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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    After All These Years 
  • Everything involving Royal Brat Prince Wu.
    • When he asks Asami for a tour of a new train station, she answers "I do like the idea of putting you on a train and sending you far, far away."
    • Lin and Tenzin telling him that the Earth Kingdom is mostly safe enough for him to return. The bandits and assassins have mostly been taken care of.
    • Mako's reaction when he realizes that Raiko has volunteered him to be Wu's bodyguard permanently. And Lin's nervousness before she breaks the news to him.
    • Why is Mako stuck with the prince? Because he's just too good at his job.
    • When he and Mako dodge the Kuvira supporters, Wu gets hit in the gut by a strawberry pie and thinks he's going down. But when Mako tells him it's just a pie, he declares he's allergic to it... when he's actually allergic to bee stings.
      • The scene is built up to make it look like an assassination attempt: sinister-looking Kuvira supporters moving in through the crowd, ominous music, a sudden slow-motion moment... and then the "assassins" pull out pies. Nobody's taking Wu seriously enough to even attempt to kill him. Considering what happened to the Earth Queen, this is definitely a drop in intensity from last season.
  • Meelo acting tough and manly when asking if Korra will recognize him growing up from "Meelo the boy" to "Meelo the man", complete with superhero music and awesome background poster. Ikki snarkily tells him that of course Korra will recognize him, with the awesome guitar slam cutting out at the same time the shot does to frame Ikki's response.
  • After Varrick passes out tea at the news that Kuvira has gotten more territory, Kuvira replies that she refuses to celebrate until the entire Earth Kingdom is under her control. Everyone promptly puts their cups down, with Bolin having to spit his back out. Then they all spill their tea when the train makes a sudden stop. Lucky for Kuvira she decided not to have any.
  • Kai carefully and awkwardly slipping away from the arguing siblings, Baatar Jr. and Opal.
    Korra Alone 
  • The man with the Potty Emergency at the beginning.
  • Korra stops by a small village for some food, and is pressed into having her picture taken by one of the locals, who was regularly visited by Avatar Aang. This is Aang's picture.
    • Note that, instead of ball-bearings, he appears to be using sushi rolls.
    • Judging by her very, very forced smile, Korra's own picture won't be much better.
  • Bolin's letter to Korra, where he makes an effort to make it sound like a letter, writing it in old-timey Purple Prose style. Hearing Bolin's voice say things like "gainful employment" is hilarious.
    • And it's accompanied by bad drawings.
    • Mako's writes a lot about... the weather, with no irony at all.
  • Korra threatens to water-smack Tenzin in the mouth if he tells her to be patient. Tenzin then pathetically hems and haws until he comes up with something else.
    The Coronation 
  • Half of what Toph says and does belongs on this page.
    • Toph picking her toes like she did in the previous series. Some things never change.
    • If she's not expressing annoyance that Korra sucks so much, she's cackling about how awesome she, personally, is. As hilarious as it was to turn a Boisterous Bruiser into a 12-year-old girl in the first series, it's even funnier to turn her into an 86-year-old grandmother without changing a single thing about her attitude.
    Korra: You tossed me around like a rag doll all day...
    Toph: I KNOW! And I'm an old lady! Imagine me in my prime, I would have DESTROYED you!
    • When Korra grumbles that Toph is even grumpier than Chief Beifong, Toph proudly declares, "I'm the original Beifong!"
    • An overjoyed Korra makes to hug Toph — only to slam into a hastily-earthbent pillar of rock.
      Toph: Uh-uh-uh-uh. If you want to hug something, go hug a tree!
    • Toph casually remarking that her daughter Suyin, matriarch of a metalbending city, "never really picked up metalbending all that well".
    • As Toph is boasting about being able to see everything that's going on in the world, Korra tries to get in a sneak attack with some water, and looks pretty pleased with herself as she gets ready to unleash the attack. Toph just smacks her with some mud without looking.
      Toph: You're blind compared to me!
    • Also, this:
      Toph: Pathetic! Of all the Avatars I have worked with, you are by far the worst! I know that's only one other Avatar, but still!
    • Her comment about the apparently still extant (but otherwise unmentioned) Swamp Benders after Korra points out that Toph likes to have her around to beat up.
      Toph: Yeah, those Swamp Benders really can't take a punch.
  • When the Kuvira supporters appear after Wu admits he's a poor ruler, Wu pathetically asks Mako to carry him. Mako instead says "No."
  • Wu starts a mob after him by throwing a smoothie at one of Kuvira's supporters.
    Random Guy: I'm covered in juice! Get him!
  • Bolin compares Korra to Kuvira. Mako is not amused.
  • The one guy pathetically cheering for Wu at the coronation.
  • Bolin is happily announcing his return to Republic City and then notices Eska a short distance away...with a sudden zoom and scare cords. If there was an award for crazy ex-girlfriend jump scare, it would go to Eska.
  • Eska thinks Kuvira is Bolin's new girlfriend:
    Eska: I see you have replaced me with a new girlfriend. Well done; she seems very threatening.
    Bolin: Oh, no, That's Kuvira! She is... kind of my boss!
    Eska: Boss; Girlfriend; same thing.
  • The aversion to implied Brother–Sister Incest. When Eska is told there was a mistake and her and Desna have been accidentally booked in the same hotel room with one bed, Eska's response is a deadpan "No mistake. *Beat* Desna sleeps in the tub."
  • Wu eagerly taking Mako on a shopping trip to forget their problems, like a couple of stereotypical teenage girls.
  • Bolin admits that sometimes he gets freaked out by catching himself wearing his uniform in a mirror. "Nope, just me."
  • Tenzin's comment on Wu, who is spending the day before his coronation dancing oddly.
  • Meelo teasing his sisters in classic little brother fashion as they're sent to find Korra.
    Meelo: You can count on one of us. I don't know about these two ladies.
  • If you think of Wu's dynasty name as his surname (and place surname before personal name, as in done in many Asian cultures), you get Hou Ting Wu. Sound it out because it is pretty hysterical.
    The Calling 
  • Toph's version of how she taught Aang Earthbending.
    Toph: What's there to tell? I threw some rocks at the Avatar, he got all whiny, and Sokka fell in a hole.
    • Her version of the defeat of Firelord Ozai.
      Toph: It was hot, I was on a blimp, and I think a giant turtle showed up. Wow. What a day.
    • Korra's response to Toph's stories:
      Korra: Okay, you're terrible at telling stories.
      Toph: You're terrible at listening to them!
  • Meelo produces a picture he drew of Korra for him and Ikki to show to townspeople on their search for her. You expect it to be a terrible cartoon drawing (like Bolin or Sokka's) but it turns out to be an incredibly accurate rendering.
  • That guy from Korra Alone who took Korra's picture did exactly as promised and put it right next to Aang's. It looks exactly as awkward as expected.
  • Ikki and Jinora talk about Meelo.
    Ikki: Remember when he used to be so nice and sweet?
    Jinora: Nope.
  • Toph meeting Aang and Katara's grandchildren, especially Meelo.
    Meelo Wait... old, cranky, blind... You must be Toph!
    Toph: Oh, I like this one!
  • Ikki channels her grandfather's ability to casually slip in and out of restraints when she is captured by two soldiers. They don't even notice when she helpfully starts pointing spots out on the map they've produced.
  • Ikki doesn't seem to get that Jinora needs more than two seconds to slip into the spirit world, and constantly asks if she's done it yet.
  • Toph at the end.
    Toph: Finally, some peace and quiet.
  • Meelo's melodrama.
  • Meelo throws away his siblings's food so that they can "rough it" and hunt down their own grub. His sisters rightly point out that Meelo won't be hunting anything, as Airbenders are vegetarians.
    Enemy at the Gates 
  • Meelo acting as the Audience Surrogate when Korra says she hopefully won't have to fight Kuvira.
    • It's even funnier when you remember he's an airbender. A nation of peace.
  • Bolin trying to ease the tensions between Su and her family and Kuvira and Baatar Jr.
  • Anything Varrick does:
    • Varrick being egotistical enough to name the units for measuring his new energy source after himself, while Zhu Li gets stuck with being used as weight.
    Varrick: There's too many varricks!
    • The above leads to the following exchange as Varrick tries to pull Zhu Li up as she's hanging off the back of the train:
    • Which crowns itself when Varrick finally manages to pull Zhu Li up and she lands on top of him:
    Zhu Li: Varrick! You saved me!
    Varrick: (tenderly puts his hand on her face) Of course I saved you... *beat* I can't clean this place up by myself! Grab a broom!
    • Varrick realizing that he has this inner voice that's telling him his research of spirit vines might be a bad thing to do if it were to fall in the wrong hands.
    Varrick: Usually I look at a project like this and all I think is WOW! I can make a ton of money off this! But recently I've been having these...strange feelings. Inside. It's like I'm... concerned with others. And there's this nagging voice in my head. Constantly. Telling me what's right from wrong!
    Zhu Li: I believe that voice is your conscience, sir?
    • When Bolin comes to break them out, before he sees him, Varrick swears his voice is his conscience calling to him again. Zhu-Li then silently points upward toward the open hatch Bolin has appeared in, without even turning her head once.
    • Varrick's shock when Zhu-Li betrays him to serve Kuvira instead of him.
    Zhu Li: Guards, do the thing!
    Varrick: [as the troopers grab him and pull him outside] No! Not the thing! Zhu Li!
    • He manages to make the helmet on his mech suit constantly open and close in the middle of a fight.
    Varrick: What idiot designed these things?
    Zhu Li: You did, sir.
    • When he's taken hostage and threatens to have his skull crushed, completely unfitting the drama of the situation, he has his arms crossed and has the most annoyed expression on his face.
  • Zhu Li's little Unwanted Assistance moment after Varrick shoots her while trying to figure out how to work his mecha's weapons.
    Zhu Li: Sir, you're making this very difficult!
  • The whole scene where Bolin and Varrick are trying to tell each other about Kuvira.
    Bolin is hanging upside-down from a hatch in the ceiling.
    Varrick: Bolin! Thank goodness you're here. Where did that hatch come from? Forget the hatch! There's something important I gotta tell ya!
    Bolin: There's something important I gotta tell you too!
    Bolin flips inside and lands on the floor, he and Varrick grab each-other's shirt collars at the same time.
    Bolin and Varrick: (at the same time, looking at each other with the same expression) Kuvira's CRAZY!!
    Battle of Zaofu 
  • Varrick has trouble adjusting to working with someone who doesn't automatically know what he means by "the thing." He was so dependent on Zhu Li being in perfect sync with him that he doesn't even know what his tools are called.
  • As the rest of Kuvira's people wildly cheer her fight with Korra, Zhu Li just gives polite applause.
  • Baatar Jr's bug-eyed reaction after seeing that Varrick really did blow up the train.
    • What he says with that expression. "That man was crazier than a sewer pipe elephant rat." note 
  • Varrick's plan to blow up his half of the train.
    Varrick: Well, first I built the timer, but then I thought, 'well, you could drag me off the train,' so then I built a remote, but then I thought, 'Well now, do I really need the timer anymore because I got a remote in my ha-WHATEVER! I'm covering all my bases. The point is, you're leaving, we're staying.
  • Huan criticizing Ikki's and Meelo's pieces of art. He praises Ikki's childish drawing, but he gets disappointed with Meelo's portrait of himself wearing a lordly outfit...even though Meelo's portrait is highly detailed and could be confused as a painting from a famous paint artist.
  • When Baatar Jr. arrests him, Huan protests with "You're crushing my individuality!"
  • Bolin slapping Varrick followed by words that are ten times more hilarious coming from Bolin of all people. It really shows how far he's come from idolizing Varrick.
    Bolin: I want you to know... I hate you.
  • Varrick's nightmare about the annoying things he'll have to deal with now that Zhu Li is gone like wax in his ears or a lack of cookies.
  • Varrick saying that Zhu Li's name will be synonymous with betrayal, before offhandedly referring to him blowing himself to hell being known as "He Varricked himself."
  • Bolin understanding the kind of wacky hijinks Varrick put Zhu Li through.
    Bolin: I can't believe Zhu Li worked for you for as long she did.
  • Huan's bedhead during Kuvira's announcement.
  • Meelo performing the Tarzan chest-pound while fending off Kuvira's soldiers.
    Meelo: You can't handle all this Meelo!
  • Bolin and Varrick are making their way through the forest. That is, Bolin is making his way through the forest, Varrick is riding piggyback. After a firm scolding/Rousing Speech, Varrick offers to switch. Unfortunately, his condition is so poor, he struggles to take even a single step. And then they get Caught in a Snare.
    Bolin: [Indignantly] "Are you kidding me?!"
  • When Korra tells Mako and Asami about Toph, Asami asks what she was like. Korra depicts her as "cranky, more miserable version of Lin". Mako wonders if that's even possible.
  • Korra's hilarious expressions are in fine form in this episode, mostly in response to Prince Wu's antics. She also gives Mako a hilariously suggestive smirk when he mentions how he and Korra used to fight.
  • At the Earth Empire checkpoint, Varrick bulldozes the officer in charge with a furious-sounding Bavarian Fire Drill, claiming to have lost the necessary papers for prisoner transfer in a fight with badgermoles, wolfbats and hogmonkeys. The guards all look extremely uncomfortable.
    • Bolin and the lead firebending prisoner exchanging "What the hell is he saying?" looks during Varrick's rant.
  • Varrick and Bolin walking right past wanted posters of themselves? Not funny. Varrick pausing to salute at the guard, giving him a full look at his face in comparison to the poster? Funny as hell.
  • After being rescued, Prince Wu wanting to join the Group Hug. Korra keeps him away, despite him stretching his arms to them. This scene drives the shippers absolutely nuts, as Korra could be seen to be saying, "Asami, mine. Mako, mine. Wu, get away from my stuff!"
  • Mako and Bolin's grandmother fawning over Prince Wu's visit to their house. She faints.
    • Plus Mako's sheepish answer: "She loves royalty..."
  • Mako admonishing himself over Wu's abduction. "The one time I don't watch him pee, and this happens!"
  • The drugged and delirious Wu giving an overjoyed delivery of "I'm in laundry!" - right after his kidnapper had denied having seen him, no less.
  • Meelo asks Tenzin for his tattoos for the kids bringing back Korra. Tenzin gives a very flat "No" in response, followed by a chuckle from Pema with Meelo giving an amusing dejected face.
  • The final recap segment is filtered through Varrick's eyes. It all looks strikingly similar to an abridged series... In short, Varrick abridged the show himself.
    • The descriptions Varrick gives to each of the Big Bads. He calls Zaheer a "flying chaotic chaos machine", Vaatu as the "biggest, scariest, meanest kite that ever flew", Amon as a "reanimated zombie body", and Evil Unalaq as the "diabolical, but incredibly boring and unpopular sorcerer."
    • The Split-Screen Phone Call between all the villains (quite honestly, the image of Vaatu using an old-timey telephone, with receiver held up to a place that more or less would be where the ears would be on a human and microphone in front of him, is hilarious on its own; the rest is icing on the cake). That they try to keep the evil Unalaq out of it makes it funnier and funnier.
      Amon: Hey guys, I'm totally in for taking out Bolin. He's way too powerful and awesome.
      • They got each of their original voice actors to come back for this scene! After three seasons of associating those voices with genuinely devastating (and frightening) moments, hearing Varrick's extremely laid-back dialogue through them is hilarious. Especially Amon.
      • It sounds like the voice actors are just on the verge of cracking up as they read these lines. One can easily imagine Steve Blum, Henry Rollins, Johnathan Adams, and Adrian LaTourelle silently dying of laughter together in the recording studio.
      • Zaheer actually chuckles during his scene.
    • As a whole, how Unalaq is treated. It seems like Bryke is admiting that yes, he was the most one-dimensional and uninteresting of the antagonists, and accordingly he's both disliked by Zaheer, Amon and Vaatu (yes, even the spirit who fused with him hates his guts) and treated as a pathetic nerd.
    • They don't even use the real Unalaq for the villain phone call and instead use his movie counterpart.
    • Vaatu complaining, "As if I can leave this stupid tree," after Zaheer teases him.
    • All the main villains wishing The Evil Unalaq was gone.
  • Mako constantly getting told off by Wu and his own family members for screwing things up with Asami and Korra.
    • Apparently messy love triangles run in the family, as Grandma Yin's response to Mako's relationship troubles is: "Just like your grandfather".
    • The shout-out to fan reactions as to how ambiguous Mako and Asami's breakup in "Skeletons in the Closet" was; Wu can't believe it either.
  • The visual of Giant Blue Spirit Korra edited to have Bolin's face. Yes, he still has Korra's physique.
    • At the very end, Varrick adds in the mover that Bolin turns into the dragon bird Korra rides on in Book 2... complete with Bolin's face in place of the bird's face... and he keeps the beak!
  • Stars are made out of magic fairy dust and Jinora is the queen of the fairies.
    • It's made funnier by the Shrug of God that any theories surrounding Jinora's spirit technique are technically correct. So the closest one to canon is that Jinora is the fairy queen.
  • Bolin constantly criticizing Varrick's story for not making any sense. You'd think normally he'd be the one swept up by the storytelling.
    • In the end, everyone else applauds the story and Bolin has a Freak Out about it, even lampshading that "Zombie Amon" wasn't even dealt with.
      • This itself is hilarious because Amon was the only antagonist who managed to escape from the Avatar or her friends after his plans were foiled. Instead of being captured or killed by the protagonists, he was blown up in a murder-suicide by his brother on a boat in the middle of the ocean. After all these years, they probably don't even know what happened to him.
  • At the mention of Opal, Bolin immediately goes into a slight rant towards himself, complete with a crying chibi. Cut back to the ship, and just behind Varrick you can see Bolin leaning over the side of the ship.
  • Wu thinking that Mako was "raised by a pack of cops in the woods." It brings up too many amazing mental images.
  • The Wu and Tu emojis high-fiving.
  • Every chibi's appearance, especially crying Bolin, annoyed Mako and high-fiving Wu and Tu. Too bad they couldn't make the entire chibi episode like before.
  • It's a heartwarming scene, but Asami bringing Korra tea is still hilarious when you think through her excuse for doing so: "I thought you might be cold," said to the sleeveless-shirt-wearing Physical God who grew up at the South Pole and who can literally create fire just by thinking about it. Sure, Asami.
    Beyond the Wilds 
  • Ryu's tour of Republic City's spirit vines, with him and his mother obviously reading off cue cards.
    Ryu: No! Why would you do that?!
  • Korra playing the Earthbending equivalent of the classic laser pointer game with Naga, making random cobblestones pop up for her to chase after.
  • Korra goes to warn President Raiko about her vision of the Swamp and walks in on a meeting of the World Leaders. And Wu.
    Wu: (after a brief explanation) ... For the record, I told Raiko he should have invited you.
    Korra: You invited him but not me?
    Tenzin: Please, Korra, it's not personal. We just thought... Perhaps we called you back into action a little too soon.
    Korra: (you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me pout) Again, him, not me?
  • Raiko saying that they can't have people barging into a meeting whenever they want, only for Bolin and Varrick to show up immediately after he finishes.
    • Then, Raiko gets mad and tries to have the guards remove them until Bolin tells them that the two of them have important information, to which Varrick says that they should have opened with that.
    • Bolin trying to describe Kuvira's weapon through... sound effects.
  • This classic Varrick line:
    "It's a super weapon! Like a regular weapon, only super!"
  • Bolin's apology needs some work.
    Bolin: I know, I know. I didn't listen to you, and I sided with Kuvira, and I helped her take over the Earth Kingdom, and topple your home, and get your mom captured, and your brothers, and your dad... *beat* Wow, that does sound really bad when I say it out loud like that, but I'm gonna make it up to you.
  • Some dark humor here, but after Korra tells Zaheer she is no longer afraid of him, he jump-scares her. The only thing missing is: "Boo!".
  • Varrick's reactions to Raiko's Continuity Nod about his previous crimes in season 2.
    Varrick: (On the bombing of the SWT Cultural Center) "I own that building! A man has the right to blow up his own property!"
    • Immediately afterwards, Asami grabs Varrick by a Pressure Point in his wrist and puts the fear of her into him. Also a CMOA.
  • Bolin trying to win Opal back by faking injuring his legs and making a picnic for her. Her reaction is priceless.
    • And after tearing Bolin down, she starts to walk away, but stops and apologizes to Pabu that he "had to see that."
  • Jinora, Ryu and the others are free of the spirit pods. Jinora smiles serenely. Ryu, on the other hand:
    Ryu: (in a slightly trippy voice) I feel all spirity...
    Operation Beifong 
  • When presenting the dragonfly mech design to President Raiko, Varrick gestures rather enthusiastically. So enthusiastically, in fact, that poor Asami is forced to duck behind the blueprint to avoid getting smacked in the face.
  • Bolin meeting Toph, and completely fanboying over her. Lin rolls her eyes and Toph is just confused.
    Toph: What's up with him?
    Lin: He's an actor.
  • After years of estrangement, Lin and Toph finally come face to face. their reactions.
    Lin: (somewhat surprised) Uh... hey, chief.
    Toph: (completely deadpan) Hey chief.
  • Bolin questioning Toph about Lin's father.
    • Lin's expression is priceless.
    • How anticlimactic the reveal itself is. After four seasons of speculation, it apparently wasn't some tryst with Sokka or Zuko or Azula or any other heavily tinfoil-hatted theories...turns out that Lin's biological father was some guy named Kanto—Toph claims that Kanto was a nice guy and all, but that things just didn't work out. One can just imagine the writers laughing their butts off.
  • Mako congratulates Wu on his genuinely good idea, saying "Now you're starting to sound like a king I would want to work for." Prince Wu promptly replies that he only did it to impress Korra. Mako retains his stoic expression, but his vocal reaction is beautiful.
    Mako: You... always have to ruin it.
    Wu: Come on — why do you think guys ever do anything great? To pick up girls! Every song, every work of art, every city evacuation... all for the ladies.
  • The only way to get the Beifongs out of Kuvira's Tailor-Made Prison is for Lin to launch them across an enormous chasm. This goes perfectly—until it turns out that Opal's dad, Baatar Sr., is apparently scared of heights and would rather remain locked up. With typical Beifong bluntness, Lin grabs him by the leg and slings him across—although she at least apologizes to her brother-in-law beforehand. The poor man literally goes cartwheeling through the air, screaming in terror.
  • Toph, in her typical fashion, delivers a Big Damn Heroes moment for her family, mopping the floor with Kuvira's force in a single move, and then pointing her finger toward Kuvira. Her screaming "You give Metalbenders a bad name!" was both hilarious and awesome; Crazy Awesome at its finest.
  • Opal's sinus-afflicted sky bison, Juicy, who she tried anything to get rid of at first, but has grown attached to.
  • Toph explaining why she isn't going to come with them to fight Kuvira, and by extension, Katara didn't join the fight in the Water Tribe Civil War.
    Toph: Don't tell Korra this, but my back is killing me...At some point, you have to leave the fighting to the kids.
  • Wing (or Wei) seemingly hitting on Bolin. The latter's expression says it all.
  • Lin and Toph both being thoroughly annoyed by Bolin's Motor Mouth.
  • Bolin and Opal silently watching the argument between Lin and Toph, while eating "cup o noodles".
  • Baatar Sr. referring to Toph as "mother".
    Toph: I told you never to call me that.
    (Baatar drops his head in defeat)
  • Bolin to Opal, after spending some quality time with grumpy old Toph.
  • Bolin's reaction to Opal finally letting him off the hook, right in front of her mother and grandmother.
  • In a very brief shot, you can see Kuvira's Oh, Crap! face. It's both satisfying and funny to finally see her lose her composure for once.
  • One of the twins saying: "We can't let Opal be the coolest!"
    Kuvira's Gambit 
  • Once again, Bolin blindly barges into an important meeting with critical information, much to President Raiko's exasperation (and notation).
  • Mako bluntly trying to give evacuation instructions to Republic City without any human element in the way he says it. It confuses everybody listening. The phone operator says he caused a "city-wide panic". Then Prince Wu takes over, wings it and the people understand what to do. It would've been impressive, had he not waffled on about not being able to use the bathroom on his own.
    • A cutaway has Gommu being on the verge of being arrested by a cop when he hears Wu's plea for citizens to get others to safety. Gommu reacts by grabbing the policeman and dragging him to safety.
  • Varrick and Zhu Li are on the verge of a very sugary reunion, which Bolin is anticipating, but Varrick is still far too dense to recognize Zhu Li has feelings for him, and tries to order her around like his assistant again. Bolin facepalms.
    • One should that know you've messed up really bad when even Bolin facepalms.
  • Somewhat doubling as heartwarming, but Korra has Meelo sit out the stealth mission to capture Baatar Jr. since it requires everyone to be as quiet as possible—Meelo's farts are just too much of a wildcard for him to tag along.
    • Meelo gets pretty offended by this, until...
      Meelo: I CAN BE QUIET! (he promptly farts, loudly)
  • A Call-Back to the last season: Tenzin and Bumi capture Baatar Jr. by throwing him into a giant sack...something that Tenzin adamantly stated to Bumi that it was not a valid airbender recruitment method.
    • Baatar's guards awkwardly discovering that he was captured on their way to meet with Raiko. You can just hear them thinking "Um, orders please?"
    • Raiko looking at his watch, waiting for something to happen. He eventually just gets the guards to give him a radio and calls Kuvira to ask what's going on.
    • Prince Wu is giving his speech on the radio and we cut to Narook's with the Wolfbats, mid-slurp, noodles hanging from their mouths, which you can view here.
    Day of the Colossus 
  • In the middle of an otherwise tense battle with said Colossus, Meelo is plastered to the window. Kuvira's reaction? Mecha-facepalm, trying to get rid of him.
  • Meelo's plan to coat the glass of the Colossus with paint (doubling as Awesome). Meelo's plan probably would've worked too, had Kuvira not been Crazy-Prepared.
  • Pema, Tu, and Wu all crowding the train conductor off his own bench, followed by Pema trying to keep the refugees under control like they're a bunch of kids like she's used to.
    • Yes, a crowd of terrified refugees is easy to handle for the woman who raised Meelo.
  • The complaining refugee changing his tune about Wu's plan after a near miss on the station.
  • Wu singing to the tune of Iko Iko get a pair of badgermoles to help dig a tunnel for the remaining evacuees to escape through, much to the dismay of the evacuees who hates his singing. Bataar Sr. and Huan can be seen covering their ears while Grandma Yin apparently enjoys Wu's singing.
    • Despite the fact that Kuvira usurped the throne from him, tried to have him kidnapped, and would have undoubtedly executed him if he were to get captured, Wu still thinks Kuvira is pretty.
    • When three mecha-suits followed them, not only did they order the evacuees to halt, but they also told Wu to stop singing. The badgermoles appear to disappear, at which point the troops tell him his singing is so bad that the moles ditched him. Then they come back and doggy-pile the mechs.
  • Varrick proposes to Zhu Li. Heartwarming. Varrick declares it's time to use the Hummingbirds to stop the Colossus. Hilarious Mood Whiplash.
    Varrick: (enthusiastically) Now let's go attach these barely functioning rust buckets to a giant killer smashing machine!
    Zhu Li: (equally enthusiastic, with a touch of dreamy) It's exactly how I always pictured our engagement!
  • While setting up the EMP, Varrick starts telling Zhu Li a story about his childhood pet (as a way of explaining how he was taking Zhu Li for granted), and off-handedly mentions that this was before "the circus people came and took me away" which is both hilarious and raises SO MANY QUESTIONS about Varrick's past.
    The Last Stand 
  • The Colossus has fallen and Kuvira was defeated. Blunt as it was, there was something humorous about Korra dictating terms, only for Kuvira to hit her in the face with a brick like it was a coconut cream pie.
  • Kuvira's reaction to ending up in the spirit world after Korra saved her from her own weapon. More specifically, waking up in Korra's arms. Then:
    Kuvira: Are we... dead?
  • After Korra returns from the spirit world, Asami places a hand on her shoulder...and Jinora pops a Fascinating Eyebrow. She knew.
  • When Kuvira orders her troops to stand down, two of the mech-suit pilots just lower their arms and look at each other. Their faces aren't visible, but their poses just scream an awkward " what?"
  • The parts of Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding that weren't CMOH.
    • Meelo sleeping through not just the ceremony for the wedding, but well into the reception afterwards as well.
    • Bolin refusing to read any more of Varrick's prepared vows after he gets to the part about Zhu Li rubbing his calluses.
    • Bolin referring to the pair as the "the longest of long shots" and the annoyed look Varrick flashes him.
    • The fact that Bolin was the officiate andusing the same Purple Prose speak he used in his letters to Korra back in "Korra Alone" right up until he got to the callus part of the vows. "I'm not reading the rest of this!
    • Zhu Li dipping Varrick for the kiss.
    • The fact that the kiss is another example of Zhu Li doing "the thing".
  • The wedding band is made up of Tahno and Wolfbats, Lu and Gang, Tarrlok's assistant, and Hasook.
  • Huan's expression as he's dragged onto the dancefloor by Ikki—he seems to be looking around for help.
  • It never ends for Pema—she's seen chasing Rohan around and taking him away to clean him up after seeing his messy face.
  • Tenzin hustling off to stop Varrick from skydiving off a tower at the end of the episode, ridiculous horrified facial expression and all. Word of God confirms that Asami was lying—it was all pretext to be alone with Korra. Although a tad Meta because you could completely see Varick doing something like that, "Hey, Zhu Li, give me a minute, I wanna try this."
    • Gets even funnier when you remember how he broke out of prison back in season 2.
  • After so many people got upset about Mako stringing Korra and Asami along in Book 1, it's pretty amusing that not only do they end up hooking up with each other, but together with Bolin dating Opal mean that Mako is the only member of the new-Team Avatar to end the show without a significant other.

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