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"Wow", indeed.

For a show as darkly odd as this one, it still has some actually funny moments. This comes as no surprise, as it's made by the same people as Xavier: Renegade Angel.

  • In the pilot episode, on the subject of the freelance suicide hotline operator: "He waited by the phone for what felt like forever, but was in fact much longer."
    • "Delmer's home suicide hotline, we'll talk about anything. Even sex."
  • The entire conversation between Doug and his coworker is incredibly funny. The coworkers silly voice, along with his nonchalance to the parasite in Doug's head, just adds to the stupidity of it all
  • A man ogles an old woman. This leads to.... Well... See for yourself.
    • The nurse's borderline monotone is utterly gut-busting.
  • The man who talks to his therapist about how he feels paranoid...that other people are conspiring to make him feel paranoid and he has no idea why...since the dozen's of floating knives pointing at his head move around so he can't see them at it frustrates everybody around him that he's not terrified for his life.
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  • The entire concept of Constadeath. You die once every few seconds for the rest of your life. Try to wrap your head around that one. Although the concept itself is slightly nightmarish, the treatment is hilarious: Pledging eternal devotion to a genetic hybrid of Hinduism and cheese, which causes you to immediately reincarnate with the head of a different animal every time you die.
  • Everything involving the ordeal of Dustin in "Holeways".
    Narrator: Dustin Okus assumed his father was just distant, or didn't love him, until the day he discovered the man actually had a medical condition. It's called "being a dick".

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