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Webcomic / Baskets of Guts

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It's only the half of the story. Or some part of it.

The Lich: Actually, the comic isn't about baskets.
Anna: Neither it's about guts.

Baskets of guts (rus. Корзинки из кишок) is a Dark Fantasy webcomic by JoeDuncan, following the three hundred years old lich on his epic quest to Take Over the World or at least some part of it. However, it quickly turns out that the said world has changed a little since the times the Lich has sealed himself in a crypt. Hilarity Ensues.

Baskets' setting is basically what Standard Fantasy Setting should once become if not for Medieval Stasis: magic is ubiquitous (magical ed is like university ed in this universe) and the whole technology is based on it, loads of fantastic races have finally organized into a stable multiracial country (there's downright no Fantastic Racism), and though some traditions persist, the society has become more enlightened and bureaucratic.

The comic doesn't have a strict plotline. Author takes suggestions from the readers, picking the ones he likes most, be it protoganists' choices, minor characters' appearances or complete plot twists.

Also, there is quite a bunch of well written aversions and lampshadings of the Standard Fantasy Setting cliches. Author is kind of fond of this fact.

And it's a bit NSFW.

Currently russian only.

This story provides examples of: