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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Some of Season 1's episode titles are rejected names for the show (such as "Junk in the Trunk," "Toy Meets Girl," and "Toys in the Hood").
  • The Watership Fraggle sketch. It really should not be as funny as it is.
    Wembley: (after getting kicked in the balls by everyone) I now have a vagina.
  • Half of Season 4's episode titles is a letter written by a guy named Maurice who's trapped in a DVD factory...and missing both of his thumbs.
    Help me. I'm trapped in a DVD factory. They took my thumbs. Two weeks without food. Tell my mom I love her, but not in that way. Love, Maurice PS: Yes, in that way.
    • The other half has the response from the DVD factory itself:
      Dear Consumer: We are a humble factory. Maurice was caught unionizing our labor. President Hu forbids it. Due to constraints of time and budget, the ramblings of Maurice cannot be erased, so sorry. Please do not notify our contractors, especially the animal Keith Crawford.
  • One of the show's very first skits is a take on Rachael Leigh Cook's famous "Brain on Drugs" PSA. It's even more funny since RLC is Adam Westing herself.
  • Pretty much anytime Lindsay Lohan is made fun of can qualify, such as the Living Lohan parody.
    • "Aren't you a little fat to be fat!? Knock-knock. Who's there? You love food!"
    • Lindsay crashes the nerds' fantasy role-playing session by "driving" an imaginary Herbie the Love Bug into the action. She justifies this with "Herbie IS magic. Idiot!"
    • When Lindsay meets the titular bad boy, Lindsay promptly becomes pregnant afterward...then we find that Lindsay's mom is pregnant... as well as Lindsay's teenaged sister.
      Dina: I'm the greatest mom in the world!
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  • Inner Monologues. The song at 1:30 really adds to the humor.
  • One sketch consists solely of a brief shot of The Fourth Doctor standing on first base of a baseball diamond, and ends with him shouting "Do you GET it?!"
  • The Luke/Vader I Am Your Father parody.
    Luke: I'll never join you! You Killed My Father!
    Darth Vader: No, Luke... I AM your father!
    Luke: That's not true! That's impossible!
    Darth Vader: And Princess Leia is your sister!
    Luke: That's not true! That's... (bewildered) improbable!
    Darth Vader: And the Empire will be defeated... by Ewoks!
    Luke: That's... (totally lost) very unlikely..!
    Darth Vader: And as a child, I built C-3PO!
    Luke: (completely stony-faced with confusion)...Eh?
    (Later, with Vader sipping coffee and Luke smoking a cigarette)
    Darth Vader: (matter-of-factly) And the Force? Well, that's just microscopic bacteria in your bloodstream called midichlorians.
    Luke: (about to head off set, done with this) Look, if you're not gonna take this seriously, I'm out. (exits)
    • Luke's bemused reactions to the revelations about C-3PO and midichlorians could also double as a hilarious Actor Allusion — he's actually voiced by the original Luke here, who obviously had no involvement with the prequels.
  • This WWE parody featuring John Cena and Triple H.
  • The infamous "Darth Vader Calls" sketch.
    Emperor Palpatine: Woah, woah, just— slow down...Huh? What do you mean they blew up the Death Star?... (Cue screaming Cluster F-Bomb) WHO'S "THEY"?!... What the hell is an "Aluminum Falcon"?! (Face Palm with a disgusted sigh) Okay. Okay. S-so who's left? ...ARE YOU SHITTING ME. Well, where are you?! ...wait a sec, you've been flying around for two weeks trying to get a signal? Ugh; you must smell like...feet, wrapped in leathery, burnt bacon! (Holds phone away from ear as Vader obviously yells at him, Amedda looks shocked) Oh, oh, oh, I'm sorry I thought my Dark Lord of the Sith could protect a small thermal exhaust port that's only two meters wide. That thing wasn't even fully paid off yet! Do you have - do you have any idea what this is gonna do to my credit?
    • And then Vader apparently suggests that they rebuild the Death Star:
      Emperor Palpatine: Oh-oh, "just rebuild it"? Oh, yeah, real fucking original. And who's gonna give me a loan, jackhole, you?! Y-you got an ATM on that torso Lite-Brite?! NOW GET YOUR 7'2" ASTHMATIC ASS BACK HERE, OR I'M GONNA TELL EVERYONE WHAT A WHINY BITCH YOU WERE ABOUT PADAMADMAY OR PANDA-BEAR OR WHATEVER THE HELL HER NAME IS! [beat]...[to Aloo and Amedda] Oh jeez, he's crying!
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    • In fact, any time Palpatine shows up, which is also part of the reason why the third Star Wars special was based around him!
    • Aloo and Amedda's reaction to the entire scene, especially when Palpatine got another call from someone getting him something to eat, with Aloo looking at his watch as this drags on. Though they laughed when Vader cries.
  • The scene where Palpatine discovers the damage Mace Windu did to his face. Bonus points for having Zac Efron play Anakin.
    Anakin: Well... there is a possibility that when you were fighting Mace Windu, he deflected some of your Force Lightning back into your face.
    Palpatine: Are you kidding me? How much?
    Anakin: (nervous laughter) A lot. I don't think there was one bolt of Force Lightning that didn't bounce of Master Windu's lightsaber directly back into your face.
    Palpatine: A-and you just sat there and watched?
    Anakin: Well, uh - turning to the Dark Side was a pretty big decision!
    Palpatine: (looking into a mirror) Oh my God, I - I look like I have a scrotum for a face! What am I supposed to call myself, Darth Syphilis? If you'd made up your mind five seconds earlier, we could have ruled the galaxy and maybe I could've gotten laid one more time before I die!
    Anakin: (backing away) I can see you're upset... I'm just gonna... go slaughter those younglings.
  • That, and when Lando doesn't know when to shut up about how the deal's getting worse.
  • Palpatine had a bad day even before he got tossed down the reactor shaft.
    Vader: Is that your-
    Palpatine: No! For the hundredth time, that's the same stupid black bag, mine doesn't have a stripe on it! It's like that stripey bag is mocking me. (Flips the bird) F**k you stripey bag. Well! My suitcase is gone. Sacrificed to the airport gods. Now I'm here for two f**king weeks with the same f**king robe. Alright, now it's stickin' to me like a wet kleenex! (Sees a surfboard coming on the luggage circle) Wow, for real?
    • This then becomes a double Brick Joke, as Palpatine's fall takes him right past the same trooper he'd told to "Go f**k yourself!", who's lounging on a balcony with tropical furniture around him.
  • The Vader-Jar Jar skit. Bonus points for the producers getting Ahmed Best himself to reprise his role as Jar-Jar.
    Darth Vader: Inform the Emperor that the Jedi Temple has been sealed.
    Private Perkins: Yes, my Lord.
    Jar-Jar Binks: Ani?! Ani! Little Ani!
    Darth Vader: Jar-Jar, I am no longer Anakin Skywalker...
    Jar-Jar Binks: (touches Vader's cape) These are some nice-ah duds, ah-poopah!
    Darth Vader: Look, Jar-Jar, it is very important... (Jar-Jar taps on Vader's helmet; groans, then scares Jar-Jar back a step) that you never speak to me again.
    Jar-Jar Binks: What'sa happen to you? Yousa burn your face... (takes off Vader's helmet for a brief moment) AAAHHH!
    Darth Vader: (puts the helmet back on) Jar-Jar!
    Jar-Jar Binks: Oh! Ani-bo-bani!! (shakes Vader by the shoulders) What'sa happen to you?!
    Darth Vader: (grabs Jar-Jar by the ears) Jar-Jar. Homey. My main man. Quickly, before the Separatists attack, get into the escape pod! (tosses Jar-Jar into an airlock chamber)
    Jar-Jar Binks: Hey, if this is escape, then where the pod? (Vader shuts and locks the door) Yousa forgot the pod!! (Vader presses a button which ejects Jar-Jar out into space) WHOOO!
    (A completely motionless Jar-Jar Binks floats out into space with no sounds whatsoever. Later, Vader is seen in bed.)
    Darth Vader: (sighing happily) Aaaahhh. Hehehe.
    (Jar-Jar Binks appears at Vader's bedside as a Force ghost.)
    Jar-Jar Binks: Ani! Look! Yousa not gonna believe it! Meesa all sparkly glowy! (Vader covers his own head with a pillow while Jar-Jar bounces around Vader's bed ecstatically) Now, weesa gonna have all the time to spend together! I love you, Ani! Yaaaahh! Ah-haahhh! Ani, yeeeeah!
  • The From a Certain Point of View song.
  • The sketch where Tila Tequila (who voices herself!) becomes a Terminator-like figure is also funny, if only for the ending and her constant screaming/fascination of Le Barron.
    • "But that's why we made her omni-ethnic. Not to mention the prepubescent alien whore appearance."
  • How about the InuYasha sketch? Weirdest Batman Gambit ever.
    • Even better, the dad who fanboys over Inuyasha in the skit is voiced by Seth MacFarlane. Listening to Brian Griffin as an Otaku just might be the single greatest thing broadcast on TV.
  • "My name is George W Bush, and I approve this message: Tacos rule."
  • The "Who Poop Last?" Sketch:
    Game Show Host: You want million dollar?
    (Cuts to Ord and Cassie from Dragon Tales with uncut dollar bills coming out of their mouths.)
    Game Show Host: You win crazy smile-face million dollar!
  • Down on your knees, I'm the Piano God! Pray to the songs that I've sung! Tell me I'm too good to work here, and put my balls right on your tongue!
  • From the DBZ Christmas episode: "What are Composite Santa's powers?" "I don't know, but he freaks me right the fuck out!"
    Gohan: Ow, my Dragon Balls!
  • The "My Stalker" parody of "My Buddy" toys. It's a fake commercial for various dolls.
    Jingle: My stalker, my stalker, his obsession still remains even though he's court-restrained. My stalker and meeee!
    Jingle: My ex-girlfriend, my ex-girlfriend, even though I said we're through she sticks to me like glue. My ex-girlfriend and meee!
    Jingle: My friend-who-I-once-experimented-with-at-Summer-Camp, my friend-I-once-experimented-with-at-Summer-Camp, though you think of me night and day, I'm not the one who made you gay. My friend-I-once-experimented-with-at-Summer-Camp and meee!
  • The sketch where the couple roleplays Pirates of the Caribbean. The woman wants her husband to be get more into it. He gets a little too into it. You'll never see Jack Sparrow the same way again.
  • Dr. Ball: "SHE'S 'LOST THE WILL TO LIVE'? What is your degree in, poetry?
  • Orientation day on the jolly old Death Star! "Why, Private Perkins over there has been strangled over 30 times! Haven't you Perkins? Good man!"
  • "Michael Bay presents.... EXPLOSIONS!"
  • "You know what the smartest thing to come out of YOUR mouth is? MEIN DOODLE! I'm Einstein, bitch! * throws a table* EINSTEIN, MOTHERFUCKER!!!"
  • Alien 1:"Dammit Dammit Dammit! Years of planning wasted!" Alien 2:"How were we supposed to conquer the Earth with a white Michael Jackson anyways?" Alien 1: "DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!!!"
  • Skeletor's reaction to Beast Man accidentally killing He-Man. Hell, the entire skit.
    • Their attempt to cover it up.
      Skeletor: Okay, read that back to me.
      Beast Man: "Being He-Man sucks more than you think. Falling backwards onto an axe now the way I always talked about doing. Love, He-Man."
    • Also, when Orko takes up He-Man's sword and storms Snake Mountain:
      Orko: [wielding the Sword of Power and having developed serious muscles] I HAVE THE POWER!
      Skeletor: [cowering in a corner with Evilyn and Beast Man] I HAVE CRAPPED MY PANTS!
  • The Transformers PSA regarding prostate cancer. Then a few cuts later you have the Human Torch telling a doctor "It burns when I pee!" then Optimus leans into the shot and says "What did I just tell you?!"
  • The Nerd as a young boy is marked for the rest of his life.
    The Nerd: " TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Spa—"
  • Fidel Castro playing DanceDanceCounterrevolution.
  • The greatest Six Flags ad
  • Skeletor sends a not-so-great clone of He-Man to a party at Castle Greyskull. Turns out everyone loves the clone much better than the real He-Man.
    Fake He-Man: Out my way, homo!
  • The Care Bears go to war.
    Bedtime Bear: Y'all know what time it is - it's bedtime! And by "bed" I mean "ethnic" and by "time" I mean "cleansing"!
  • The "Lego Challenger" sketch.
  • She-Ra: Princess of Power is needed at an inopportune time.
  • "Now see the movie you've already seen!" It's Giant Fat Black Lady Who's Really a Black Man in a Really Big Fat Suit! "Dancing scenes! Farting scenes!"
  • Bill Clinton pushing over a cow.
  • The sketch where The Nerd dreams he's in the movie TRON brings us this hilarious quick scene as he rides a lightcycle.
    The Nerd: (drawing) Look at me! I'm the opening credits to Frasier. (singing) Scrambled eggs...
  • "It's Fumbles... it was always Fumbles"
  • George W. Bush, Jedi Knight.
  • The "Darkest Sketch in Television History" and its various endings.
    Announcer: (to a little boy who just had his mother, his father, AND the Tooth Fairy killed while he listened) Congratulations! You've just been in the darkest sketch in television history!
    Everyone Else: Darkest sketch! Darkest sketch! Darkest sketch!
  • On one of the DVD commentaries for Season 5, hearing the other panelists' anger over Lea Thompson never getting a pair of Calvin Klein jeans despite shilling for them in Back to the Future.
  • The Ballad of Gay Tony, the musical!
  • In the Smurfs/Snorks War sketch, Papa Smurf's toilet backs up and overflows.
    "Oh, Smurf me up the Smurf!"
  • The REAL reason Voldemort tried to kill Harry Potter.
  • The cast of Final Fantasy VII working at a burger joint... compete with RPG special effects and text boxes.
  • An obnoxiously self-satisfied Superman punctuates his Season 5 appearances with this. "Superman!"
  • Barney tries to distract with Fred to steal his Pebbles Cereal with a courier letter at the door. The deliverer makes fun of the rock puns.
    "Dear Fred,
    I hope this distracted you long enough.
    Love, Barney
    P.S. I invented paper. Bitching."
  • In the "Beast and the Beauties" segment, there's an angry mob everywhere and there's Glycerine.
  • J.R.R. Tolkein Jr. Jr. Its weirdness is bizarre even by the standards of the show.
  • The scene where Boba Fett talks to the Han Solo sculpture.
    Ted: Protect the environment, or I'll fucking kill you!
  • Pinky and the Brain's wild night out. Even better, they got Maurice LaMarche back to voice the Brain.
  • Rambo's flashback to his torture by the Vietnamese. Basically, it amounts to a montage of Felony Misdemeanors inflicted on him including having Twilight read out loud to him, being forced to play E.T. the Game, being forced to watch "Two Girls, One Cup", and getting Rick-Rolled. And what finally got him to give up the information they wanted? They said 'please'.
  • Doctor Noonien Soong singing a rap about...Data's dong.
  • Fozzie's murder in the Muppets/I Know What You Did Last Summer sketch. After being stabbed in the back by the killer he wanders on to the stage and gets heckled by Statler and Waldorf.
    Statler: See? I told you the bear was gonna die on the stage tonight! Do ho ho ho!
    Fozzie: Hey, guys, can you stop laughing and call me an ambulance?
    Waldorf: You're an ambulance! Do ho ho ho!
  • The skit explaining how Doc Brown got the plutonium from the Libyan terrorists. What truly makes it work is that given how stupid said terrorists had to be to leave him alone with the plutonium, you almost believe this is how it must have happened.
  • "Uh . . . sir, just so we're clear, The Angry Beavers is a kid's cartoon."
  • "On behalf of all the Red Shirts that fell before me, it makes me very, very proud to speak the following sentence: I'm the only one that brought a gun."
  • Then again, we have this Red Shirt deciding if he should suit up for a mission.
    Announcer: Attention, everyone, we are now in orbit around the planet of hot chicks - who turn out to be monsters. Buuut, they're friendly monsters and they're very horny! Unfortunately, they have razor-sharp teeth in their vaginas. Although, they do have ten breasts each! (Red Shirt suits up to leave only to be engulfed in flames) Oh, and the ship is on fire.
  • This sketch, which shows the iconic traps from the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark under construction.
  • The below parody of Pokémon Speak.
    Pikachu: Pika! Pika Pika Pikachu! Pika Pikachu!
    Squirtle: Squirtle! Squirtle Squirt! Squirtle! Squir— WHAT THE FUCK AM I SAYING!? No, I mean it! This shit makes no sense at all!
    Pikachu: (whispering) Just say the line, Earl, or you'll get the gas!
    Squirtle: For the love of Christ, kids, go read a book or something!
  • Ode To The Nut Shot is nothing but nut shots out the ass whilst The 1812 Overture plays in the background.
  • The classroom scene in the "Work for Cobra" skit. A class of Cobra mooks are quizzed on how to take out a Joe quickly and without alerting the other members of his unit:
    Henchman 1: Oh oh oh, I'd use a gas pellet!
    Dr. Mindbender: You're on the right track.
    Henchman 2: Er, I'd weave like a wicker basket, and construct a robot snake in it, that'd, like, shoot gas out of its mouth.
    Dr. Mindbender: Excellent. Anyone else?
    Henchman 3: Ooh, I'd totally do what Frank said, with the basket and all, but I'd also yell "COBRAAAA!"
    Dr. Mindbender: Perfect!
    Henchman 3: Now I know.
    Everyone: And knowing is half the battle!
  • The "Weather Dominator" Documentary sketch, with a GI Joe episode presented like a WWII documentary. A war widow reading her late husbands letter to her out loud mentions that the letter ended with the word "blam", and she could never figure out what that last part meant.
    Reporter: That last part was Maury getting shot.
    Widow: Oh, that makes more sense now. *starts bawling*
    • "Bow before COBRA and my WEATHER DOMINATOR! Or I'll crank the humidity so high no ass-crack will ever be dry again! AN ETERNITY OF SWAMP-ASS!"
  • Pretty much every one of The Nerd's sketches.
    *gets tripped by a school bully and drops his books*
    Nerd: My studies!!
    • The Knight Rider sketch. The Nerd falls asleep watching Knight Rider, and dreams about riding around in KITT, only it turns out it's the crappy Val Kilmer-voiced KITT from the Knight Rider remake. The Nerd is not amused.
      Nerd: Awwwww, you're that crappy KITT from that crappy remake from a few crappy years ago!!
      2008!KITT: Greetings, Micheal. Let's go on an adventure.
      Nerd: [...] NO! You SUCK ASS! All you did in the entire pilot episode was drive extra fast! It was BORING!
      2008!KITT: Fine! I hope you like ejector seats. [beeps and boops] ...I don't seem to have an ejector seat.
      Nerd: BOOOOORING!
      2008!KITT: Shall I turn into a pickup truck? I can do that.
      Nerd: Wow! One of your amazing features is hauling cargo!
      2008!KITT: I can also turn from this kind of Mustang... to a different kind of Mustang!
    • His appearance on Doctor Who. Basically, it's several solid minutes of Praising Shows You Don't Watch.
  • The Gummy Bear Sketch. What really sells it is the screaming.
  • The X-Men are killed in battle, and Professor X is forced to recruit another group of outcasts hated and feared by human society: the cast of Police Academy.
  • The sketch about the fake series finales to TV shows, especially the finale to The PJs, which parodies Eddie Murphy's real encounter with a transgender prostitute.
    Thurgood: (hears police sirens) What on Eartha Kitt? Whitney Houston, we have a problem! If anyone asks, yous my sister.
    Prostitute: You mean brother.
    Thurgood: What? You ain't got no Urkel!
    (prostitute lifts up skirt)
    Thurgood: Oh, Vivica A. Fuck!
  • The "Power Forest Rangers", which takes Yogi Bear into the live-action world of Power Rangers. It must be seen to be believed.
  • From the "Born Again Virgin" Christmas Special, the sketch depicting the Grinch stapling an antler on Max's head.
    • Also the sketch where kids put a carrot on a snowman's crotch and comes to life with a magic hat.
      Frosty: Oh kids, what have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!
    • The sketch where a family is riding in a horse-drawn sleigh while singing "Over the River and Through the Woods." The horse suddenly gets a fearful expression when he hears the lyric "The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh," which he doesn't and they end up freezing to death.
      Horse: (sobbing) I didn't know the waaaay! I'm just a horse! You guys had GPS on your phones, why wouldn't you use it!?
  • The 100th episode may be best remembered for the Robot Chicken's rampage against the Mad Scientist and the cast, but the climb up the castle still had some funny moments to it:
    • When facing Bitch Pudding:
      Bitch Pudding' How you like the taste of Bitch Pudding? Yo Momma sure liked it after she ate it out my butthole!
      (Chicken hits her with a sign that reads "My mother was a saint!")
    • In fact, anytime Bitch Pudding makes an appearance, there's bound to be plenty of laughs.
    • When Daniel "Gyro-Robo" decides to give his opinion:
      Daniel: Hmm! Looks like someone has been watching Tony Jaa's The Protector.
      (The Chicken whips his head around and glares at Daniel, who recoils)
      Daniel: Looks like someone just peed in his Gatchaman boxer shorts!
      (Runs off)
    • As he makes his way up the castle, the Robot Chicken prevents the Bloopers Host from hanging himself. Shocked that he's been rescued, the Host comes to believe his life has value. Then the Chicken rips off the Host's head.
    • When the Robot Chicken is confronted by Mike Lazzlo and Keith Crawford:
      Mike: Ding-dang, this is gonna be one dilly of a slobber knocker!
      (The two executives try to stab the Chicken, who moves aside and allows them to kill each other)
      Keith: These ratings...will be glorious!
      (The two executives begin kissing each other before the Chicken stomps their heads into paste)
    • The Chicken taking out the Humping Robot with an EMP grenade.
    • The Nerd being the last person the Chicken faces before the Mad Scientists lair. He poses like he's about to unleash some kung fu shit... then calmly steps aside and opens the door for the Chicken.
      Nerd: Here, let me get that for you! *opens door*''
  • From Laff-A-Munich
    • Blue Falcon kicking Scrappy-Doo into a lake, with the defense that he was one of the planners of the massacre.
    • Scooby accidentally firing his gun and scaring Shaggy with it.
      Shaggy: Scoob, like what the fuck are you doing, man!?
      Scooby: Rorry, Raggy. Ra rafety rasn't ron.
    • Scooby mourning Hong Kong Phooey's death before taking off his mask and realizing he's a dog.
    • "Rid re rever realyy arromplish arrything?"
    • The Great Fondoo complaining about how none of the Really Rottens, himself included, are established Hanna-Barbera villains. In reality, the majority of the HB villains were tangled up in legal issues, forcing the show to use expies instead (and some others were expies of non H-B characters).
      Snooper: Do you know why we're here?
      Fondoo: Why YOU'RE here?! I don't know why I'M here. What, there weren't any better Hanna-Barbera villains to round out the Really Rottens? Who the hell am I?!
    • Yogi trying to keep the Really Rottens out of the Yogi Yahooeys apartment, and getting pissed when a sleep-drunk Boo Boo doesn't react fast enough to help him.
      Yogi: Boo Boo, you fucking bear of average intelligence!
    • Quick Draw McGraw attempting to stop the massacre by dressing up as his alter ego El Kabong, but gets killed by Dread Baron when he says his catch phrase.
  • A man searches for his inhaler.
  • A boy playing in his sandbox:
    Little Boy: Mom! *pulls up a skeleton arm* I found Dad!
  • The Micronauts sketch, with the characters scaling a pair of mountains revealed to be a sleeping womans breasts.
  • The Cabin in the Woods parody, where Seth Green reveals that Joss Whedon stole the idea for the movie from them, who have the job of appeasing a particular god, a stoner watching cartoons in his apartment.
    • The character introductions:
      Jock: Party weekend at the cabin! I say we all toss some footballs around!
      Stoner: I say we all get hiiiiigh.
      Nerd: I really have some studying to do!
      Slut: Let's all have SEEEEEEX!
      Virgin: I'm not having sex until I meet that special someone.
    • The talisman scene.
      Seth Green: The cellar is filled with talismans. Whatever they pick, we'll use that to kill them all. If they open up the Twilight books, they'll all be impregnated by vampires *cut to Exactly What It Says on the Tin* If they pick up the Watchmen collection, Alan Moore will be very unhappy *cut to Alan Moore bursting through the ceiling and killing the Nerd with his hair*
    • The stoner picking up a Robot Chicken Nerd action figure, which summons the Nerd to the cabin. When the original Nerd complains that there can't be two nerds in a horror movie, a zombie Joss Whedon appears and kills him. Turns out that the Slut had picked up the Buffy DVD set because she thought it was a cheerleader documentary.
    • The Monster Menagerie scene. Instead of being full of mythological and pop culture monsters, it's full of various [adult swim] characters or characters that have appeared in Robot Chicken such as Master Shake, Peter Griffin, Bitch Pudding, Skeletor, Composite Santa, and tons of others.
    • Joss Whedon's Pre-Mortem One-Liners which are all incredibly unsubtle jabs at television networks.
    • The Nerd and the Virgin resorting to hilariously unsatisfying sex to ruin the horror movie setup.
  • The sketch where Curious George is brought to America, only to infect the city so badly, that the government nukes the area.
    Narrator: George saw the biggest bird that he had ever seen. And then it took a poop. *gasps* Oh my god! George, run! Stop being curious for one freaking minute! Take cover!
  • Doc finally dies from a heart attack during the training segment from Punch-Out!!, and at his wake, several of Little Mac's opponents give personal euologies. Mike Tyson has the best one by far.
    Tyson: I did not know Doc, I have filled my pockets with all the pizza rolls, and now, I am leaving. If you think you can stop me, you are welcome to try. *leaves the podium, comes back to steal a vase of flowers, leaves the podium again*
    • Great Tiger revealing that his magic gem has given him brain cancer, because apparently it's radioactive and he can no longer control his teleporting.
    • Soda Popinski talking about how Doc had Type 2 Diabetes just like him, and how he refuses to switch to sugarfree soda, before downing a can of insulin.
    • King Hippo having had gastric bypass surgery at Doc's advice, and ended up with skin folds so long he trips on them.
  • The Bourne Identity parody with Baloo remembering his former life as a bush pilot.
  • From the sketch where Snow White and Merida lead two different teams of Disney Princesses in a war:
    • Merida bringing her latest kill, a boar, to the Disney Princess Summit.
      Aurora: Ohhhh, you're so feminist and empowered, great...
    • Merida's introduction of Queen Elinor to Cinderella, including a reminder that one should Never Trust a Trailer:
      Cinderella: And your pet's hair is a disaster!
      Merida: That's me mother! She's a bearrrrrr! The trailer was very misleadin'!
    • Merida gets angered when the other princesses just want to give her a makeover instead of dealing with the legitimate political grievances she wants brought up at the council and declares war. She's joined by Mulan, Tiana, and several others.
      Mulan: See you on The Killing Fields, roundeyes!
    • Snow White calls in her war council, which consists of birds, and asks what she should do. The blue bird says, in bird speak translated at the bottom of the screen: "Core that bitch like an apple."
    • Cinderella calls her Fairy Godmother to provide weapons. After Snow White comments that the Godmother's magic will prove useful, the Godmother plops a bag of assault rifles and sub-machine guns onto a table with a deadpan "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. That's 20 grand."
    • After Louis fails archery practice, Merida encourages him, "You're an alligator! Be an alligator!" Louis decides to eat the next thing he sees, which happens to be Mushu. Mulan actually doesn't mind losing him.
    • Ariel decides to bring a "thingamabob" to battle; an atomic bomb. Once it becomes activated, Sebastian pops up and sings, "Bend over and grab your ankles!", before it blows up the whole battlefield.
    • During the aftermath, Tinker Bell pulls out a pistol, shoots Merida in the head, winks to the viewers, and flies away.
  • Having deadly corrosive acid for blood can be a serious liability.
  • The Bionic Six sketch pointing out the large amount of Fridge Logic behind the show's premise.
  • This sketch Showing us what Jason Voorhees does before and after Friday The 13th.
  • The Enterprise night crew
    Picard: NIGHT CREW! Beer me! You glorious sons of bitches!
  • Mo-Larr - Eternian Dentist. And his origin story.
  • "Tested on Dagobah" is an alternate version of the scene from The Empire Strikes Back where Yoda sends Luke into the cave filled with the Dark Side. The description on the YouTube release reads: "Nice going, Luke. Real nice." Yoda's absolute HORROR at what Luke does is what sells it.
    Luke: What's in the cave?
    Yoda: Only what you take with you.
    (Luke grabs lightsaber and blaster)
    Yoda: Your weapons. You will not need them.
    (Luke rolls his eyes and brings his weapons anyway)
    Yoda: Stutter, did I? Hmmm? (sigh) No use, there is. Do what Luke will do... L-Luke will do.
    (lightsaber noises and screaming comes from the cave)
    Yoda: (looks at camera) Oh shit.
    (Yoda enters the cave to find Luke and a beheaded "Darth Vader")
    Yoda: Oh, no! NO! Killed him, you did?!
    Luke: I—I thought it was Darth Vader!
    Yoda: Just some dude, it was! The reason I said "no weapons", this is!
    Luke: In my defense, you phrased that as more of a suggestion.
    Yoda: Think you would straight cut his head off, I did not!
    Luke: Huh, he kinda looks like me.
    Yoda: YES, kind of look like you, he did! Jump out and scare you, he would, then reveal his face, he would, and blown your mind would be!!
    Luke: What was the point?
    Yoda: To make you think!
    Luke: Ohhhhhhhh, like I was fighting myself, or
    Yoda: TO! MAKE! YOU! THINK!
  • Gary the Stormtrooper accidentally hits an Ewok with his speeder. Black Comedy ensues as trying to put the poor thing out of its misery with a Mercy Kill goes goes horribly, HORRIBLY wrong.
  • In "Fett Defeated", it's the battle over the Sarlaac pit in Return of the Jedi... only Boba Fett shows up absolutely HAMMERED. Hilarity Ensues.
  • After falling down, Palpatine realizes how life made sense:
    "Dream big. Live big. Love big. Fall to your death down a giant fucking hole."
  • "Li'l Hitler, always havin' fun!"
    American kid (drinking from a juice box): Not my problem.
    (Japanese kid walks up and pushes the box over so it spills)
    American kid:'s my problem.
  • A ghost scares a man so badly that he falls down a flight of stairs and breaks his neck. The ghost laughs at him until the man comes back as a ghost himself and snaps the ghost's neck in fury. Then the ghost comes back as a ghost.
    Ghost: Well, this is a little unprecedented.
  • This version of Bossk. He was established as a nasty piece of work in the old EU, but here he's so polite and gentlemanly it becomes hilarious on its own.
    Bossk: "Am I the only one polite enough to take off his shoes?"
    Bossk: "Manners are their own reward, gentlemen!"
  • Thornberrys: Wild as F#@k!: The summary is simple: Nigel Thornberry's documentary show is no longer desired by the Discovery Channel, as they've made a "philosophical" shift to reality shows, so Nigel decides to do a reality show about his family living as nudists in the wild. Funny highlights from this skit include:
    Nigel: My family and I love to get wild! Wild as fuck!
    • Debbie complaining about doing another show, and Marianne tells her why they're doing this: "Sex with your father is like getting fucked with a dead fish, and putting the family in constant danger is the only way I get wet." Debbie then feigns excitement about the show.
    • The family skydiving out of a plane in the nude.
    • The Thornberrys are armed with their wits...and flamethrowers.
    • Even better is that they got the entire original voice cast to reprise their roles, except for Tim Curry, who is still recovering from his 2012 stroke.
  • A sketch from "Major League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" has Marc Summers (voicing himself) hosting an episode of Unwrapped and has Dr. Peter Yarbrough explain the origins of the ice cream sundae. What he ends up doing is going on a long, passionate, profanity-laced tirade against Christianity, leaving Summers bewildered when he's finished.
    Summers: (beat) Up next: Skittles.
    Yarbrough: OH, FUCKING SKITTLES! (cut to static)
  • The Hooters sketch where the Hooters owl keeps trying to convince a man to go visit the restaurant, only for him to constantly tell the owl off about Hooters' crappy food. The sketch is so insistent it almost makes you wonder if one of the writers had a bad experience at Hooters.
    Owl: Hoo, hoo, eat at Hooters!
    Man: No thanks, their food is terrible.
    Owl: You're missing the point of Hooooters!
    Man: No, Hooters is missing the point of preparing even the most straightforward bar food.
    Owl: Well, we'll have to agree to disagree.
    Man: I'll agree to nothing, you stupid owl!!
    • Not to mention the second sketch with the exact same moral, with the man telling his son that Hooters is a manure factory.
  • Several moments from "Cartoon Smokers" sketch, including Fred Flintstone talking through an electrolarynx from smoking too many Winston cigarettes.
    Barney: I just can't get enough of your robot voice there, Fred!
    Fred: Barney, you're an asshole.
    Barney: Oh, cheer up, Fred. Bedrock is flavor country. (lights up a cigarette)
    Fred: Put that out, fuckface! You're standing next to pure oxygen!
    (oxygen tank explodes)
  • "Keebler Attacked" manages quite a few. Probably best is the double Mood Whiplash, first immediately switching from the battle against the Cookie Monster to a court battle, and then this:
    Judge: Order, please, order! The court finds in favor of Keebler Incorporated. (bangs gavel, then leans over to Cookie Monster's mother) I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles.
    Cookie Monster's Mother: Me son is dead and you make pun?! Me kill you! Me fucking kill you! (attacks the judge, eating his head before the bailiffs shoot her dead)
    • There's also the "Fudge Packer" joke during the Cookie Monster attack.
      Elf: Pack that fudge! PACK THAT FUDGE DAMMIT!!
      Other Elf: *giggles*
    • Or when the other Keeblers use grappling hooks to trap the Cookie Monster.
      Elf: Now men!! Give him what he wants!
      Other Elf: Diabetes?
      Elf: Good commentary on modern society, but no!
  • From Star Wars Episode II: Bob Goldstein, ready to sue the Jeddy.
  • Remember the Whammy? Well here, he has definitely Took a Level in Jerkass (though there's also Fridge Logic at play).
  • "World War B" provides a delight to viewers who look down on attempts by LEGO's rival toy companies to duplicate their success.
  • The entirety of the G.I. Joe EXTREME! skit.
  • Batman gives no f**ks. He put a bit too much effort into making that point.
  • The sketch where a scientist attempts to use a Time Machine to see the dinosaurs. Instead, he gets shot three times when he accidentally goes back in time to the assassinations of Lincoln, JFK, and Reagan. When he finally does go back to the time of dinosaurs and sees a T. rex, it pulls out a handgun and shoots him as well.
  • For anyone in the military, with the requirement for enlisted troops to greet/salute officers and for those same officers to greet/salute them in turn, the sketch of Palpatine having to take the escalator and having to trade greetings with every single stormtrooper going the other way is friggin' hilarious, especially his increasingly frustrated responses as the Overly Long Gag inexorably continues.
  • Megatron's Dilemma, which features Megatron interrogating a panda under the assumption that it's a Maximal as Scorponok tries to convince him that it isn't because pandas are endangered and he finds them pretty cute. As the skit goes on Megatron becomes convinced that the panda isn't a Maximal at all and has a moment where he's genuinely horrified that he was going to kill the panda out of paranoia as Scorponok reassures him that it's just the war messing with his head. As Megatron remarks casually that he may have developed PTSD he spots another panda and declares that it's "a f***ing Maximal" chasing it into a lava pit with Scorponok. Cue the first panda transforming into a very out of breath and panicked Polar Claw who remarks that the skit was the deepest character work he'd ever done (a reference to the fact Polar Claw never appeared in the original Beast Wars cartoon, though he was a Creator's Pet for Simon Furman in the BotCon 2000-exclusive comic "Terminus") and freaking out over how close he came to dying. The skit gets bonus points for getting David Kaye to reprise his role as Megatron.
  • Their Zootopia sketch has Judy Hopps explaining that, since animals overcame their basic instincts, they're now thinking and caring creatures... all while a group of self-aware insects fly into her windshield and scream in agony.
    Bug 1: My insides are outside!
    Bug 2: What kind of world is this?!
    Judy: (after seeing the bugs) Ugh! Bugs. Gross... (turns on windshield wipers)
  • The ending of The Little Match Girl sketch, though it's pretty awesome, too; unlike the original story's Esoteric Happy Ending where the main character freezes to death but goes to Heaven, here, she murders her father (voiced by Rob Paulsen's signature growl) by setting him on fire with the matches he made her sell. As this happens, he admits that her learning to use the matches for her own purposes is something he didn't consider.
  • Although it's sad in context, the things Buzz Lightyear says in the "Toy Story 4" skit after a college-aged Andy modifies him into a makeshift bong are this when taken out of context.
    Buzz Lightyear: (in a stupid-sounding voice) Hello, Woody! Do you know what my daddy did? (Beat) Poop! He pooped! Poop-de-doop-doop-poop! Ah, somebody left some poop in his pants.
    Buzz Lightyear: And the farmer, he hauls, another load away! Bye load! Bye load!
    • Sarge has a pretty good scene near the beginning, too.
      Sarge: Commander-in-chief on the premises!
      Soldier: You mean Obama?
      Sarge: He's not my president...
  • The-now Missing Episode of the Archie Comics Final Destination. Some of the highlights of the skit:
  • The "Morning Wood" skit. Also, the celebrity endorsement of Bruce Campbell.
  • The Bloopers host showing clips of his own life is this and Refuge in Audacity. It consists of him being abused as a child by his alcoholic father because he thought Boy George was a "pretty lady", accidentally drinking Mexican water that led to severe diarrhea, and his first time was in college with a fat girl that resulted in her getting pregnant. Then he tries to goad the resulting child, Stephanie (who's now thirteen, pregnant herself, and a smoker), to chop off his head. She ignores him and he has a breakdown on the air. Then the skit ends with the announcement that she miscarried.
  • "The Game of Life" qualifies as one of the darkest sketches of the show. A little pink Peg (voiced by Mila Kunis) has a Humiliation Conga which has her being rejected from college, mistakenly getting pregnant in a one night stand with her boss (which she only did to keep her lousy Burger Fool job) and killing him in self-defense.
    "F-Sound-Effect Bleep-ing Spinner."
  • One skit has Skeletor coming up with a particularly absurd scheme against He-Man: the plan is to shrink Grizzlor, have him shave off He-Man's pubic hair and give it to Skeletor and pose as He-Man's merkin, then Skeletor enchants the pubic hair, they glue it back on, and on jazz night, Skeletor plays an enchanted trombone that causes He-Man's pubes to explode and blow his balls off. They pull it off, but rather than He-Man's pubes exploding, they catch fire instead, which Skeletor still considers a win. However, when Skeletor returns Grizzlor to normal size, he ends up also growing He-Man's crabs, which attack everyone at the club. King Randor, meanwhile, considers it "a pretty baller jazz night".
  • The Inspector Gadget/Terminator crossover sketch in "Adoption's an Option" ends with Gadget, turned into a Terminator by installing parts from Cyberdyne, being crushed with a hydraulic press in a recreation of the T-800's death at the end of the first movie... then when Penny and Brain think they're safe, his arm suddenly reaches out and starts strangling Brain, so Penny tries to dislodge it by hitting it with a pipe.
  • The sketch with Elmer Fudd as a Looper (or a Wooper, as he pronounces it) has him being sent to kill his future self, like the movie. Future Elmer says he has nothing left to live for because standards and practices don't allow him to use a gun anymore, which was his one dimension as a character, and that the previous day he slept for 15 hours and masturbated to a Reader's Digest.
  • Why did Leia say the Rebel base was on Dantooine? Because that's where Tarkin has his home.
    • Vader's immediate order to destroy Dantooine. Without a second thought. Tarkin isn't exactly happy.
  • "Bugs Keith in: I Can't Call Heaven, Doug"
    • A magician makes a "magic bullet" disappear... and then finds out that JFK got shot. His reaction says it all.
    • Boris and Natasha set up a fake social media account to turn Bullwinkle into a far-right moose nationalist. Rocky is suspicious abut this... until he views another fake account that makes him a hardcore liberal.
      Bullwinkle: Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a squirrel out of his own ass!
  • "Dinner with Vader". So delightfully cringy...
  • This sketch about the Peppa Pig universe getting hit by the Brexit uses Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption thrice:
    Daddy Pig: Because, Peppa, (snort) right-wing voters around the world are acting like...
    George Pig: Dinosaur!
    Daddy Pig: Not now, George. (snort) Like I was saying, most politicians are afraid of progress, so they're stuck in the past like...
    George Pig: Dinosaur!
    Daddy Pig: Not now, George. (snort) Anyway, if we let these greedy pigs control our world, we'll all end up like...
    George Pig: Dinosaur!
    Daddy Pig: Yes, George, we see you've got a dinosaur.
  • Velociraptors practicing their coordinated attacks. Especially hilarious is the director raptor.
    Raptor Director: Do you want to get fed to a T.rex? Because you look like a cow!
    Crystal Raptor: (Crying) Why are you so mean?
    Raptor Director: Oh, I'm mean? Good one, Crystal! (Sarcastic clapping) Clever. Girl.
  • In the Dora the Explorer sketch in "The Curious Case of the Box", Dora and Boots are climbing up a mountain in a snowstorm. In his mind, Boots considers breaking it to Dora that he thinks her hair makes her look like Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh, only to back out at the last second and admonish himself for it.
  • The Adventures of Pete & Pete sketch in "Ghandi Mulholland in: Plastic Doesn't Get Cancer", which is mainly people frantically declaring "I'm Pete", including a dog whose barks are subtitled as "I'm dog Pete!" and someone having it written on their license plate, culminating in a giant guy saying that he's Pete before being struck by a Bolt of Divine Retribution from God, who declares himself Pete, Destroyer of Petes. Then one guy says that his name is Peter and is similarly struck down.
  • When Iago asks Jafar why he never got a Villain Song to give him a Freudian Excuse, Jafar begins singing about how he was molested as a child and is immediately cut off by the director yelling "Cut!".
  • What would happen if Thomas the Tank Engine was an action flick? Well, here's... a truly batshit insane answer.
    • Percy and James laughing at Sir Topham Hat's unintentional (and stupid as hell) wordplay regarding trains.
    • Percy's last moments on screen.
      Percy: I love being really useful!
      Percy then runs over a penny on the track and is flung off the rails, and promptly fucking explodes
    • The robber and Topham fighting in Thomas's cabin, with each swing of the robber's axe missing Toppam. Except each swing then hits Thomas.
    • The reveal that Harold the Helicopter is involved with the hijacking.
      Harold: That's right. I'm tired of taking a backseat to a bunch of steam trains, I CAN FUCKING FLY!'
    • Thomas runs into a sign and is left battered and bruised.
      Thomas: What cruel god would give a train a face?!
    • The ending.
      Mayor: And how did you dispose of the dynamite?
      Sir Topham Hat: Uhhhhhh...
      Everyone explodes
    • And did we mention that Daniel Radcliffe played Thomas in this?
  • The I Know What You Did Last Summer spoof where the Bratz accidentally kill Barbie, who Yasmin mistakes for someone's grandmother before they unceremoniously throw her corpse into a pit.
  • By via of Cringe Comedy and Crosses the Line Twice... Luke goes to refuel the X-Wing during his travel to Dagobah, and at the same fuel station arrives a space pickup piloted by the same Wampa whose arm he cut.


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