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Funny / Kamen Rider Super Sentai Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z

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  • The Go-Busters fight with Space Spider Man and his Space Shocker force starts with him imitating their pre-battle call.
    Space Spider Man: Space Shocker, ready... Go!
    • And then it turns into a rugby match between the Go-Busters and Space Shocker as each side tries to catch Psycholon.
  • Beet J. Stag trying to steal the spotlight (as usual) from Kyoryu Gold and Kamen Rider Beast.
  • When Geki shows up to verify if Wizard and Beast are behind the threat, Nitoh appears and confirms it. Except he’s only joking.
Out of Canon Moments
  • Everything the Shocker Combatmen do for the music video for Jouchaku ~We Are Brothers~. They look like they're having a blast.
  • Aka Ranger pulls a Nossan in a bonus segment to the Net Movies, pulling off a Hurricane of Puns about bamboo sticks.
    • Speaking of bamboo sticks, one Net Movie plays a Gift of the Magi story...with the Imagins and Miss America. So, Gift of the Imagin?
    • Also from that one: We have the original Great Leader of Shocker pulling a scam on Kamen Rider Nadeshiko. And it turns out to be perfectly legitimate.
  • Half of the Net Movies deal with the situation that somehow a Rider is sleeping in Amy's bed. The premise alone makes for hilarity, and it only builds from there.
    • How about the way Amy's butler Gentle faints when he sees? Or how the rest of the Kyoryugers dance into the room, OVER Gentle's prone body? Or Ian being crestfallen at the idea of Amy sharing her bed with anyone but himself? Souji's impressive knowledge of mayonnaise, which apparently springs from the Rippukan family making their own since the Sengoku period? We could be here all day.
      • Well, Ian falls to despair when it's Wizard's turn in the segment, and he's particularly frightened at the concept of Wizard going into his underworld.
      • When it's Fourze's turn, just watching him recline on the bed, slicking back his helmet like he had been doing something else... And afterwards, he and Skydain literally butt heads over who gets to be the Horned Brave due to pointy helmets.
  • One net movie is about why a futon is left out to dry. Gavan gives a story about a loving's Stronger and Tackle.

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