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Nightmare Fuel / The Shivering Truth

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Only forty seconds in and you're greeted with this. And it only gets worse from there.
The Shivering Truth is filled to the brim with Uncanny Valley Deranged Animation. Surreal Horror, Mundane Horror, and Mind Screw can be found in every episode.


  • The pilot opens with a blind school girl having her bra snapped by a line of boys, under the school principal's supervision, so she can identify the one who originally did it. All the bra snapping causes a huge welt to grow on her back, and the scene then cuts to the lunch lady cutting the welt into individual slices on a plate. During this process, the girl realizes that the lunch lady was the one who snapped her bra, all so she could use the welt for lunch meat. We then get a close up shot of the lunch lady's face slowly twisting into an absolutely sinister smile, seen above. It's an image that will stay in your mind for a good long while after you've seen it.

Episode 1 - The Nurple Rainbow:

  • The first segment has a man waking up from a nightmare, only to find his roommate stuffed a condom in his ear, which the roommate denies. It's fairly weird and disquieting, but not actually scary... until the end, where the roommate removes his scalp and pulls out a human-length hot dog. Then he cuts into the hotdog and hundreds of ants pour out. This sets up the tone of the series pretty well.
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  • A little girl named Trudy plays a game of peak-a-boo. In any other scenario, this would be adorable. Here? The parents react as if their daughter actually disappeared suddenly, and they slowly go insane. The segment is peppered with sharp, loud jump cuts to Trudy's face, and it ends with Trudy's face covered in the blood of her mother.
  • Doug is trying to work at his office, only for his boss to find a hole in the back of his head that houses some sort of parasite. At one point, the inside of his brain is stabbed with a sharp pencil. Then he goes home and proceeds to make out with and then impregnate his own reflection. Followed by his mirror giving birth to shelves full of mirror-human hybrid babies. The crying of the babies becomes deafening, and the mirror shatters. Doug wakes up and the audience is treated to the sight of his face shattered just like his reflection was.

Episode 2 - The Magmafying Past

  • Ryan Regrt, a child with a bitten by a flea, scratches his arms so religiously that the bite grows into a church made of swollen flesh that totally consumes him. His parents grieve for him by continuing to scratch his itches in the church at the instruction of the church pastor — who suddenly transforms into a flea-headed abomination.
  • Tessa Doinel, tired of men controlling her, goes shopping for underwear. She finds self-bleeding, self-birthing, and self-abusing clothing options. She promptly flees the store.
  • Seargeant Pat Monder is consoled, sexually assaulted, eaten, and then defecated by Private Prontle, before being thrown into a number of wars that resulted in him losing every body part until he became nothing but the physical embodiment of his consciousness. When Prontle travels to the flesh church to repent for his wrongdoings, the Seargeant's pure consciousness shows up and shoots him to death. However, Prontle's guilt issues forth from his body in a radiant light, as Tessa watches. Tessa, thinking the light to be the love she's been waiting her whole life for, lets it envelope her — reducing her to anguished screams as her head burns and is vaporized into individual atoms.
    Tessa:Oh... I'm basking in love. I'm basking in love! Oooh, I'm basking in love I'm basking in love I'M BASKING IN LOVE I'M BASKING IN LOVE!! AAAAH!! AAAAH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-!!!!

Episode 6 - Fowl Flow

  • The episode begins with a man walking into a bar, trying to sell a severed hand. Horrifying enough to begin with, but then when an overweight bar patron buys all five fingers off the hand (in exchange for buying the other man drinks), the other man asks him what he plans on doing with them. The camera zooms in on the overweight man's face as his lips curl into a creepy smile and his eyes sparkle, and the scene cuts immediately to the other man's corpse, now lying in a forest, with two of the severed fingers sticking out of its eye sockets. The overweight man now has two fingers as legs and feet, which have been bent back unnaturally to support his body. He starts dancing around the corpse in nothing but a speedo, as his nipples sprout two extra hands, which start clapping rapidly, in sync with the seasons changing and the corpse rotting until it's face is just a hole filled with worms. It's pure, concentrated Surreal Horror and Body Horror, all in less than two minutes.

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