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Nightmare Fuel / Robot Chicken

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It's just a comedy show about parodies, nothing can be scary about that, right?.


As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Duck Duck Party. Who knew that a sketch about a man who mistakenly orders a duck hooker could end with that duck hooker being literally shot to pieces and falling off a building? Better yet, who knew that the duck hooker was also a mother of three, with the children being completely unaware and being taken care of by their uncle Donald Duck?
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  • The mad scientist in the theme song is so scary-looking, it's hard to sleep at night.
  • Rubik gets turned back into a cube, and Carlos, who has become blind, tries to fix him, except the ominous chanting in background along with a title card show that he never succeeded. (Although the card could be a reference to the end of Quantum Leap.)
  • The Squirrel Wizard brutally murdering the Shlorps (an obvious parody of the Smurfs) after Bitch Pudding mistakenly murders his life partner in a Bitch Pudding special.
  • The Joker's execution, which parodies the infamous botched execution from The Green Mile. Good luck getting that out of your head.
  • Calvin believes his parents got him a real tiger which is just a stuffed animal. Things turn dark as Calvin's parents get him electroshock therapy to make him stop believing that Hobbes is real, then Hobbes convinces Calvin to brutally murder his parents and ends with Calvin in an asylum.
    Calvin: (landing on Mars with Hobbes) Wow! Mars is amazing!
    (outside cut to the real world where Calvin is wrapped in a straitjacket and locked in a padded cell)
    Calvin: Mars is amazing. Maaaars iiiis amaaaaziiiing.
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  • "Bert's New Roomate". Ernie leaves due to the harmless general audiences' misconception about their relationships as friends, so Bert ends up finding a new roommate on Craigslist, an unhinged drug addict named Sam. As it goes on, it gets worse and worse, until the near end of the skit where, in response to Ernie's famous "remove the nose" trick, Sam responds by taking a knife and cutting his nose off to the shock and horror of Bert and Ernie.
  • The Bob the Builder sketch concludes with the mob union boss getting run over by Roley and, as he does, finding he can't crush the guy's head until he applies a little more force, popping his head like a melon. Gory Discretion Shot ensues, but still pretty brutal.
  • A lot of scenes from "A Scooby Friday"
    • Shaggy getting stabbed with a machete by Jason from inside a barrel as we hear his garbled screams, followed by Scooby getting stabbed up the ass.
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    • Fred leaving Daphne to Jason's mercy, and she is seen cowering and whimpering before getting hacked.
    • While Velma and Old Man Phillips have sex by the lake, the camera pans over to Scooby's decapitated head on a pike, and we hear his familiar chuckle as the scene fades out.
    • The Scooby-Doo and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo crossover isn't scary for the most part, but has an incredibly gruesome part early on where Velma falls off an unfinished skyscraper and breaks her back landing on a stop sign. Even the villain they're fighting is horrified. She doesn't die, but Fred mentions that she's facing well over a year of intense physical therapy and she has no health insurance to cover treatment.
  • The Muppets Murder Mystery, in its entirety. There's a hooded murderer on the loose killing the Muppets in very gruesome ways. First, Gonzo gets head blown off by a cannonball, Fozzie Bear gets stabbed to death, and the twist that Scooter was the killer trying to avenge Skeeter's death.
  • The demented take on Turbo Teen (which is already bizarre and somewhat demented without having Robot Chicken parody it) where, when Brett turns into a car (which is non-sentient unlike the show), his friends have sex in him, he gets taken for a joyride and crashes, then he gets shat on by a bum, battered by two punks, has his doors and tires stolen, gets towed and is sent to the junkyard to be crushed. He ends up turning back into a human (or, more specifically, a limbless, bloody mess) just before he gets crushed to death.
  • The Unsolved Case Files Christmas skit's opening. We see two elves ice skating on a frozen lake as a narrator says, "December 24, 4:30 PM. Christmas Eve. A time for joyous celebration. A time for gift giving, for peace and love." And then we see something in a block of ice floating under the ice. "A time for murder." Cue Scare Chord as we get a close-up of a dead Santa Claus in the ice block.
    • Turns out Santa Claus (the Santa Claus from the Rankin/Bass specials, mind you) is not only a toy maker, he's also runs an international cocaine cartel leader. He hid his products in the toys he delivered to his clients. He tried using different ways to sneak the product in, like using the Abominable Snow Monster as a drug mule. It didn't end well when he and Yukon Cornelius go to the airport...
    Hermy: You ever see a Yeti when a dozen condoms of coke burst in his belly?
    (Bumbles goes on a rampage, hurting and/or killing the people waiting to board the plane, including Yukon Cornelius)
    Hermy: It's a bad scene, man.
  • The Home Alone parody that takes Adult Fear to the max can be very disturbing.
  • "Smurf Burger" features Gargamel in a bikini doing suggestive moves (all while he has an incredibly wrinkly and thin body) and eating a burger filled with really gooey Smurf jelly. Depending on who you are, this can either be hilarious or downright sick and wrong (and if the comments on the Youtube upload are anything to go by).
  • This sketch involving Dora eating the frozen Fiesta Trio. Also, Swiper being scared to death by The Grim Reaper.
  • The third Star Wars special revelation that Jar-Jar was a Sith all along. His comedic character and ridiculous personality was all just a cover so no one would suspect that he deliberately put Palpatine in power and destroyed the Republic. Jar-Jar had been manipulating everybody the whole time, tricking Palpatine and Vader into eliminating the Jedi, dismantling the Republic and finally killing each other off. Cue scene where Jar-Jar dons the traditional Sith cloak and laughs maniacally.
  • One Gary the Stormtrooper skit had him accidentally hit a Ewok with his scout bike. The Ewok screaming in pain is bad enough already. Gary then decides to to put the Ewok down with a blaster shot, only to (what else?) accidentally shoot its leg off. He finally puts the Ewok down after repeatedly bashing it, with blood spilling everywhere. The skit ends with him surrounded by a bunch of angry Ewoks who saw the whole affair.
  • Sally going full Yandere and kidnapping Linus in "Misery, My Sweet Babboo", forcing him to write her the love letter she always wanted. Also in said segment, Sally breaks his legs and kills Snoopy.
  • The sight of the Mad Scientist's bloody empty eye socket in the 'Robot Chicken and Mad Scientist to the Rescue!' skit as well as the unnerving thought of a man gouging his father's eye out and finding amusement out of it. For those curious there's a picture, but if you are squeamish towards eye scream or eye horror, do NOT click the link:
  • "LEGO My Pieces" ends with The Reveal that Earl built a wall out of minifigure heads, which looks pretty gruesome from the other minifigs' perspective.
  • A parody of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (narrated by Kristin Chenoweth) has the mouse and the boy get turned into vampires, on whose growing clan the US government declares a nuclear war, which becomes widespread enough to cause The End of the World as We Know It. Even when the sketch reveals itself as just a bedtime story from the boy's mother, she sweetly explains it as the reason she killed her husband for "giving a mouse a cookie."
  • The Laff-A-Lympics massacre. Even if you find it funny to see your favorite (or not) Hanna-Barbera characters getting brutally murdered, you may find it a lot more difficult to laugh at it once you read about the event that inspired the skit, if at all.
  • Season 3's "Raiders of the Magic Garden" sketch is this combined with Nausea Fuel.note 
  • The Sunny Muffins skit, which is animal cruelty at its finest. A little girl finds a Pegasus caught in a bear trap, but instead of rescuing him, she cuts off his wings, drugs him, then he wakes up trapped in a barn and painted like a My Little Pony and the girl whips him until he agrees his name is Sunny Muffins, but not before leaving him viciously lashed and reduced to tears. She did the same thing to a gryfon she named Honey Flake.]] Not helping matters is the fact that she's voiced by Cree Summer and has red hair, which will remind viewers of an even more depraved version of the well-respected voice actress' most infamous role.
    • Not only that, the way the little girl tortures the Pegasus into accepting his new name is similar to what Southern plantation owners did to African slaves when it was legal.
  • The Wonder Pets! sketch. Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming set out to rescue a baby cow from a wooden box near a "comedy club" called the Laughter House. When they free the cow (called "Veal"), she can't walk because her legs are atrophied from a life spent in the crate. Under the impression that "laughter is the best medicine", the Pets take the cow inside the House... we don't see the inside, but we hear troubled mooing, gunshots, and a ''buzzsaw'' before the pets emerge without "Veal". They're all initially horrified. It becomes Nightmare Retardant at the end, but until the last ten seconds it seems like something PETA would produce.
    (Tuck throws up)
    (Farmer nails a missing letter to the sign:)
    Linny: Slaughterhouse...
  • Even by RC's standards, the Honey Nut Cheerios parody is dark. Particularlly the close-up of Buzz's distended organs.
  • The Helga's Secret sketch is all sorts of wrong. She murdered Arnold and put his head on her shrine with his eyes gouged out, and she even wears it on her head.
  • "Ani's Dead Mom" isn't scary, it's just Owen Lars making a joke too soon. The eventual payback, however...
  • Season 6's episode titles are considered this, since they are all describing ways to die. Some range from frightening ("Eaten by Cats") to downright horrific ("Crushed by a Steamroller on My 53rd Birthday").
  • The "Fumbles" sketch has a brand new recruit, Calvin, to G.I. Joe getting fed up with a dumb nickname that the Joes gave him in his first day, then defecting to Cobra after being ruthlessly humiliated by them, having become so numb that he barely even reacts when he gets a dumb nickname there too, and ends up single-handedly killing all of the Joes in a mass shooting (except for Duke, who he leaves alive just so he can wallow all of his comrades' deaths).
    Cobra Commander: (Clearly taken aback by the massacre) Wow, uh..good job, uh...Trouser Snake...!
    Calvin: (In a cold, distant, and bitter tone) ...It's Fumbles. It was always Fumbles.
  • In a Season 9 episode, a kid eats a Pizza Tot straight out of the oven..... and it’s so hot, it eats through his head, melts his tongue, and makes his brain explode. The last scene of the sketch shows blood spurting from all orifices on his head as his eyes go white.

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