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  • The Irregulars from Tower of God. Normally, people who climb the Tower to get their deepest desire fulfilled have to be Chosen and are invited as Regulars. Not these guys. They came and kicked the metaphysical doors open by themselves and every time that happened, the Tower underwent drastic changes. Five Irregulars are known. One was a man-made god who defeated the entire ruling structure of the Tower and then simply disappeared. Before him came a person who slew a Physical God and could create life. The third followed the former into the Tower, climbed it ten times faster than anyone elsenote  and built a N.G.O. Superpower that rivals the government. The fourth one was almost completely immune to magic and could copy any spell on sight. And the last one was an incredibly normal girl who stabbed her best friend in the back. People are not very fond of Irregulars. They are afraid of them.
  • Kore in Goblins has a tendency to induce Oh, Crap! moments in those he meets, or even those who hear stories of him, particularly since he has utterly no qualms about killing anyone if he perceives them as evil, and is said to have fought entire armies and won. Even a fellow dwarf paladin refers to him as "the Cursed Scourge of the Realm". And then there's the fact that he Would Hurt a Child...
  • Jack Noir is a fairly light hearted take on this in Homestuck.
    • Then there is Doc Scratch, who is feared by anybody knowing him (including Jack). He has nothing on his boss Lord English, though; even Hussie (the author of the comic) is afraid of him.
  • Para Ventura from Schlock Mercenary is a hilarious variant. That's how she got enlisted — Captain Tagon knows the cost of a good reputation (just for comparison, that was the incident which didn't impress the dock bot).
  • In Our Little Adventure, Angelo invoked this feeling when he confronted Randi and Peganone during their quest to capture Umbria. He probably would have for Eva as well, but she retained her resolve due to her Paladin's fear immunity. What happened to Eva due to her not backing down and running away was accordingly horrifying.
  • In The Mansion of E, Uncle Frederick's bed-mate is called variously the Woman of Mystery or the Scary Lady.
  • Karin-dou 4koma: Seren is infamous as a brutal Person of Mass Destruction, with nicknames such as "The Human Solar Cannon" and "The Bomb Princess". Before Meguru actually met Seren, her mental image of Seren featured a Slasher Smile, glowing eyes, and claw-like fingernails. She's really not a bad person. She is still a Person of Mass Destruction, however.