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Geoff James Nugent (born 14 February 1977 in Sydney, Australia), best known as Jim Jefferies, is an Australian stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. Jefferies created and starred in the series Legit from 2013 to 2014, and later went on to host his own late-night show, The Jim Jefferies Show, since 2017.

Tropes associated with his work:

  • Awesome, but Impractical: He famously deconstructed the right to bear arms and the notion of keeping a gun as a means of self defense. Arguing that keeping one readily available in your home would present a larger danger to yourself and others then a would be intruder. While putting it in a safe to ensure there are no accidents would only make it unavailable and difficult to get to in the event of an actual break in, defeating the entire purpose.
  • The Bogan: Jim plays this up for comedic purposes, frequently talking in a slurred voice and being very casual with the word "cunt".
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  • Country Matters: In his HBO special I Swear to God he had a special light that flickered signalling the 15 minute mark of his show, because HBO was afraid of losing viewers before the 15 minute-mark (ratings are counted in the first 15 minutes of a tv program) and you can noticeably see that he's seen the light when he starts his panda joke "Aren't pandas cunts?"
  • Creepy Uncle: He had a skit on meeting your relatives in heaven, including "uncle who used to touch me". How did he get up there? He used to work for the church.
  • Cycle of Revenge: When talking about Donald Trump on his Freedumb tour in Nashville, he notes that Trump was trying to defeat ISIS and their extremist agenda with hateful rhetoric, and points out that all this does is radicalize Muslim youths in the US and around the world, which makes the problem worse, before saying that the only thing that can triumph over hate is love.
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  • Self-Deprecation: "We Jefferies don't exactly have what they call 'big penises'."
  • Toilet Humour: He seems to really like poop jokes, and they can go on for quite some time.


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