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Robot Chicken is famous for putting a Black Comedy twist on pop culture of the past and present, but these moments show there is still room for Heartwarming Moments.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The "Cloverfield parody" sketch. The people berate Clover for destroying the city saying that it's Too Soon after 9-11. So, what does he do? He builds a memorial to the twin towers. Awww....
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  • Among one of the many "Smurf" sketches, there is one where Gargamel transfers his mind into a Smurf body a la Avatar and infiltrates the Smurf village as "Gargle Smurf" to destroy them. As soon as he is accepted into the village, Gargamel has pangs of regret and admits his true identity, but is accepted anyway when he admits that being together with the Smurfs has changed him for the better. Of course, there is a Mood Whiplash showing his cat Azrael lying dead from starvation next to the capsule where Gargamel's human body is.
  • This segment has a few moments for the bad guys of the Star Wars universe. Gary the Stormtrooper braving Rebel fire — and actually subverting this infamous trope with a few kills — to get his daughter's teddy bear back, and then Lord Vader himself being moved by the trooper's love for his daughter.
    Darth Vader: (Choking a Rebel soldier) What have you done with those plans? Gary here never sees his daughter because of people like you!
    • And when he breaks the Rebel soldiers neck, he quickly apologizes to the little girl and asks her if she is having a good time at work with her father. And when she hides behind her father in fear, Darth Vader playfully says that he knows he is scary.
    • Fridge Brilliance: at that point, Vader thought that his child (or, as he would later find out, twins) was dead.
    Gary: (deeply embarrassed) Do you have kids? Because, you know, they change your world....ugh, I'm probably going to get fired for this, but...f—- it! I love my daughter! (grabs daughter's hand)
    Darth Vader: (visibly touched) That really hits me WHERE I LIVE!
    • In another sketch, when Vader mentions that Luke has a sister, Luke calls out Leia by name...revealing that Vader didn't know it was her, and he's visibly shocked to find out that he interrogated and blew up the home planet of his own daughter, to the point where he immediately interrupts the fight to get an "I'm sorry to daughter" card.
  • "Was I spweeding, officer?" "No I pulled you over because I wuv you!"
  • In a parody of Transformers names being either casual Earth names (Bumblebee, Jazz) or incredibly bombastic (Optimus Prime), Bumblebee and Jazz criticize Optimus Prime's new name. The reason behind Optimus' name is revealed through mini-flashback: his father treated him like crap. After returning to reality, the other autobots give him a friendly slug on the shoulder and call him Optimus out of respect. Optimus then bring them together for a group hug. Pretty nice moment.
    Bumblebee: Are you okay...Optimus Prime?
    Optimus: Aw, you sons of bitches, come here!
    • In another sketch, a group of Zybots wants to help the Autobots defeat Megatron. Naturally Optimus declines, so when they went to fight Megatron, Megs pretends to be afraid of them and feigns being taken down in one hit. Of course Starscream calls him out on it. His response?
    Megatron: Oh, those guys were cute. They really looked like they needed a "W".
  • For a very sad and disturbing sketch, the ending of the clown car crash sketch is pretty heartwarming.
  • Superman attending the funeral of Captain Carrot with Batman and Green Lantern in the DC Comics Special. Granted GL turns it to a CMOF but Superman takes the entire event very seriously (Especially if you thought the sketch would be about them eating the Zoo Crew).
  • Kano taking care of Johnny Cage's family for Christmas (the former killed the latter) was hilarious and heartwarming. When we find out he didn't actually kill Johnny but saved his life by pulling out his appendix, and that Johnny ran off to a tropical paradise to hang out with beautiful women sort of... ruins it.
  • The tale of Eagle-Eye Smith.
  • Bitch Pudding voluntarily agreeing to protect the Shlorp village, though it doesn't stop the Smurfs from immediately honoring her request and sending her back home due to her Jerkass attitude. However her epiphany which lead to her actually caring about the well being of someone other than herself counts as well.
  • One FridayThe13th sketch preparing for a killing spree on Thursday the twelfth. Jason's reaction is very much akin to a a small child on Christmas Eve. The sketch even does a good job of making him Ugly Cute.

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