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Awesome / Kamen Rider Super Sentai Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z

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  • After seeing Space Ikadevil kill Groundain and Skydain and then mock their sibling bond, Geki and Gai enter Tranquil Fury mode and try to defeat him as well as his minions, Sanjioh and Jaguar Man (although they fail to do so) and just as they're about to be finished off, Space Ikadevil and his minions are effortlessly shot down by the sudden arrival of Captain Marvelous and then finished off by the Gokaiger using the Metal Heroes Keys from Gavan.
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  • How the Kyoryugers defeat Shadow Moon. Red evades his sword and catches his arm, allowing Black to disarm him before they finish him off.
  • The three Space Sheriff's finishing off their respective opponents is also awesome.
  • How Strategist Raider is finished off the first time. Wizard uses his Flame Dragon Finishing Move to lock him in a Beam-O-War, at which point the Kyoryugers impale him with Kentrospiker, disrupting his attack and allowing Wizard's to hit home.
  • Wizard boarding Kyoryuzin, then summoning WizarDragon into the real world & having him become Kyoryuzin's foot for a Kick Strike Brave Finish with the Kyoryugers.
    • AND they do this while empowered by all of the previous T-Rex mecha in Sentai, from Shugoju Tyrannosaurus all the way up to GoZyuRex.
    • Don't forget the Metal Heroes' contribution to the fight: combining the attacks of their three mecha into one Wave-Motion Gun that sends Psycho flying back down towards the earth below.

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