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Original Game

  • The quest in which you, Nishan and Payton go to work for Asher Rollins' family baking conglomerate ends with Nishan outsmarting Mr. Rollins and exposing his dirty business practices. Mr. Rollins even attempts to shred the documents that would prove his guilt, but Nishan proves to have been one step ahead of him by disabling the shredder's components beforehand.
  • Your mascot gets a shining moment near the end of their personal help-quest. After having been humiliated by their own clumsiness in front of the school at the start of the quest, the mascot undergoes Training from Hell to prepare for the big basketball game against another school, but when the time comes to pull off their big gymnastic act (which includes bouncing off a trampoline to slam-dunk the ball), they accidentally miss grabbing the ball while having already bounced off the trampoline toward the basketball net. So how does the mascot salvage the flub? By using their own mascot-helmet as an impromptu replacement-ball and slam-dunking that instead.
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  • At the end of the quest where you first meet Hearst High's prom queen Phoebe and after she's joined your school, Max comes onto your campus to confront you. Phoebe proceeds to turn on her trademark prom-queen charm, convincing Max to leave...and Max leaves, in a daze, completely forgetting why he was even there in the first place. Made even better by Payton describing it as "the Jedi Mind Trick."



Original Trilogy

  • Book 1 Chapter 13 has Berry pull off a come from behind win on Hearst, beating them byone point.
  • Book 2 Chapter 9 has Caleb, fed up with having all of his friends fighting with him and each other because of his status as one of Principal Isa's hall monitors, fling spaghetti at her.
  • Book 2 Chapter 13 has Jordan expose Principal Isa's true identity as Ashley Faris and that she was embezzling money from the school during the morning news broadcast.
  • Book 3 Chapter 11 allows Jordan to give a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Brian for everything he's done over the last several months, tell him what kind of asshole he is, and finish it off by either slapping him, stomping on his foot, or walking off.
  • Book 3 Chapter 13 has Jordan either catching a fastball or pulling Myra out of the way after Brian throws a ball at her for feeling like she humiliated him. It's such a dick move that even Max is disgusted! Zoe finally calls him out on all his It's All About Me mentality when they were dating, humiliating him and making him leave the game. Next time he's seen, he's a social pariah.

Class Act

  • Book 1 Chapter 3 has Bailey's twin sibling Casey, who had been benchwarming most of the Berry/Hearst game, subbing in for an injured Frank and being such an ace player that this time, the game is a Curbstomp Battle in Berry's favor.
  • If you successfully win 1st place Spotlite in Book 3, meaning you beat the Statton kids—who’ve had a win streak and been resorting to dirty tactics to harass your group—at an international competition. Even if you lose to them, you still win 2nd place which is pretty impressive since it’s Berry’s 1st time at the competition.

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