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    A Breath of Fresh Air 
  • How Bumi finds out he's an Airbender: he's chasing Bumju around trying to get the spirit to wear a little pink sweater he knitted and follows the spirit out onto a branch. The branch breaks, and Bumju tries to save Bumi by grabbing his coat... which Bumi immediately slides out of.
    • And then he falls face-first into the ground after he realizes he's airbending.
      Bumi: ... Wow, that still hurt a lot.
  • Bumi needs to find Tenzin to explain about his airbending so he asks Ikki to find him. Ikki's solution is to yell for her dad at the top of her lungs, which prompts Tenzin to rush out expecting a calamity.
  • Mako comes face to face with both Korra and Asami after living at the police station for two weeks to avoid them. This is hilarious in and of itself. Then Tenzin realizes that he's in between the three of them, and hastily vacates the premises.
    • The look on his face is especially hilarious, he sticks his tongue in an "I'm outta here" manner and hastily vacates in reverse with airbending.
  • Mako attempting to coax out a terrified airbender out of his room. He knocks on the door and tells the man to open up or he kicks it down. The door gets blown off its hinges and slams into Mako face-first, sending him flying into a wall.
  • Bolin moves in with Tenzin's family due to his and Mako's apartment now being a "Vine Habitat." He excitedly tells Korra how he loves living there while describing the family like they are something out of a sitcom.
    Bolin: You got the grumpy dad, the wacky uncle, the put-upon mom, crazy kids, this is great!
    Asami: Where's Mako?
    Bolin: Oh you mean the brooding teenager? I invited him to come and live with us, but he said he had to [briefly pulls his hair into Mako's style] 'focus on his work'.
    • To top it off, Bumi, Pema, Tenzin, and Meelo then proceed to fill those exact roles Bolin assigns them.
    Bumi: Maybe I can only airbend when my life is in danger. Bolin, bend a giant boulder at me!
    Bolin: Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.
    Pema: If you're gonna be bending giant boulders, you can do it outside!
    Tenzin: [angrily slams table] No-one's bending giant boulders!
    Meelo: Look alive, Uncle Bumi! [throws saucer at him]
  • Bumi's attempts to convince his family that he can airbend.
    Bumi: I think the napkin moved!
    Kya: You blew on it.
    • He does pull it off in the end, leaving everyone astonished (especially Meelo, but everyone's shocked facial expressions are pretty priceless). Then the plate he was holding on falls and breaks.
      • Even better, Bumi sounds so vindicated when he finally manages to airbend the saucer. The sheer smugness in his voice, followed by him giddily saying he can't wait to tell Katara, is worth a few chuckles.
    • Tenzin's brief Face Palm...he looks like he's about to start crying from the sheer frustration of Bumi's "silliness."
  • Mako's first scene shows him living at the police station with a mattress under his desk, wearing nothing but his boxers and undershirt. Then he hits his head as he tries to pick up a phone call.
  • Asami admitting to Korra that she kissed Mako while he was dating Korra.
    Korra: I mean, I kissed Mako while he was going out with you, so...
    Asami: [Death Glare] You what?
    Korra: I'm so sorry, I thought you knew!
    • And then Asami admits she already knew and was just screwing with Korra.
  • Korra's driving lesson, complete with Funny Background Event of another car getting held up by them, with the driver glaring as he goes around.
    • The entire thing starts out with Asami tossing Korra the keys to her car. After Korra protests, she responds with "But you're the Avatar, Master of the Four Elements. You should know how to drive... Besides, it's relaxing!" Cut to a shot of Asami sitting in the passenger seat with a distressed expression, screaming "Clutch! Clutch!" as Korra attempts to drive.
  • Korra's attempt to use the Spirit Purification technique on the vines to get rid of them only made the vines return twice as large and twice as far
    Bolin: I think that could have gone better.
  • Rohan visibly vomiting on Kya.
    • According to Pema, this means he likes her (and Kya probably shouldn't have shaken him just beforehand).
  • Everything about 'Avatar Korra' and 'Police Officer Mako' interacting with each other.
  • Bolin's ridiculously almost-accurate grandmother impersonation, going as far as to impersonate how she'd react if Mako doesn't come with everyone.
    Bolin: Oh, Mako! I can't go on! I can't-! [cuts off to normal voice] And then she dies.
  • Tenzin leaves Ikki and Meelo behind to teach any new Airbenders from Republic City.
    Ikki: A teacher? ME!? YAY!!
    Meelo: Yes! Those maggots will bow before me!
  • The team tries to recruit new Airbenders around the world. Unfortunately Tenzin's methods to convince them put them off.
    Tenzin: [to the mother of a young boy] Your son will have tattoos all over his body. Just like me!
    Tenzin: [to a guy eating a big turkey leg] There's nothing more nutritious than our vegetarian diet!
    Tenzin: [to a woman dressed in fashionable, form-fitting clothes] You're going to love wearing our ancient airbender robes. They're very breathable!
    Tenzin: You'll never have to worry about your wordly possessions again! Because you won't have any!
    Tenzin: You'll get to shave your head!
    Tenzin: Your best friend will be a giant bison!
    • Later on...
      Tenzin: I really thought I had that last guy. Who doesn't want a bison as their best friend?
    • Later on still...
      Bumi: Maybe we could add sequins to Tenzin's robes!!
    • Tenzin admits that they don't have any better ideas at this point, in a tone that suggests he's so completely done with everything.
    • Intercut is a Travel Montage showing a map with Korra and everyone represented by chibi versions of themselves around the airship going from location to location. As the sequence starts, everyone is smiling, but as it goes on and nobody is being recruited; the chibis get less happy, until finally it ends with chibi Bolin and Chibi Bumi crying and cutting to the real Bolin looking depressed.
  • One potential recruit being a 22 year old slacker-type living in his parents' basement (voiced by Jon Heder himself). What's even funnier is that he's an Expy of Ryu, the producer and art director of Avatar the Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra. Summed up in a video here.
    • Ryu and Korra's clash of wits is a thing to behold.
    Korra: If I didn't do my job then the whole world would be thrown into chaos. Is that what you want?
    Ryu: (shrugs) Maybe.
    Korra: No, it's not!
  • Bolin suggesting they should've just stuffed the first guy who refused in a potato sack and carted him off—Bumi likes this idea and claims that's how he became part of the United Forces.
  • Bolin staging the airbending performance. With having Mako planted "as a fugitive firebender." Mako accepts this role with Bad "Bad Acting", saying that they will fear his fire with only a literal 'puff' of flame. Korra then "attacks" him with airbending and good-naturally messes around with him.
    Mako: This was not what we rehearsed! Korra!
  • Bolin introducing Tenzin as "the man with an arrow pointing to his nose, Tenzin!"
  • When the group gives Kai a group hug, Bumi hugs Tenzin instead because there's no more room. Tenzin's annoyed expression makes it even more hilarious.
    The Earth Queen 
  • Zuko heads over to the Northern Water Tribe to warn Desna and Eska about keeping a dangerous criminal bender from escaping her prison, who turns out to be a woman with the power to blow stuff up with her mind.
    • What sells it is Zuko's tone, as if he's trying to make Korra's father feel better about the whole thing.
    • And Korra's father is standing right next to them, visibly uncomfortable with the whole thing. Understandable, as they are both directly and indirectly talking about having tried to kill his daughter.
    • Upon being informed of the secret ice prison, Eska asks, "Why did no one tell us we had a secret prison we could have been throwing people into?" Desna also mentions wanting to imprison his tailor for always getting his cuffs wrong.
    • Zuko's attempt at casual chit-chat is hilarious. In the same vein as Sokka, 70 years later and he's still the same old dorky guy!
  • Wandering around Ba Sing Se, Bolin suggests they steal fruit, though the nearest fruit stand has nothing but rotten fruit. The vendor overhears them and this leads to a hilarious confrontation where the vendor feels insulted that Mako doesn't even find their fruit worth stealing.
    Bolin: I'm confused...are we stealing the fruit, or not?
    • And then it turns out the vendor is their cousin! And then they meet their grandmother, just like Bolin said.
      • Also, their cousin is Kevin.
    In Harm's Way 
  • Ming-Hua breaks P'Li out of prison and climbs up the wall to the surface. P'Li notes they could have just taken the elevator and calls Ming a showoff.
  • Kind of doubles a heartwarming: Zaheer and P'Li, despite technically being the "villains" of the season, really seem to genuinely love each other and waste no time in sharing a kiss after finally being reunited after thirteen years. The funny part comes in when Ghazan, who's driving the snowmobile, looks at the Make Out Couple out of the corner of his eyes and just grumbles, "Really? Right now?"
  • Bolin thanking Tu for helping them get back to the upper ring and calling him the best cousin ever. His other cousins scowl at him before he apologizes.
    • Then he says good bye to all of them one by one, forgetting some of them.
  • Bolin trying to explain what he and Mako discovered while out of breath.
    "We chased Kai. Train, slipped away. Lower Ring. Slept, in trash pile. Met our family. Grandma tears, Mako, scarf, [puts Pabu on his head to look like Earth Queen's crown] Earth Queen... [slowly slumps to ground] Lying...
  • Bumi mentioning the queen has the right to conscript people into the army, only to receive multiple glares from everyone in the room.
  • After rescuing Kai and watching Jinora kiss him (complete with Luminescent Blush from Kai), Bolin squeals like a gossiping girl and tries hard to contain his excitement whether or not to tell on the kids on Tenzin.
    • Meanwhile, Mako simply stares on with the most deadpan expression and tells Bolin not to tell about it. His expression after Bolin's response is equally hilarious.
  • Jinora tries projecting her spiritual self to find Kai and the other kidnapped airbenders but without any luck.
    Korra: Maybe you can find Kai another way. I know you two have a connection.
    Tenzin: What do you mean, a 'connection'?
  • Bumi's plan to bust out the airbenders (and Asami's, Korra's, and Tenzin's reaction):
    Bumi Ok, we go in under the cover of darkness. Two small insertion teams and a third on the outside. Then all we'll need is twelve tons of blasting jelly, a medium sized bulldozer, and does anyone have a badger-mole that knows Morse code?
  • When Bolin and Mako bust Kai out of his cell, Kai apologizes for his earlier behavior and Bolin says they can't stay mad at him. Mako retorts that, yes, they can and he still is mad; he had a lot of money in that wallet.
  • Bumi's attempt at using a code. Attempt being the key word here.
  • The Earth Queen complaining about allergies and sneezing to hell and back once Oogi's fur begins raining down on her.
    The Metal Clan 
  • Lin is encouraged by Korra to play with Naga using a dirty ball. After she fails to discourage the group from going to Zaofu, she pops Naga's ball with a cable out of spite for bugging her. Poor Naga just paws at the popped ball in disappointment.
  • Bolin freaking out at the thought of meeting Toph, only to be bummed out when he learns she's Walking the Earth.
  • Bolin trying to analyze the art of one of Lin's nephews.
  • Meelo making every new airbender act like his slaves.
    Meelo: Be the leaf!
    Daw: But I don't know what that means!
  • Daw (that poor airbender from the premiere) still hasn't got his airbending quite under control, but now it's just limited to Amusing Injuries.
  • Varrick so casually waltzes into the dining hall and sits down. Only Bolin reacts the same way many a fan reacted when they saw the man again, only to stop grinning when Mako throws him a glare.
    Bolin: VARRICK!
  • Bolin's forced cool expression on the mirror of the bathroom.
    Old Wounds 
  • When Lin throws off the acupuncture needles during her first session, the acupuncturist clearly has several stuck in his head.
  • As the fight between Lin and Suying kicks off, we get this little gem from Bolin:
    Korra: [obviously confused/concerned] Should I stop them?
    Bolin: [nonchalantly] You don't have any siblings. Fighting is all a part of the healing process.
  • Huan (Suyin's artistic son) thinking that his sculpture looks better all smashed up.
  • Varrick's Awesome, but Impractical magnetic armor.
    • Zhu Li looking dejected when Varrick declares that the phase two is her cleaning up the resulting mess.
    Suyin: I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time when we were younger. I can't imagine what my life would have been like if Mom hadn't sent me away, if I'd stayed in the city.
    Suyin: (laughing) You're probably right.
  • There's just something amusing about seeing Ming-Hui driving the truck with water hands.
  • After the fight neither Korra nor Bolin want to knock on Lin's door, after a moment of them half heartedly arguing about who it should be Mako get's fed up and knocked on the door himself.
    Original Airbenders 
  • Tenzin asking Bumi for advice. The forced smile and Cross-Popping Veins as Bumi scratches his ear are priceless.
  • Tenzin as a Drill Sergeant Nasty.
    • Waking up the recruits with the Avatarverse version of the vuvuzela, augmented with airbending.
    • "Ignore the lemurs digging in your ears" to one airbender who's trying to balance with maybe five lemurs on him.
    • Meelo being an equal Drill Sergeant Nasty.
      Meelo: Look to your left! Look to your right! One of them will not leave here alive!
  • Naturally, the Teacher's Pet out of all of the new airbenders is named Otaku.
  • Tenzin telling the class that they can choose not to shave their heads... right after shaving Daw's head.
    Tenzin: Shaving your head is a personal choice.
    Daw: Wait, what?
    • Related to this, the depiction of Daw's Super Reflexes as a net gun is being launched at him is a small electric shiver running up the back of his now bald head. Its use is worthy of an Awesome Moment. Its execution is a funny moment.
  • When Kai picks the lock to his cage, the bison stuffed in there with him just flops out onto its back without so much as a reaction.
  • At the end, the bison pups "learn" to fly...although their flailing legs and facial expressions suggest they have no idea what's going on.
  • Bolin interrupting Korra and Tenzin's radio call when Opal is mentioned, grabbing the radio and rambling in a totally lovestruck fashion. Korra and Tenzin both give him looks (well, Tenzin gives the radio a look) as if to say "...Okay..."
    The Terror Within 
  • Varrick's invention to find airbenders. It can only work if an airbender airbends into it.
    • The buildup really sells it. Asami just grabs it from him and then points it at Korra, who stares at the device in confusion for a few seconds. After she gets no reaction, Asami tells Varrick in a deadpan tone that she thinks it's broken.
  • Varrick tries to give Bolin relationship advice. Bolin finally realizes how this tends to play out.
    Bolin: Uh, no.
  • Bolin remembering Opal's favorite food... in his sleep.
    Bolin: Kale, kale, kale, kale...
  • And right after, when he finally sees what Pabu was wigging out over (the Red Lotus kidnapping Korra), he has a classic Bolin comical freak-out face.
  • Varrick's alibi for what he was doing on the night of the fight with the Red Lotus, plus the way that he presented it.
    Varrick: What was I doing last night? Same thing I always do: From 9-10, I checked my body for ticks. Lyme disease is a serious killer. Then I did my nightly Varrick calisthenics followed by 30 minutes of breath holding. I filmed the whole thing if you want to watch it.
    • Aiwei has a "No. Just... No" Reaction to Varrick's offer to watch the video.
    • What makes this scene even funnier is that usually when people can recall exactly what they were doing at exact times, it's a sure-fire sign that they're lying, but with Varrick you can't tell if he is lying or this is genuinely what he did because he's just that eccentric!
  • Varrick gives some surprisingly good advice about finding The Mole. Of course, how he does it is...
    Varrick: If I was trying to set someone up, I would tell everyone he's guilty, and then plant the evidence in his apartment as proof.
    Mako: [angrily] Oh, you mean exactly like what you did to me?
    Varrick: [cheerily] YES! Just like that! Remember how great that worked... well, not for you, heh heh.
  • Upon his first encounter with the Red Lotus, Bolin has the exact same reaction as the audience.
    Bolin: That guy's lava-bending! That's awesome... ly not good for us.
  • Mako can't hear what the rest of the Krew is saying because he got stuck sitting on the other end of the table. He angrily complains about his seating, before lamely trying to take it back in front of Aiwei.
    Mako: What's going on? I can't hear anything. I hate sitting down here. [Notices Aiwei staring at him] Not because of you.
    Aiwei: I can tell you're lying.
  • Team Avatar goes to Aiwei's house to investigate. Bolin looks through the window to see if he's there. After his Sherlock Scan:
    Bolin: He's not home. Or he's hiding in there. [gasp] Or he's invisible!
    [Mako just stares at him like, "Really, dude?"]
    Bolin: ...Probably just not home.
  • Bolin's attempt to explain to Aiwei Team Avatar's presence in his house.
    Bolin: We actually knocked on your door, and we thought we heard you say [In really bad high pitched impression] "Come in. I'm in the bathroom."
    Bolin: (slumping) I don't even know why I'm saying that, you know I'm lying. And you don't even sound like that.
    The Stakeout 
  • Naga tail-slapping Korra in her face after the latter says she has no treats for her.
  • When the Krew enter the Bad-Guy Bar in the first village, they see a bunch of wanted posters with their faces on them. As the patrons start reaching for their weapons, the kids quickly head toward the exit. Korra, never one to go quietly, gives the patrons a parting Eye Am Watching You gesture before leaving.
    • Blink and you miss it, but she was emulating Sokka's "Water Tribe" exit pose from Book 2 of the previous series, which makes it even funnier.
  • Even on the run, Aiwei's truth-seer habits remain strong as ever. When a Misty Palms barkeep tells him that he's got the best drinks in the Earth Kingdom, Aiwei calls him a liar. When relating the story to Mako and Bolin, the man dejectedly agrees. "My drinks are terrible."
  • A pair of tough-looking bounty hunters are following the Krew. When they finally catch up to them, it looks like they're about to start a fight, only to find out they're Nuktuk fans and want Bolin's autograph. The woman even made a Nuktuk plushie.
    • Made funnier in that said woman also fidgeted, tugged on her hair, and made expressions like a smitten teenage girl.
    • What makes it even better is the fact that Bolin had mistaken the wanted posters in the first bar for movie posters... And then when he does get some fans, he has the most awkward look imaginable on his face the whole time.
  • When the Krew rents a specific room in an inn so they can follow Aiwei, the innkeeper notes that said room is too small for the four (plus polar bear-dog) of them, but Mako insists it'll be perfect. Cue Gilligan Cut to the Krew sitting in a really small room, with Bolin quite annoyed about it, and getting tail-whipped by Naga (who easily takes up half the room's volume).
  • Asami is not taking Bolin's comments about her pai sho skills laying down.
    Asami: (complete with an evil smirk) So? I learnt to play from my dad, the diabolical genius. I'll destroy you.
  • Mako and Bolin's "inconspicuous" disguises: yellow rain coats and driver's goggles in the middle of the desert. Bolin's excited about it, Mako's basically going '... What.', then Korra and Asami glance at each other in perfect agreement about what they think about it.
    • The conversation Bolin has with Mako about setting up a backstory for their disguises is pretty hilarious as well.
      Mako: I'm a cop, I don't have a backstory.
      Bolin: Ooooooooh, you're good at this!
    • Bolin is an ex-United Forces operative named Ting-Ting.
      Bolin: War was the only woman I ever loved, until Ivy came along and showed me what love really is! Unfortunately she was taken by my archenemy, Dr. Razor - (Mako cuts him off and drags him away)
  • This hilarious exchange gets in before things get dire:
    Mako: (looking down the street) Uh, I don't know how, but Water Arm Lady and Lava Guy found us.
    Asami: How?!
    Mako: I just said I don't know how!
    Long Live The Queen 
  • Bolin, while captured, strikes up a conversation with Ghazan and Ming-Hua, asking how they passed the time during their time in prison. Ghazan remarks he renamed the constellations hundreds of times, and Ming-Hua had to make up stories about her guards, such as one having girlfriend trouble, and another secretly wishing he became a pastry chef. Bolin thinks that's hilarious, and decides to do it to Ghazan.
    Bolin: You were raised by an older sister, your mustache grew in when you were ten...and I'm sensing — just sensing — an unspoken attraction between you two.
    (Ming-Hua and Ghazan glance at each other before Ming-Hua looks away in an almost Tsundere fashion.)
    Ghazan: [Impressed] Two out of three. Not bad.
    Mako: Bolin, would you stop making friends with the bad guys?!
  • After Korra, Asami, and the Earth Kingdom soldiers repair their airship, it gets eaten by a giant sandfish. Cue the guy starting the engines, unharmed in the carnage, completely amazed at what happened.
    • Made funnier by the fact that it was a Cabbage Corp airship. One can almost hear this line echoing through the desert.
      Not my Cabbage Ship!
  • Mako and Bolin get chummy with the prisoner in their next cell, who wants to break out of prison; in order to meet new people, see his family again — and get some toilet paper.
    • And the man claims that he actually didn't mind the first few months, because without his five kids around, he was able to get some sleep.
    • Another prison moment: Mako tries to get Bolin to Metalbend them out of prison, which ends up getting all of the prisoners chanting Bolin's name in motivation... and he still fails. Everyone groans.
    • Also, the first guy implies that he's a fanboy of Zaheer when Mako and Bolin mention that they know him, causing them to get appropriately annoyed.
  • When they get to the Misty Palms Oasis, one of the airship crew spots Zuko's dragon.
    Crewman: Captain, have we been in the desert too long or is that really a dragon over there?
    Captain: Ugh, let's go get a drink.
  • Zuko's dragon is just staring intently at a pair of camels, who are desperately straining against their ropes to put as much distance between themselves and the hungry-looking dragon as possible
  • After seeing The Red Lotus take on the Queen's guards with little effort, Gun promptly gets the heck out of dodge, making the most hilarious scream and doing the most ridiculous run ever. Cue this response from the queen (who's currently hiding behind her throne):
    Earth Queen: Gun! Come back here and lay down your life for your queen! You... coward!
  • Korra and Asami's guard proudly states that he won't be providing Korra with any water, earth or fire to bend...then awkwardly notes there's nothing he can do about the air.
  • Lin's dumbfounded expression while being licked by Naga ("First you roar in my face, now you wanna lick me"). Then she just tosses the dog some jerky and tells her to leave her alone.
    • This is also another "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" scene; Pabu manages to snatch off a piece of jerky for himself before Naga eats it all.
  • Asami's Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! announcement after Korra blasts their way into the airship cockpit and takes out the pilot.
    Asami: I think you might have been a little overaggressive with the airbending. The controls are busted. Also, you broke the radio.
    Korra: Sorry, but it's not my fault this airship's a hunk of junk!
  • Asami's bit with the guard is no doubt the Daddy's Girl routine right down to the pouting lip.
    The Ultimatum 
  • A trio of looters approach the palace:
    Looter: We're here to take back what's ours; don't try to stop us!
    Guard: Stop you? I'm gonna join you! I know where all the good stuff is!
  • Mako and Bolin flying the airship. Bolin flies it down instead of up, scaring all the people, and the Mako nearly lands it on top of Zuko's dragon. The latter is made funnier because the dragon is just sleeping there and bolts suddenly when the airship flies in from the left.
    • Mako officially commandeering the airship naturally doesn't have much effect on the people currently looting it, so Bolin steps in and (likely lying through his teeth) tells them where the queen's gold is. He smugly tells Mako that he just needs to learn how to talk to people.
  • This exchange:
    Bolin: [worried] Mako, our family's down there!
    Mako: [takes over the controls] We're getting them out.
    Bolin: Oh, you think just because you dated Asami, you know how to fly this better than me?
    Mako: Yeah.
  • Mako and Bolin's grandmother.
    • When they go to rescue the entire family from the burning building, she stubbornly says she's going down with the ship. Bolin says a very heartwarming fact about her family being her home which makes her teary-eyed...
      Grandma Yin: I'm not going!
      • This causes Bolin to frown, and then immediately switch to plan B, hoisting her over his shoulder and taking her to the airship.
      • Then Yin insists on taking the picture of Queen Hou Ting before agreeing to go.
    • When Bolin reunites with Pabu, she is disgusted to see her grandson hugging and kissing that "big rat".
      • Which is either funnier or more alarming if one takes into account what Bolin said a few episodes ago about Pabu not being vaccinated.
    • When her grandsons introduce her to their friends, she mistakes Asami for the Avatar, and when Mako corrects her, she is perplexed by how muscular Korra is. Korra's answer is an uneasy "Um, thanks... You too?".
      • There's also Asami's hilariously awkward grin when Grandma addresses her as the Avatar.
    • Naturally for a concerned grandmother, she asks Mako why he isn't dating beautiful young ladies like Korra and Asami. The three look appropriately awkward until Asami hastily changes the subject. Not only is this hilarious given their history, but the Grand Finale of the series makes it even moreso.
    • When the Krew is discussing what to do...
    Asami: I'll watch over [Korra] as she meditates.
    Bolin: I guess... in the meantime, Mako and I will stay here and try to get through to the Temple.
    Tonraq: We'll help Su ready the airship.
    Grandma Yin: I'm going to take a nap.
  • When the Krew finally gets through to the Air Temple to warn them that Zaheer is on his way there, it's Meelo who picks up. He drives Bolin crazy until Korra picks up the phone and orders him to get his dad like a captain would give an order to a soldier. Meelo responds as such and runs off to get Tenzin.
    • Bolin gets caught up in Meelo's story about finding new bison.
    • Blink-and-you'll-miss-it: Meelo sticks a booger under the desk.
  • Bolin fanboying over meeting Zuko. You can almost hear Zuko thinking, "Did Sokka have kids before he died?"
  • While it's in the middle of a rather tense fight scene, Bumi briefly manages to get the upper hand on Ghazan by pulling on his hair and biting his shoulder. Ghazan's expressions are what really sells it.
    • Ghazan's shrill yelps of pain make it even better, since we're so used to hearing his smooth, calming, emotionless baritone.
  • Bumi and Kya regroup after getting thoroughly owned by Ghazan and Ming-Hua, respectively. Bumi greets Kya with "I see you're having as much fun as I am."
  • Iroh is the master of understatement when he says Aang and Zuko's relationship started out "a little rocky," with accompanying "so so" gesture.
  • Zuko getting a Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises look when Korra reveals that she chats with his uncle in the Spirit World.
    Enter the Void 
  • When Bolin wonders how Pabu and Naga are doing back in Zaofu, we cut to them fighting over Mako's scarf, with Naga picking both the scarf and Pabu up. Grandma Yin scolds them for it, causing them to hang their head down in shame.
    "Bad dog and rat thing!"
  • The way Bolin hugs Korra as she's about to surrender herself to the Red Lotus. He looks like a little kid saying goodbye to his sister. It's both funny and adorable.
  • Mako's reaction to his 'plan':
    Mako: Bird calls? Really?
    • When they escape from the Northern Air Temple, Bolin goes ahead and uses the bird calls to get everyone's attention.
  • Bolin's reaction to finding out he can lavabend.
    Mako: Bolin! You're a lavabender!
    Bolin: I know... I just found out.
  • Ghazan's reaction to Zaheer discovering the power of flight is surprisingly deadpan.
    • Later, when they meet up at the hideout, Ghazan leans over to see if Zaheer is faking his Levitating Lotus Position.
    • Ming Hua's reaction is funny too.
  • Kai repeatedly trying to tell the others that he knows where the airbenders are.
    • Mako demands to know why he didn't speak up sooner. Kai huffs and gets the most done expression on his face.
  • Kai’s bison is a baby and has to handle his weight plus that of four adults. It’s a tight squeeze to say the least. The way they crash down once they get back to everyone else seals the deal.
  • The fact that Zaheer had to be on his tiptoes in order to kiss P'Li is a small but surprisingly funny detail.
    Venom of the Red Lotus 
  • When Suyin finds Opal, she's obviously overjoyed and relieved to see her daughter again and hugs her, but then Bolin shoves Su away and hugs Opal as well. Opal doesn't seem to mind, but Su looks understandably pissed.
  • Zaheer's Villainous Breakdown: he tries very hard for Evil Gloating despite his defeat, only for Bolin to stick a sock in his mouth.
    Bolin: You see what I did there? I put a sock in it. Literally.
    Opal: (smiles, half-sheepish) Classic Bolin.
    Bolin: (proud) I do what I do.
  • A little hard to see, but while Jinora is being anointed an airbending master, one of the new airbenders has his mouth agape in the background, presumably due to the baldness.
  • One of the background Airbenders is the lazy bespectacled Earth Kingdom guy from the beginning of the book who gave Korra a hard time. He still looks bored.
  • The total indignation in the guard's voice is perfect in this scene:
    Surly Guard: I don't know how we got stuck down here in daycare while everyone else gets to watch the Avatar being destroyed. I can hold a bowl of poison!
  • Meelo describes Jinora's ceremony as smelling of "shoe trees":
    Ikki: "Sandalwood", Meelo.

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