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Theories surrounding the video game High School Story or visual novel High School Story, their plots and characters.

WMG for the video game

The game's future evil Five-Man Band
It will consist of Max, Asher, Jack Carver, Razor, and Lena, in a synchronized plot against the main character and his/her school and friends.

The members of NEW START
During the Ace storyline, Ace mentions that the NEW START group consists of, at most, six dissenting students who have become dissatisfied with the main character's work on the district council in representing the main school. While they're never directly identified during the story-line, based on dialogue from students in each quest, NEW START could likely include the following: a Nerd, a Dancer, a Yearbook Staffer, a Yacht Clubber, an Artist, and an Actor.

WMG for the visual novel

Principal Isa will turn the school into a totalitarian hellhole
Regardless of the way she ends up becoming the principal, she'll turn the school on its head worse than anything Hearst has ever done to them to the point Jordan and his friends may have to make a Deal with the Devil to get Principal Isa fired/resigned.
  • On one hand, it's confirmed that she turns Berry High into a totalitarian hellhole. On the other hand, whether the students will make a Deal with the Devil to get her out of power remains to be seen.
    • Kinda confirmed. Book 2 Chapter 12 has the gang go to the offices of ClickIt and either wait for Martin and TJ to get the info they need or help them do a cooking show in a premium choice.

Book 3 will have Hearst intensifying the rivalry with Berry High to critical levels
While the two have gone back and forth in the main game, it took a back seat in Book 2. In Book 3, Brian will just about cross the Moral Event Horizon in a move that even Max, Kara, and Zoe will find to be going too far.
  • Oh so confirmed. He throws a baseball at Myra and everyone (especially Zoe, whom he mistreated when they were dating) is utterly pissed at him!

The fire at Hearst High wasn't an accident.
Even though the fire occured during spring break and was ruled as an accident, it might be possible that someone (most likely a student with a grudge against the school) was present on campus and started it.
  • Jossed in-universe. If asked about it in a premium scene in Class Act Book 1 Chapter 12, Jordan groans and says it was truly an accident.

Brian will return and is Skye's brother.
According to Word of God, "an old enemy will have a surprising link with someone you know". This old enemy is Brian Crandall, and the link is that he's Skye's brother based on their similar appearances.
  • Confirmed.

Maria can be recruited to be a campaign manager for the Class Election
This kind of thing is right up her alley and she'd love to help see the next generation of students take up her old position. Having her on the team is not only a boost, but provides extra scenes.
  • Jossed. While she privately confides to Bailey that she hopes Rory/Casey defeats Lorenzo, officially she does not take sides.

Lorenzo's campaign will be destroyed by an Engineered Public Confession
Class Act Book 2 Chapter 10 has the group find out that Amber and Lorenzo set up the kitten rescue ahead of time. Since nobody believes them, it will end up being that even with Rory and Casey forming an
Enemy Mine to take Lorenzo down, it all comes down to getting Amber to unknowingly confess over the PA that she rigged the whole thing. Lorenzo, having all the tact of wet paper, will just shoot his own campaign's foot even further.
  • Jossed. The election ends with Lorenzo and Amber's misdeeds never being made public.

Brian is going to cross the Moral Event Horizon big time in Class Act Book 3
It was one thing in Original Book 3 when he kept stalking Myra to the point she nearly had a nervous breakdown, then threw a baseball at her. Class Act Book 3 is going to see he is truly a monster that he'll do something horrible like rape and/or murder! By then, even his parents will have had enough of his shit and disown him.
  • Jossed. Brian never does something truly horrible by the time Class Act Book 3 ends.

Skye will be adopted by the Silvas.
The Crandalls are pretty much irredeemable by this point, so it's doubtful that Pixelberry would leave Skye in such a bad situation, so having another family adopt her makes sense. Rory's family is the obvious favorite given how well Skye and Mrs. Silva get along. (Bailey's family would seem to make sense as well, but the fact that Skye and Bailey can date one another would make it unlikely they'd be made into siblings.)
  • Jossed. Skye can either reconcile with her parents or break off ties with them completely, but the idea of joining another family is never brought up.

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