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The Video Game

  • One of your nerds may go through a minor crisis when "Lightning Bug" gets cancelled.
  • A set of books about vampires you can order is called "Sparkles: A Fallacy".
  • Sakura even mentions The Last of Us, possibly the most family-unfriendly game you could reference in a game like this.
  • One of the gamers' outfits strongly resembles Link's tunic. At one point, one of them even mentions the Water Temple.
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  • Sakura mentions she "made out with a Quarian on the eve of the battle of Rannoch." This also makes her a Cross Player, since the Quarian in question is a romance option for Male!Shepherd only.
  • Nishan once chose "Womp Rats" and "Fire Ferrets" as team names.
  • When your main character goes into Kallie's bedroom during the Extra Credit quests, he/she observes that some of Kallie's stuffed animals are dressed up as the Naruto cast.
  • For her performance in a pageant piece, Hearst High's prom queen Phoebe showcases her martial-arts skills by breaking several strategically-placed boards...while the infamous Mortal Kombat theme plays in the background.
  • While waiting for Mia and Payton to finish shopping, Julian is shown playing a phone game. He curses how the "stupid bird won't flap."
  • In the Fast Food quest, your character has to act for a commercial. The Filmmaker asks if you have have ever considered a Hollywood career.
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  • One soccer-related quest has Sakura compare a health shake to Metroid puke.

The Visual Novel (Original Trilogy)

  • One of Male!Jordan's starting outfits has the default names of most main characters from other, earlier Choices stories.
  • A premium choice date with Michael in Book 1 Chapter 4 has them hassled by Max and Kara at the Golden Griddle. They can get back at them by playing several plays of “What's New Pussycat.”
  • One of the games that the Gamers play is called Lookout.
  • In Book 1 Chapter 10, Luis is playing Legends of ClanCraft. Also in that same chapter as you look for who defaced Ollie the Tiger, you can find a gas mask and Jordan makes this joke.
    Jordan: "Mummy? Are you my mummy?"
  • Book 1 Chapter 11 is titled Berry's Seven.
  • The achievement for successfully picking the lock to Hearst in Book 1 Chapter 11 is titled "Lockpicking To 100."
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  • If you choose the Happily Ever After theme for Homecoming, Emma will say she feels like a princess. Luis will ask if she means Kenna from The Crown & the Flame, but she's thinking more about “that girl who became princess of Cordonia.”
  • In Book 2 Chapter 7, you can ask what everyone's House is. Emma and Sydney are Hufflepuff. Michael is Slytherin though Myra feels he's more Gryffindor. Caleb feels Maria is more Slytherin cause she's quite ambitious. Aiden identifies as Ravenclaw.
  • After the gang helps Caleb clean up the cafeteria following the food fight, Jordan can say that it was all thanks to the power of friendship. Aiden wonders if they're going to turn into pink cartoon ponies and start singing.
  • At Payton’s party in Book 2 Chapter 14, Emma has gotten Sakura hooked on The Limbs, even helping Jordan create their own avatar that speaks Simlish.
  • The achievement for taking Dad's flashback episode in Book 3 Chapter 3 is “How I Met Emma's Mother.”
  • In Book 3 Chapter 4, if you go to the beach with Emma in a premium scene, she asks what you think of sand between your toes. If you say you hate it, she'll ask if you think it's coarse, rough and irritating too.
  • In Book 3 Chapter 6 in a premium date with Michael, you can shout “I'm the king/queen of the world!” or “KHANNNNN!
  • At open mic night, Caleb makes a bet with Michael that if someone sings "Wonderwall", Michael has to sing a song of Caleb's choosing. Later, we see Frank belting out "Wonderwall", and the scene immediately cuts to Michael singing "Popular" from Wicked.
  • In Book 3 Chapter 12 in a premium date with Emma, you go to a Stuff-A-Plush. Whether it's a teddy bear, penguin, or dragon, you name it Mark Fluffalo.
  • Two of them in Book 3 Chapter 16. Wes’s plans are to become a defense lawyer. One option you can ask is if he’ll have to cross-examine any parrots. The second is about Jordan’s plans for summer. Saying “going on a cruise” has Jordan say they’re booked on the Ember of the Sea.

The Visual Novel (Class Act)

  • Book 1 of Class Act features some of the theatre kids discussing which show they would rather see: Wicked with the original cast, or Hamilton. An earlier scene has Rory calling finding sophomore parking like The Hunger Games.
  • Class Act Book 1 Chapter 2 has a premium scene of Rory offering Bailey a ride home from school. One of the options for names to give it is “Ember of the Road.”
  • In Class Act Book 1 Chapter 4, a premium scene has Bailey and Skye setting up Amber's stuffed dolls like a scene from the Cordonian court. Also in the same chapter, the achievement for taking the premium scene with Rory is "A Galaxy Far, Far Away."
  • In Class Act Book 1 Chapter 7, the theater kids are playing “Would You Rather?” Bailey has the option of asking if Erin would rather date Matt Rodriguez or Victoria Fontaine.
  • In Class Act Book 2 Chapter 4 when the warning bell rings, Bailey realizes they're going to be late. Rory tells them "Run, Bailey, Run!"
  • In Class Act Book 2 Chapter 7 in a premium date between Clint and Graham, one of the options to shout at the Robot Arena match is FINISH HIM!
  • In Class Act Book 2 Chapter 14, if you take the premium choice to play laser tag, you're placed in a virtual reality environment using the backgrounds from Across The Void, with everyone's avatar being a character from that novel.
  • In Class Act Book 2 Chapter 14, if you choose not to go on a premium date with Skye after your Love Confession, the achievement is “Simple And Clean.”

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