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Shout Out / The Spectral Chronicles

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A list of the shout-outs and homages in The Spectral Chronicles.

The series overall

  • William changes his name to Mephistopheles because, in his own words, Mephistopheles is the Lord of Hatred (referring to his hatred of Demetrios).


  • Ashur puts on a pair of glasses to complete his disguise for infiltrating the Illuminati's secret city. He acknowledges that "I know it's not much, but it worked for Superman."
  • On the topic of his infiltration, the note he gives one of the guarding knights is a reference to the brainwashing chant from the Simpsons episode "The Joy of Sect."
  • In a nod to Apocalypto, the Illuminati slavedrivers give Jason the cruel and demotivating name Dorpha, which in the Enochian language means "Almost."
  • A heartwarming Shout Out: Remember the part in The Little Mermaid when Ariel got into a human-made bed for the first time and she fell asleep instantly with a big smile on her face? Leah does the same when she gets into Ashur's bed after all their years of being separated.


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