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  • 1... 2... 3... NEAR FALL!
  • The Michael Cole trollface.
  • The swear jar.
  • Making light of the name of TNA's "Genesis" PPV by likening it to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (at least up until Botchamania 199 anyway).
  • QUACK QUACK! *sees 1PW logo overhead* "Oh, bloody hell!"
  • "I am the table!" after a montage of wrestlers failing to break tables.
    • After Maffew figured out that in Japanese wrestling promotions, tables never get broken, no matter how heavy your victim is or how much force they land on it with (specifically, match between W*ING Kanemura and Balls Mahoney at FMW Judgement Day) Once in a while, whenever a table remains safe and sound even after slamming, the camera zooms into the said table, with Iori Yagami doing his trademark laugh in the background. This would later evolve into other kinds of famous laughs.
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    • Tables that break when they aren't supposed to are "British."
    • Tables that collapse back onto the wrestlers going through them are "French." (see also "Let's All Laugh at the Hardys")
    • Tables that might've broken...had the wrestler not overshot them by a mile: J. Jonah Jameson. ("...are you serious?") Soon to be replaced by Max Cady. The table actually has "this is a Cape Fear reference" scribbled in MS Paint. Bonus: In his first OSW appearance, Maffew grumbles that his Facebook followers don't get his references.
  • "Never mind that shit... Here comes Mongo!", the Mongo in this case being WCW wrestler Steve "Mongo" McMichael. Botchamania 206 revised this segment to pun on WWE's famous "Here Comes the Pain" tagline for Brock Lesnar, as a setup to 2012's Extreme Rules PPV, which featured Lesnar's in-ring return.
  • The quote from Madame de Staël: "In life, one must choose between boredom and suffering"
    • #194 opened with "Boredom" represented by a photo of interim RAW general manager and executive lickspittle vice-president of talent relations John Laurinaitis, while "Suffering" was accompanied by a picture of Dixie Carter. Followed by, "de Staël is dead. There's always an alternative," and a picture of CHIKARA's UltraMantis Black. Following episodes have repeated the gag with other WWE personalities (Triple H, Michael Cole, The Miz) as Boredom and TNA personalities (Crimson, Anarquia, Kurt Angle) as Suffering.
    • #199 turned it into a harsh Take That! aimed at Perez Hilton, whose face was used for both "Boredom" and "Suffering". #201, #202 and #203 do the same thing, with the Bella Twins, the Great Khali and Vince Russo, respectively (more specifically, TNA sans Russo was "boredom" while TNA with Russo was "suffering".
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    • Subverted in #204 with "Suffering" showing Mark Henry, but in small text below saying "from injuries every week, poor fucker"
  • Maffew keeps throwing Bryan Alvarez's infamous MINUS! FIVE! STARS! every time he has a really egregious match to show.
  • "Everybody talks... Too much". Followed by The Undertaker going for chokeslam on Shawn Michaels. John Cena and Paige indulged in this so much that they got their own segment intros (a rap-themed one using a Run DMC song and a pop-oriented one, respectively). After Taker's streak ended, it was replaced with Darth Vader giving the force choke in #271, but Taker returned soon after. Then it would get replaced by other wrestlers or people outside of wrestling saying the same: Asuka telling it to Nia Jax, Baron Corbin telling it to The Miz, Thor telling it to Thanos, Pete Dunne telling it to Joe Coffey, Lacey Evans telling it to Becky Lynch, Kevin Owens telling it to Sami Zayn...
  • Get a fact (any fact) wrong during a wrestling show, and it will be countered by the famous "Huh?"
  • Before showing clips from CZW, he adds a clip of someone pulling a lever or pressing a button (originally this was with Conan O'Brien pulling his Chuck Norris lever, but this has expanded into other works such as Darkwing Duck and Mario Party, often made by fans and chosen by Maffew himself) accompanied by CZW's Zandig shouting, "JYEEEZUS!"
  • After The Undertaker got himself caught on fire, thanks to the pyro, on the 2010's Elimination Chamber, Maffew reused the footage of him being blown up two more times: one when John Cena attempts to repeat Kane's fire trick and one when Kofi Kingston's pyro apparently didn't work during his entrance.
  • "Back and to the left"
  • Hulk Hogan's yappapi match promos. Can be used either by putting it into a Distressed Dude montage or because "yapapi" just sounds too similar to the words "apple pie."
    • Also used whenever he has a list of moments to go over, using Hogan's "Number one!" and "Number two!" and then adding Vince McMahon when he gets to "Number THREE!"
  • Maffew playing a video game (be it Star Fox 64 or Abe's Oddysee), with the "NOBODY DOES THIS TO ZANDIG!" quotes of CZW fame thrown in.
  • Bobby... Roo!note 
  • Prefacing CHIKARA clips with "Promotional consideration is paid for by the following."
  • "[person] corpsing? SEND FOR THE MAN!"
    • Later episodes replaced Randy Savage with Becky Lynch when she adopted the nickname, "The Man".
  • "And besides that, everything was great.", to cap off an event where many, many things have gone wrong.
  • After any time a clip from Wrestling Observer Radio is played:
    Garfield (with Dave Meltzer's face): Thank you, thank you, we have a great show for you tonight folks. And I just wanna remind you of our motto: If they say it on [Wrestling Observer Radio]...It Must Be True!
  • Playing "That's Not My Name" by The Ting Tings over footage of whenever a wrestler's name is misspelled or gotten completely wrong.
  • Introducing segments devoted to defunct promotion 5 Star Wrestling with Elvis shooting the TV.
  • "FAHCKIN BOOLSCHEET", as the show's sign-off sound, or just generally as a reference to the show itself. (The "FACK" being the first clip used in the 1999 Smackdown variant of the intro Stupid Statement Dance Mix helps)
    • Combining it with the Mermaid Sisters' song from Carole & Tuesday is used for this purpose too.
  • "Thanks Miz" (shows up any time a wrestler fails to catch his opponent using suicide dive on him, referring to The Miz's inability to catch people on dives properly)

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