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This movie will be epic
This should be obvious.
    • YMMV, just like the previous massive crossovers, the plot and fights can be seen as lackluster because of the number of characters who appear and obviously don't get to do as much as we'd expect from them, them being hit by Conservation of Ninjutsu during the fights, and the big number of replacement VAs, especially for returning characters who showed up played by their usual actor in previous movies. At worst, this movie is So Okay, It's Average for some.

This movie will (hopefully) have a tad better plot than the first Super Hero Taisen with less focus on Marvelous/Tsukasa and Joe/Kaito.
  • Confirmed. In fact, none of those four appear unsuited.
    • YMMV and to be precise, only Captain Marvelous returned for a voice only cameo. Tsukasa and Joe are voiced by different people and Kaito didn't appear at all.

The original Kikaider, Kikaider 01, Inazuman, and Kaiketsu Zubat will appear in this movie
They recently appeared in the Kamen Rider 40th anniversary movie.
  • Very unlikely.
    • Kikaider appears very shortly in a teaser at the end of the movie.

The new Poitrine, Inazuman and Akumaizer from Movie War Ultimatum will appear in this movie.
The Space Ironmen Kyodain from Fourze's summer movie appeared in the teaser and other Ishinomori heroes will apparently appear.
  • Currently, it looks like Inazuman will be the only one that appears.
    • Only Inazuman appeared and it was only a cameo.

Non-Space Sheriff Metal Heroes will appear in this movie
Unlikely now given the title.

Nadeshiko will appear alongside Fourze and Meteor.
There is an apparent emphasis on space heroes and she's already appeared in both Movie War Mega Max and Movie War Ultimatum.
  • The first scans show only Fourze and Meteor at present.
    • And now Jossed, though she does appear in one of the Super Hero Taisen Otsu net movies.

Kamen Rider Super-1 will play a role in the movie.
Space hero emphasis, and Super-1 has yet to be given the chance to interact with his homage rider Fourze. Not a lot of Showa era Rider actors have reprised their roles in recent years but it wouldn't be really necessary. After all we had the special DVD devoted to Fourze making friends with Amazon, who as usual had a replacement voice actor.
  • Confirmed, but his (voice) actor has yet to be revealed.
  • He's one of the space heroes Fourze and Meteor gathered.

Denjiman, Bioman, Flashman will play a role in the movie.
Their powers originated beyond Earth.
  • Flashman appear as part of the space hero force led by Fourze, and Denzi Red appears with the reinforcements led by Akaranger.

The Space Sheriffs will team up with the Dekarangers and maybe Signalman too.
All to unite the various Galactic Police forces.
  • The Dekarangers do appear in the scans.
  • The Dekarangers do indeed show up, but as part of the space heroes Fourze and Meteor summoned. As for Signalman... not so much. So, Jossed.

At least four Space Sheriffs will appear in the movie.
They are of course, the original Gavan (Retsu Ichijouji), Gavan Type G (Geki Jumonji), and the new
Sharivan (Kai Hyuga) & Shaider (Shu Karasuma).
  • Currently, we have Type G and the original Gavan (the teaser has Type G saying "I can't forgive Gavan."), and the scans show Sharivan (presumably the new one). That leaves only Shaider.
    • Yeah, Shaider is now confirmed.
    • Retsu is present, but doesn't actually transform and fight.

Kamen Rider Wizard and Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger will play similar roles to Fourze and the Go-Busters in the first Super Hero Taisen.
Because they will be at the same point in their series (Wizard 30s, Kyoryuger at episode 10) at the time the movie premieres.
  • Confirmed. They even team up for a Humongous Mecha Rider Kick just like Fourze and the Go-Busters in the previous movie.

Go-Busters and Fourze will have a larger role like Gokaiger and Decade in the first movie.
Go-Busters will have just ended, and with the Space Sheriffs and Space Ironmen Kyodain from the Fourze summer movie in the teaser suggesting an emphasis on space heroes.
  • The core three Go-Busters, especially Yoko, are important characters. Gentaro is the leader of the space heroes and takes down Space Spider Man, but doesn't appear unsuited.

The Gokaigers and Decade will still appear but will probably have a more minor role.
They will likely have the two homage series feature in this movie too, plus it would be kind of weird for the Gokaiger after appearing in Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger to not appear at all here.
  • On the Gokaigers side, only Gai shows up unsuited and takes part in the plot. Decade shows up during a fight in-suit and with another voice.

There will be a big gathering of Sentai and Riders again.
  • The first scans show only a handful of Sentai and Riders, but that doesn't mean this is immediately jossed.
    • The first trailer is out, and it indeed shows a big gathering of Kamen Riders and a big gathering of Super Sentai. However, it should be noted those clips are actually stock footage from All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker and the Great Legend War'' respectively.
      • Confirmed, not all Riders and Sentais appears, a few of them come to help during various parts of the final battle, but tend to carry a theme depending on who they are helping (e.g. animal/savage theme for the ones helping beast, space them for Gavan etc.).

Dai-Shocker and Dai-Zangyack will return with some Zodiarts and Vaglass joining them this time.
It has been reported that villains in this movie are a new organization called Space Shocker. This could well be another evolution of Dai-Shocker like Super Shocker from Movie War 2010. What will happen concerning Super Sentai villains has yet to be revealed.
  • The evil organisation is just Space Shocker, but its leader is Raider from the Mado Crime Syndicate, who is trying to expand the Genmu Dimension, so it actually takes more from the Space Sheriff series than Kamen Rider or Super Sentaï.

Enter and Escape will return as part of Dai-Zangyack.
Warz Gill and Akudos Gill appeared in the first Super Hero Taisen. They could interact with Medusa and Phoenix. Then again, they could be saved for Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters.
  • Jossed.
    • Confirmed for Enter and Escape appearing in Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters.

The current villains (Phantoms and Kyoryuger's Devos Army) will appear in some way.
  • Both are referenced, but that's about it. Jossed.

There will be a Dai-Makuu, a collection of Space Sheriff and possibly other Metal Hero villains.
There are some recent Makuu that could return: Ashurada and Gavan Bootleg from Gokaiger vs. Gavan, the new Makuu from Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie, and that one Makuu guy who appeared in Go-Busters.
  • Jossed, but the Space Crime Syndicate Madou from Sharivan returns, and two Makuu monsters (Zan Vardo and Rhino Doubler) are part of the revived army of (mostly Super Sentai) monsters.

Narutaki will appear again and we may finally find out the truth about him.
Decade did pose the question "Narutaki, what are you?" after he took his leave in the first Super Hero Taisen.
  • Neither Decade nor Narutaki play any role outside of Decade showing up to help. Jossed, but a possibility for Kamen Rider Taisen.
    • Narutaki did appear in Kamen Rider Taisen as well as Decade but the truth is still not known about Narutaki.

This movie will be accompanied by a net movie series called Super Hero Taihen Z.
Partially jossed. The movie does of course have a net movie series, but it is called Super Hero Taisen Otsu rather than Super Hero Taihen Z. The full name is Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Otsu: Heroo! Answers.

Screw Wizard × Kyoryuger × Gavan × some other Ishinomori guys, they are going to top the gathering of riders and Sentai in the first movie.
  • Jossed. They actually put less heroes than in the first movie, even though they get a few new and/or unexpected ones.

There will be 300 heroes
Early promotional material for the first Super Hero Taisen mentioned 40 Riders vs 200 Sentai. There are 29 primary riders, adding that with whatever secondary riders are featured. There is the count of 199 Heroes in Gokaiger adding the Go-Busters and Kyoryugers. Then there's the Space Sheriffs (and possibly more Metal Heroes) with other Ishinomori heroes.
  • Jossed. There are less heroes than the first one.

The Den-O team (Den-Liner, Owner, Naomi, and the four Taros) will appear in this movie.
Very likely, as the Den-O cast have appeared in at least one movie each year since Den-O started in 2007.

Kyoryuger will meet Kamen Rider OOO in his Putoyra Combo and either fight alongside or against him.
  • Jossed. They use all the previous Tyrannosaur-related powers from previous Sentaïs at one point, but nothing with OOO.

Following on from the previous theory, Eiji will be back.
After Movie War Mega Max, he's also appeared in the first Super Hero Taisen and Movie War Ultimatum, will he stop at the latter, or come back once again?

The original Gavan will join forces with Kamen Rider Ichigo (maybe with Nigo too) and AkaRanger (maybe with the rest of the Gorangers as well) will team-up.
It would unite the original heroes of each of the three franchises. If that isn't a Moment of Awesome, I don't know what is.
  • Unfortunately, Jossed. He just stays behind his desk during the whole movie.

Gai and Shunpei will meet and intract, hilarity (insanity) will ensue.
If not in the actual film, then in the net movies.
  • Gokai Silver is seen in the scans.
    • Gai and Shunpei are together in Wizard's antique store at one point, but don't really interact.

At least one of the three other Destron commanders (Baron Kiba, Archbishop Tsubasa, and Marshal Yoroi) will appear as part of Dai-Shocker in this movie.
They seem to be on a roll for resurrecting old school Rider enemy commanders. We've had Shocker commanders Doctor Shinigami (Eijiro Hikari) and Ambassador Hell in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, Super Doctor Shinigami and Colonel Zol (Narutaki) in Movie War 2010, Gel-Shocker's General Black in Let's Go Kamen Riders, and now Narutaki as Destron's Doktor G in Super Hero Taisen.
  • Jossed. Returning from the old school villains department is Strategist Reider from Sharivan.

There will be a mecha battle involving Kyoryujin with Wizardragon and Gavan's Electronic Starbeast Dol
Dol also appeared in the previous two Gavan crossovers, fighting alongside Kanzen Gokai Oh in Gokaiger vs. Gavan and Great Go-Buster in Go-Busters #32 so it will likely appear in some way here.
  • Confirmed, as well as Sharivan's and Shaider's respective ships.

Alternatively, there will be a team-up of dragons. Dol, Wizardragon, Dragredder, RyuseiOh, MagiDragon, and Gosei Dragon.
  • Nope. Jossed.
    • To be precise, only Dol and Wizardragon appeared but Wizardragon fights on Earth and Dol fights in space.

Unlike the first Super Hero Taisen, where Fourze and OOO did not interact, Wizard will meet Fourze again, referencing their two previous meetings (Movie War Ultimatum and Wizard's Early-Bird Cameo in the Fourze summer movie).
  • Sadly doesn't happen. Jossed.

Gokai Red and Red Buster will mention meeting Kyoryu Red in Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger. But still, like the first Super Hero Taisen, the Kyoryugers will have little interaction with the Go-Busters because of Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters next January.
The Kyoryuger's Early-Bird Cameo in Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger is notable for being the first time that the new hero(es) actually introduce themself to their sempai, while the Kamen Rider summer movies have always done this since Double's cameo in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, and the Kamen Rider cameos are referenced in later crossovers.
  • Jossed as Gokai Red and Red Buster or rather the Gokaigers, Go-Busters and Kyoryugers in general had no time to interact in order to focus on their enemies.

Diend will get in a bit of a kerfuffle and use his Decade card to summon Tsukasa.
He was revealed to have a Decade card at the end of the first movie.
  • Jossed. Diend does not appear at all, and Decade is a Fake Shemp in this movie.

At some point, the new Sharivan and Shaider will team up with their respective actors' previous roles.
Sharivan and GekiViolet, Shaider and Kamen Rider Birth (Prototype).
  • Sadly, Jossed. Shaider doesn't even show up out of suit, and Birth doesn't appear at all. Gekiviolet doesn't appear despite the Gekirangers being there, and Sharivan does appear out of his suit, but nothing more.

The events of the first Super Hero Taisen will be referenced.
  • This looked obvious... but it's been Jossed surprisingly. It helps that Marvelous has almost no presence and Decade gets a single line.

Unlike the first Super Hero Taisen which only had a couple of Shout Outs to the Decade/Shinkenger crossover, the events of Gokaiger vs. Gavan and Type G's two-episode crossover with Go-Busters will be acknowledged. Unlike Decade/Shinkenger, it would be ridiculous for them to be ignored.
Confirmed. Gai, Yoko and Geki do not need to be introduced to each other as they recognized each other. Hiromu also briefly interacted with Geki.

The Gokaigers will meet the original Gavan (Retsu Ichijouji) again, as will the Go-Busters be reunited with Geki and Shelly.
  • For the Gokaigers side, jossed. Not in person anyway though Gai does mention Retsu. The Go-Busters do reunite with Geki and Shelly especially during the end.

Whether in the film itself or the net movies, there will be some sort of reference to the fact that Shelly and Shinken Yellow share the same actress (Suzuka Morita).
  • Apparently Kotoha does have a line or two.
    • More than that, Kotoha plays a pretty important, if minor, part. Confirmed.

If there's a 3rd Super Hero Taisen in the future, it will involve a crossover with Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Space Sheriffs and Ultraman.
  • If Kamen Rider Taisen counts... looking Jossed.
    • Still jossed as of now (the year 2015).

Or if there's a 3rd Super Hero Taisen it will somehow involve a crossover with Power Rangers.
  • So far looking Jossed, it's a more Rider Focused Taisen.
    • Jossed very hard until they actually do it.

Hiroya Matsumoto will appear as Tsubasa as well as Jin.
Sure it didn't happen in Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger, but this movie would be the perfect opportunity for him to do it since it'll be more likely that the Magirangers will appear at some point. And we might be able to see him working together with Kamen Rider Wizard.
  • Jossed, because Jin died at the end of Go-Busters.

They will reference that Kyoryuger has quite a few past Sentai stars using one of the methods in the above theory.
  • Jossed. No such references at all but Kotoha from the Shinkengers does meet Shelly, an inside joke.

Space Shocker will of course have an army of Space Shocker Combatmen based on the henchmen from the original Kamen Rider series, possibly with an astronaut theme.
Dai-Shocker had Dai-Shocker Combatmen and Super Shocker had Super Shocker Combatmen, who are both pretty much identical to the Shocker Combatmen, but are able to assume missile-like forms.
  • Semi-confirmed. They have Shocker Combatman, and they're more diverse than in their recent appearances with the return of the classic elite red variant and ribcage-less variant. However, they don't have space (e.g. astronaut) theme.

Kyouryujin will be augmented with Wizardragon's powers allowing it to fly so that it can fight in Space.
Similar to what happened to Gobuster-Oh in the last Super Hero Taisen and considering the focus on pace this movie is going to have it is very likely that there will be a giant robot battle in space towards the end and this will allow both the Kyouryugers and Wizard to participate in it.
  • Confirmed.

Electronic Starbeast Dol will appear to assist Kyouryujin.
  • Confirmed and Starbeast Dol was/is not alone.

Space Shocker will consist of Worms, Dogma Kingdom/Jin Dogma and the Crisis Empire.
All are Rider enemies that originate in space.
  • Jossed; they only originate from Shocker.

If the rest of the Metal Heroes appear then it will be like the end of Let's Go Kamen Riders where all the extra riders appear.
  • Jossed. The Metal Heroes are Gokaiger Keys outside of the space sherrifs.

Shinken Yellow will be voiced by her original actress.
Recent previews show the Shinkengers will appear, and Shelly is also confirmed to make an appearence. It's just too much of an opportunity to pass up.
  • Confirmed.

Space Shocker gained magic abilities from Foundation X.
Because why not? The have relations with Memories, Medals, Switches, so why not magic?
  • Jossed.

Future Super Hero Taisen crossovers.
May as well start this:
  • Kikaider - Most likely given the new movie
  • Ultraman - Well, its not owned by Toei, but it has crossed over with Kamen Rider before.
  • Power Rangers- Somehow...
    • For the next Taisen it's (probably) not happening. In fact, the Super Sentai are seemingly demoted to side characters this time.
      • Jossed very hard for Power Rangers until they actually decided to include them, still no news of Ultraman and Kikaider appeared to assist Kamen Rider: Gaim in the latter's series.

Future Super Hero Taisen movie might adapt Super Hero Operation's plot.
It will feature Christian Bale as Ingram Prisken and Benedict Cumberbatch as Euzeth Gozzo.
  • Jossed very, very hard until they actually decided to do it.