim; otherwise, it's just their word against Lorenzo and Amber's.
      Instead: Ajay and Rory directly accuse them to the rest of the school. Nobody else believes them, however, and Lorenzo's popularity doesn't fade a bit.
  • The Woobie:
    • Michael prior to the events of Book 1. Before he attended Berry High, he attended Statton and Hearst, where he was bullied by the jocks, so he pranked himself out of those schools. Berry High was the last school willing to admit him, and things seemed great at first when he befriended Brian. Unfortunately, their friendship was brief because of a change in Brian's attitude since becoming a quarterback.
    • Ms. Maddox in Book 2 Chapter 6. She chafed at Isa's reign of terror and the guidelines she forced her to read aloud during class. When Morgan gleefully reported her frustrations to Isa, she was pushed to the brink of tears. Fortunately, a premium option allows Jordan to console her as she told them her account of the events happening after footage of Principal Hughs and Coach Burke kissing together leaked out.
    • Kieran, one of the Hearst students who transferred to Berry High in Book 3, is another one. He was bossed around by Kara and Zoe, who forced him to agree with everything they say and forbade him from voicing his opinion.
    • Myra. On top of having been threatened by Hearst students to vandalize Ollie the Tiger in exchange of Luis’ well-being, in Book 3 Chapter 11, she was harassed by Brian since he flirted with her during Caleb and Ezra's party in Chapter 4. At first, she seemed alright and brushed it off with ease, but when Brian tried to ask her out for prom during the concert, she loudly refused, and he accused her of ruining the concert and promposal. This drove her to tears, abruptly ending the concert. And even afterwards, Brian tried to hit her with a baseball, to the point Zoe had to defend her by telling Brian off.
    • Skye. She has Brian Crandall for a brother and Abusive Parents who abandoned her at school for sitting with Berry students during a football game and not cheering for her brother. Because of her brother's behavior towards Berry students, she had to lie about not being Brian's sister in order to deflect attention.


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