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     Meet the Analysts and Analysis Anarchy 

Meet DRWolf

  • This line:
    Dr. Wolf: I solve people problems.
    a turrent shoots an opponent offscreen
  • Immediately following that, there's this:
    Dr. Wolf: For instance, how am I gonna stop some big mean mother hubbard from bringing their disproportionate antipathy to our beloved fandom? The answer: use some love. And if that don't work, use tough love.
    • The evil smirk on Doc's face after he says that line just adds to the scene.

Meet Eliyora

  • It starts off as a parody of the original "Meet the Pyro" video, but instead of viewing the world as a happy imaginative place, it ends with Eli standing in the middle of a wrecked battlefield. Turns out someone made her angry.

Meet the AnY

  • AnY's drunken ranting over not being cast as the medic leads him open to a surprise attack. Cue him saying his final line while Firebrand, Phantom Horn, Dr. Wolf, and VoiceOfReason standing over him with looks of pity on their faces.

Meet the Gibbon

  • Gibbontake just shows a video of a gibbon having fun with some tigers edited to make the monkey the Spy.

Meet the Firebrand

  • Dr. Wolf doesn't want Firebrand to operate on him. Why? During his last operation, Firebrand's was too busy ranting on why Spike and Rarity will never a couple to notice he was stabbing Silver Quill while doing so.

Meet the VoiceOfReason

  • Voice of Reason killing Phantom Strider and Kimi Sparkle near the end of his trailer.

Meet the Silver Quill

  • There's one part of him saying he has yet to meet someone that can outrun him. Cue a clip of him being chased by Eliyora, Phantom Horn, and Firebrand.
    Silver Quill: I DON'T WANT ANY HEALING! YAH!

Meet the Ink Rose

Phantom Checks The Mail

  • Phantom Horn says he's moving to Pony Canada to dodge being drafted into Equestria's military. He changes his mind once he sees his combat gear.

Meet the Keyframe

  • Keyframe is tricked into thinking she's the Sniper and makes her own video. What does she do after finding the truth? Dress up as Demoman and unleashes her wrath on Any.

Analysis Anarchy

  • Gibbontake drawing a target on Silver Quill.
  • Phantom Horn's entire "prettiest unicorn" speech.
  • During said speech, Phantom Horn tells everyone they're all pretty unicorns. Silver Quill (a hippogriff) replies with, "I find that highly offensive."
  • Firebrand finding a poster that reads "PRINCESS MOLESTIA'S FAITHFUL STUDENT" and, annoyed, placing an "Objection!" bubble over it.
  • The team has their first Mare Vs. Machine match, which is full of humor.
    Silver Quill: *Firing his mini gun* I can't feel my limbs but this is awesome!
    • Ink Rose trying to face down a Metal Giant.
    Ink Rose: Minemineminemineminemineminemineminemineminemineminemine! {hits the Metal Giant with a baseball, only for its attention to drawn to her} HUH?
    Aah! {while fleeing} Yoursyoursyoursyoursyoursyours...
    • After Eliyora burns a few robots and then laughing maniacally, we get this from Dr. Wolf:
    Dr. Wolf: Note to self: schedule another session with Eli.
  • Eliyora shoots an ammo round away from her, which hits Silver Quill, who goes flying and lands on Gibbontake.
    Gibbontake: Ah! Get your colossal bird butt off of me!
    Silver Quill: My plot is nicely proportioned and of pony origin, thank you!
    Gibbontake: Shut up!
  • Voice of Reason witnessing an... interesting offscreen mauling that a furious Eliyora is giving Phantom Horn.
    Voice of Reason: Wow, either Phantom Horn is really flexible or—OH MYYYY.
  • The "non-milk substance" bit.
  • Dr. Wolf literally snapping Firebrand out of a love-struck daze, which leads to...
    Firebrand: AH, NO! I DON'T THINK SHE'S CUTE!
    Silver Quill: It's getting dark... no, wait, I had my eyes closed.

     Star Search to To Be Or Not to Be... 

Star Search

  • At the beginning, Dr. Wolf tells an applicant how they are hesitant to hire ponies unless they can show great mental fortitude. Then this happens:
    Firebrand: I hate your mane. Rejected! *pulls a lever, dropping the applicant into an underground pool*
  • Two Silver Quills show up to audition for the Soldier role- one of them a suit-wearing gentleman and the other an almost carbon copy of the Soldier's personality. When they see each other, they compliment each other's looks.
    Firebrand: Nope. I don't ship it.
    • After they both get beaten up by Mad Munchkin, who subsequently gets hired for the job, the real Silver shows up.

A New Challenge???

You Gave Who A Rocket Launcher??

  • ToonKritic signs up to be part of the project without telling Eliyora. She doesn't take it well.
  • "Shoot everything! SHOOT EVERYTHING!"
  • Toon's angry rant after getting shot one too many times turns Eli on.
  • Eli and Toon's post-battle flirting is both funny and terrifying at the same time:
    Toon Kritic: Babe, did you see how far that dude went when I shot him? He went FLYIIINGG!!!
    Eliyora: Please. It's way more satisfying to watch them slowly burn to ashes in front of you. You can enjoy their screams that way.
    Toon Kritic: Oh, you are so cute when you're angry.
    Eliyora: You're way hot when you're ticked off. *kisses him* See you on the battlefield next wave!
    Toon Kritic: Oh, yeah. It. Is. On!

There Can Only Be One...

Eye on the Target

Suited for Subtlety

  • KP's introduction.
    Dr. Wolf: Was that really necess-
    KP: Yes. That was completely necessary.
  • KP constantly running off in the middle of Ink Rose explaining the Scout, and misunderstanding and screwing up as a result.
  • Gibbontake using Offscreen Teleportation to sneak up on Silver Quill in the process of explaining how to be subtle.
    • Which KP suddenly interrupts, saying "Bored," and smacking Silver with her bat.

The Cuter They Are...

  • Toon Kritic's first reaction to Bliss:
    Toon Kritic: Oh Celestia, it's an Alicorn OC, kill it with fi- Oh, wait. Nevermind. It's just little Bliss.

Stop Helping Me!!

  • Finn trying to help out the BLU Team as their manservant and inadvertently making things worse. His teammates later complain to Dr. Wolf.
    Sweetie Bloom: He totally ruined my surprise attack!
    Keyframe: *German accent* Since when does that... schweinhund think he is more qualified than I to administer medical attention?! I didn't go to medical school for nothing!
    KP: I swear, by the end of this, someone besides me is gonna be mummified!
    Toon Kritic: He burnt my shake! *the others glare at him* What? Don't act like you guys never wanted to be served food on the battlefield!
  • Finn wrapping up KP in bandages as "medical attention". When VoiceOfReason walks by and she calls out for help, he throws the rainbow-colored jarate from last episode in her face. This comes back to bite him later in the series.
  • The BLU Team learns that Finn is the BLU manservant.
    Golden Fox: "Manservant"? I thought that position was a joke.
    Keyframe: *normal accent* Clearly it was. And we're the butt of it.
  • Doesn't Bliss make for a cute distraction? It worked out for the ENTIRE BLU TEAM ganging up on Firebrand and VoiceOfReason.

To Be, Or Not To Be...

     A New Challenger Approaches... and Seven Nation Army 

A New Challenger Approaches...

  • This scene:
    AntonyC: It seems I have a small situation in need of your unique skills.
    DustyKatt: Aw, that's nice of you, Helen, but... y'know, I've just eaten.
    AntonyC: ...not those skills, Mr. Katt.

Seven Nation Army Part 1

Seven Nation Army Part 2

  • After being doubted by everyone for too long, Firebrand finally snaps and goes into Super Saiyan mode, completely scaring them into finally listening.
    Firebrand: Get... OUT THERE!
    Keyframe and Thespio: (terrified) Yes sir! (run off)
  • When Finn and his equipment are called away by Dr. Wolf:
    Firebrand: Ah, all right, everyone, don't panic. *cut to inside his head, where five miniature Firebrands are rushing about in terror*
    Fear!Firebrand: AH, I'M GONNA DIIIIIE!!
    • His eyes and face afterwards are also rather amusing.

Seven Nation Army Part 3

  • This gem:
    AnY: (slurred drunk) Yay! Got another one! (falls over)
    Keyframe: You know, for somepony who lives in the land of Oktoberfest, he has the tolerance of a college freshman.
  • After witnessing Toon Kritic's epic rage out, Mad Munchkin says this:
    Mad Munchkin: Seriously? Going into a blind rage at the drop of a hat? Who does that?
    Silver Quill and Lightning Bliss: (thinking) Don't comment! Don't comment! Don't comment! Don't comment! Don't comment! Don't comment!

Seven Nation Army Part 4

  • I am Painis Milkshake. I will eat you.
    Thespio: Let it go, Toon. It wasn't going to bring all the boys to the yard anyway.
  • Toon Kritic and Eliyora having to decide which Thespio is the real one by insulting him until he flips out and attacking the other. Even better is that the robot was not doing a very good job, so it was probably just an excuse to insult Thespio.
    Thespio: Oh, you wanna go, Emo Willie Wonka?! BRING IT ON!
    (Eli kills Robot!Thespio)
    Eliyora: And that's how you could tell he was a fake. He was a better actor.
  • The return of the Non-Milk Substance!
    Dusty: Bleech! I hate soy!
  • Dusty has caught up to the heroes, and has Thespio (who tried to ambush him) caught. Then...

Seven Nation Army Epilogue

     Keyframe's Guide to Sentry Busting to Faustian Funtimes 

Keyframe's Guide to Sentry Busting

Royal Rumble!

  • All of this dramatic buildup, and for what? A rock, paper, scissors game.

A Helping Hoof

  • Toon's puns about Bliss may be aggravating to her, but are clever and funny to the average viewer.
  • Every time Finn takes Bliss's order to let her at Toon way too literally. It may or may not be part of a scheme cooked up by Finn to calm Bliss down and give Toon some Laser-Guided Karma by accidentally destroying his milkshake. Again.

Duel Of The Snipers

Piece Of Mind

Hennessy Heresy

  • The episodes' punchline: The "Alcohol" actually being non-alcoholic cider, and Dr.Wolf let AnY think it's Alcohol.
    • The fact that Dr.Wolf did all this to troll Lightning Bliss for destroying his Sentry Lightning Bliss' reaction just sells it.
    Dr.Wolf: See.... You're learning.
    Lightning Bliss: (beat) *Face plants*
    • Lightning's comment on the video, referencing a line from Firebrand by saying that she's 'going back to bed, and never waking up ever again'.

Size Matters Not

  • AnY and ToonKritic ribbing Lightning Bliss and Keyframe on their sizes...and Golden Fox also doing so accidentally.
    Golden Fox: Was it something I said?
  • When the Respawn Generator finally works again, Keyframe and Bliss decide to go on a killing spree for all the size puns. After this is over, it turns out the Generator overheated from the mayhem. As punishment, Dr.Wolf decides to give them the worst possible punishment: Sending them on Vacation without their sketchbooks, tablets and canvases. Cue Big "NO!" from Keyframe and Bliss.
    • Before their roaring rampage, ToonKritic tries to talk them down... and puts his hoof in his mouth.
    ToonKritic: Oh, come on, Blissy, you know we were just joking; there's no need to be short-temperrrrr—aww... sn—
    • Also:
    Lightning Bliss: But it was just a small shoot out!
    (Background reveals tons of fire, and an explosion)
  • Turns out Silver Quill's joke about Dr.Wolf being "evil" in "After the Fact: Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" had some truth to it.
    Thespio: Wow. You can be really evil when you put your mind to it, Doc.
    Dr. Wolf: You have no idea.
  • Then there's AnY's comment on the video.
    Oh no! Stuck on a lovely paradise beach far away from all the noise and trouble of society? How could you, Doc?! They may have slaughtered me dozens of times in ways I am legally not allowed to even describe in YouTube comments, but I wouldn't wish this upon them!

Operation Purple Dragon

  • The premise is that Eliyora and Thespio swap classes for a day.
  • Thespio torching robot wreckage, then choosing to eat it. Repeat: he eats METAL that he just SET ON FIRE.
    Thespio: Fate? Why must you fart in my direction?
  • The Stinger had AnY rejoicing over the fact that he can change classes whenever he wants. Only to discover that Thespio and Eliyora could only do so because the slots weren't filled.

Guardian Angel

I Saw It In A Movie

  • Sweetie Bloom invoking Dr. Wolf's primal instincts by playing a recording of howling wolves. Which somehow causes his sentries to explode.

The Analysis Zone

Scouting Things Out

  • The premise is Ink Rose and KP spying on Dustykatt. Throughout the whole thing, Ink is forced to put up with KP's shenanigans until Dusty shows up behind them, leading to the girls getting swept away by a wave of soy milk. The big punchline? Dusty knew they were spying on him the whole time and was getting back at the girls for what they did to him in "Seven Nation Army".
  • Turns out Satan Quill from Nightmare Night 2014 is actually canon, and he's roommates with Grogar down in Tartarus, who is the Spanish-accented devil Ink previously encountered. Who knew?
  • When Dr. Wolf is chewing out Firebrand for digging a hole into Tartarus back in "Guardian Angel", his highly sensitive ears pick up the other analysts listening in. Once discovered, they make a run for it, trampling Voice Of Reason in the process. When Voice calls out for help as KP walks by, she throws soy milk in his face as payback for him doing something similar to her in "Stop Helping Me!".

Hats Off to You

Lady of the Lander

  • The premise? Vector Brony, a well-known vector artist who provided character vectors for the series, guest stars in this episode playing a voice inside Sweetie Bloom's head and tries to get her to do things. Unfortunately for him, Sweetie Bloom inadvertently drives him crazy.
  • Finn's reaction when Sweetie tells him about the voice is too wild even for him!
  • When the voice starts laughing evilly after convincing Sweetie to knock Maddie's helmet off, he lies by stating he thought of a funny joke. Sweetie then tells a joke of her own:
    Sweetie Bloom: Why did the pony need a cough drop? He was a little HOARSE!
    The Voice: "Tom and Jerry" yell followed by intense crying
  • Sweetie knocking off Maddie's helmet to find that her hat isn't underneath it, leading to Maddie blasting her into the air with her rocket launcher.
    The Voice: Well... this is awkward...


You Gave WHO a Flame Thrower???

Faustian Funtimes

  • Feeling that he isn't being taken seriously, Thespio goes into Tartarus and performs a ritual to summon a demon (voiced by Missbunniswan) to make him awesome. It turns out to be much more difficult than he imagined. Who knew there was a lot of legal bindings in making a deal with a demon?
  • This exchange:
    Demon: So, what does your heart desire? Fame, riches, girls, one particular girl?
    Thespio: None of that, Audrey II.
  • "If I knew the specifics of how to be awesome, I WOULDN'T HAVE TO SUMMON A F***ING DEMON TO DO IT FOR ME, NOW WOULD I?!"
  • Thespio leaves Tartarus after stealing the Mask. Yes, THAT Mask.
  • After everything he goes through to become awesome, Thespio ends up calling Tartarus's customer service. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
    • Also, GoldenFox knows the phone number for Tartarus' customer service. Don't ask.
     Emotions on the Battlefield 

Emotions on the Battlefield, Part 1

  • "Eli's hot on our tail! YOW! Eli's hot on my tail!"

Emotions on the Battlefield, Part 2

  • Jasper Pie's role in the episode does a pretty good job of balancing out its more serious tone.
    Jasper Pie: Alright, which one of you is paying for this banquet?
    *Dr. Wolf, Firebrand, Bliss, Keyframe, and Toon back away slowly*
    Jasper Pie: Seriously.
  • Dr. Wolf briefly getting annoyed when Jasper breaks the fourth wall can come off as pretty cute.
  • Keyframe smacking Firebrand upside the head when he talks with his mouth full.
    Keyframe: Articulate as always, Fire-noid.
  • Then, there's Keyframe threatening to throw Toon into the oven if he makes a pun after Key tells Thespio she's going to be straight with him.
     Power Up to Holiday Special 

Power Up

  • When Dr. Wolf shoots down the others' suggestion of burning KP at the stake for saying she doesn't like games, they decide to burn Silver instead.
  • When KP discovered her new Discord powers, she apparently ended up teleporting in Silver's bathtub while he was showering.
  • KP using her powers to go on a rampage, targeting VoiceOfReason in particular.
  • How does KP get her comeuppance? Silver tricks her by disguising himself as John de Lancie long enough for the others to beat her up.
  • Dr. Wolf's final compromise for letting KP keep her powers? Creating a new Discord training simulation with her at the center of it.

Safety Review

  • Toon alluding to an incident where he's implied to have killed a chipmunk for... odd reasons. What makes it even better is GoldenFox smiling when Toon reveals what that reason is:
    Toon Kritic: Hey, that chipmunk was giving me the stink eye! It was gonna sign the contract for Chipmunks 5 and I did the world a favor!
  • "Good idea: hatching a plan to use Miss Bliss's... *ahem* cuteness for an advantage. Bad idea: informing her of said plan."
  • "Good idea: avoiding Silver Quill when karma comes knocking. Bad idea: being Silver Quill. Period"
    • What makes this even funnier is that Dr. Wolf was reluctant to read the first part. Eliyora ends up reading the last part when he refuses to do so.

Blooper Reel

  • Being Exactly What It Says on the Tin, there are plenty of humorous moments to be found, ranging from Silver's attempts at pronouncing "stimulus" to Toon and Eli sabotaging each other's flamethrowers.


  • When Keyframe first shows up after being absent for a few days, she appears about as frazzled than Twilight (if not even more so) in "Lesson Zero".
  • "Mares and gentlecolts... and whatever Silver is."
  • "Thespio, friend, buddy, chum, friend, pal, chummy-home-slice, bread slice, brotato chip, *inhale* what did you do?"
  • Toon's reaction to the unveiling of Thespio, Jr.: "They grow up so fast."
  • Thespio jumping in front of Golden's shots every time the latter tries to snipe Thespio, Jr.
  • After Firebrand and Dr. Wolf return, Firebrand sees Keyframe passed out after she used her super form to defeat Thespio, Jr. And he thinks she's sleeping on the job.

I Need a Hero

  • Golden gets constantly angry with Bliss over one-upping him (albeit unintentionally) in protecting Keyframe leads to Golden and Bliss having a massive fight that briefly spills into Tartarus.
  • After Golden and Bliss end up in the infirmary as a result of their fight, Key gives them some Laser-Guided Karma by having AnY watch her back while she trains while Silver watches over Bliss and Golden as they recover.

Substitute Heavy

  • Toon screams like a girl when he learns of Lightning Bliss's temporary absence.
    Toon Kritic: What? She's my pun-ching bag.
  • After Bliss sneezes a rainbow blast that Firebrand is forced to deflect, this exchange happens:
    Firebrand: Fudge buckets on wheels, that's the fifth time already! Can't you control that?
    Lightning Bliss: Can't YOU be a better medic?
    Firebrand: (beat) I'm gonna pretend that's the fever talking.
  • Everyone's reactions to the reveal of Teric as the substitute BLU heavy:
    Everyone but Dr. Wolf: *gasps*
    Voice of Reason: Who dat?
    (cue Record Needle Scratch while everyone but Teric and Doc quickly glares at Voice)
  • Teric rips apart Silver's minigun, leading to this exchange:
    Silver Quill: Oy! Party foul!
    Teric: Sorry, but I can't let you destroy [Finn's] gear. See ya later. (stomps away innocently)
    Silver Quill: (beat) Hey, hey! At least I didn't die - (gets sniped by GoldenFox)
    GoldenFox: Ha! Boot to the head!
    Silver Quill: Okay, I don't like you anymore. (falls over dead)
  • Ink, Eli, AnY, Maddie, and Voice doing the Winkies chant while guarding a control point the BLU team is hoping to take.
  • The strategy Teric comes up with to take down the RED Team truly must be seen to be believed.
  • "Huh. So this is how Blissy feels to be on someone's back."
  • When Silver asks Dr. Wolf what could've been worse than hiring a dragon as the substitute heavy, Bliss's husband Sub-Zero (who is from the same species as Frieza), shows up to give an update on Bliss's condition.
    Dr. Wolf: (smugly) So...
    Silver Quill: Not. A word.

Deep Cover

  • Silver poses as Toon and gets into all sorts of hijinks with the other BLU team members. For what purpose? To sabotage Teric with laxatives that make him fart fire. But due to Teric refusing to do so after rereading the script, he belches the fire instead.

Holiday Special

  • It's a parody of "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" centered around Bliss.
    Dr. Wolf: (singing) All of her other teammates used to laugh and call her cute.
    Toon Kritic: (mockingly) Aw, she's so cute!
    Dr. Wolf: That's something they regretted when her gun began to shoot!
  • The cameos from Mary Sue, Tyandaga, and Jasper Pie. Tyandaga especially takes the cake after he sues the TF2 Analysis team for "unlawfully parodying a reindeer song".
    Silver Quill: Well, 'tis the season for litigational red tape.
     Practically Perfect to Help For Hire 

Practically Perfect

Mission Unpossible

  • Voice's exasperated reactions to his teammates antics will make you chuckle just as much as it makes you feel sorry for him.
    Voice of Reason: I'm surrounded by idiots.
    Mad Munchkin: Yeah. And today, they're your idiots!
  • Voice spraying the BLU team all at once with the Sydney Sleeper definitely counts.
  • Golden Fox checking out Keyframe when Voice asks him if has a good look at Keyframe.
    Golden Fox: (dreamily) She looks good all the time...
  • Silver sneaking through a laser grid while Bliss hums the Mission Impossible theme. It ends up backfiring on him when a jackalope gets on his back, causing him to stumble back into the grid.
  • KP's attempt to bungee jump into the office where the Intel is kept. It goes about as well as you'd expect it to.

For My Eyes Only

  • Voice going through his whole solo mission testing out his X-10 suit's capabilities and having them backfire on him in different ways, those ways being...
    • Shocking himself by punching his hooves together while his shock gloves are still on.
    • Accidentally getting shot with one of his own tranquilizer darts while trying to silently incapacitate British Ninja.
    • And discovering that the suit runs on triple A batteries when he tries and fails to use its camouflage feature.
  • The exchange between SEGASister and Voice acknowledging that the X-10 is pretty much a glorified Deadshot cosplay.
    SEGASister: Why are you dressed up like Deadpool's Italian knockoff?
    Voice of Reason: It's Deadshot. And he actually came first.
  • Firebrand's sick burn towards Golden Fox at the end of the episode.
    Firebrand: And that's why [Voice is] RED sniper.

Saving Private Jasper

  • Dr. Wolf playing a word cross puzzle at the beginning of the episode.
    Dr. Wolf: Let's see. "A thirteen-letter word for a popular gaming franchise, first letter being 'T' and the last letter being the number '2'." [beat] Oddly specific...
  • Lightning Bliss eating all of the brownies Finn made for everyone.
  • Firebrand and Voice's argument over their previous infiltration mission.
    Firebrand: It was a team effort, Voice!
    Voice of Reason: Except the team of one actually prevailed.
  • "Urge... to kill... pretty much the same level it always is."
  • Firebrand expressing doubts over Dr. Wolf's idea of recruiting new members again.
    Firebrand: So far, our track records have been 80% psychos with itchy trigger hooves.
    [cut over to Eliyora shooting a line of blue flame out of her flamethrower over Bliss's head]
    Eliyora: I'm sorry, did you say something?
  • The Epic Fail that happens when Thespio tries to cue Jasper Pie's entrance and he doesn't show up on cue.
  • Firebrand's reaction to the arrival of Jasper Pie and Harmony Dancer.
    Firebrand: [to KP] Hide the peanut butter. It's about to get weird!
  • Everything Jasper says and does in the episode. EVERYTHING.
  • Firebrand mentions that he still has the mental scars from KP's rampage back in "Power Up"... right next to the actual scars.
  • Thespio's declaration of him and Jasper (a.k.a., "The Dynamic Duo") being on the same team is followed by a childlike drawing of Jasper and Thespio with the words "WE ROOOOOOOOOOLLLL" written over them, all accompanied by a pitiful-sounding trumpet.
  • Harmony brings up Bliss and Firebrand's prank callvideos with Jasper.
  • Firebrand does not react well to Jasper gluing his fez onto his solider hat.
  • Maddie refuses to train Jasper... until Thespio brings out a comedically oversized jar of cookies.
    Maddie: Darn it, Mary Sue! Why did you tell him about my one weakness!?
    Mary Sue: [over the intercom] Aw, don't pretend you totally don't love me, Maddie!
  • KP points out to Bliss that she's older than Jasper when she calls him "Uncle Jasper".

I Ship It

  • Another April Fools episode, this time in the form of a movie trailer focusing on Silver Quill and Mary Sue. It really has to be seen to be believed.
  • Jasper's cameo:
    Silver Quill: Oy! Get out of here, you! We'll deal with you next video!
    Jasper Pie: I WILL NOT BE DENIED!
  • The other's reactions to the trailer:
    Thespio: Um... what did we just watch!?
    Firebrand: I skipped D&D for this. There are minutes of my life that I am never going to get back.
    Sweetie Bloom: I wanted Moana, dang it!

Inglorious Jasper

  • "Reference jokes to other franchises are not permitted here!"
  • Voice once again becomes life's punching bag. Three times in a row.
    Voice of Reason: Well... some days, it's not worth getting out of bed.
  • "This is my firearm, this is my gun! one's for killing, this one's for fun!"
  • Jasper's comment on Silver sounding like his Uncle Fettucini... and Silver's response to it.
    Silver Quill: Tis the price I pay for my smooth, velvety voice. [beat] Hey, wait a minute. Are you saying I sound old?!
  • "Oh, Murphy, you cruel man."
  • This exchange:
    Jasper: Uhh... hey look! It's Firebrand!
    Firebrand;: Really? Where? I LOVE his videos!
  • Jasper grabbing Finn, Sweetie, Keyframe, Bliss, Thespio, Eli, and Dr. Wolf in a giant hug. Finn and Sweetie are the only willing recipients. Just how long are his front legs?
  • After Jasper passes his first round of training and officially joins the BLU Team, the RED Team (sans Eli and Doc) congratulate him... by giving him a ten-second head start.
    Voice of Reason: One, two, skip a few, TEN!

Double Rainbow

  • For the second time in the series, Thespio disguises himself as Firebrand to get the drop on Ink Rose.
  • Tired of being called "cute" and "short", as well as being unable to find a suitable secondary weapon, Bliss decides to level the playing field by bringing out the big guns: her pet rainbow monster, Twink. Hijinks ensue.
  • The way Jasper, Thespio, Silver, and Firebrand react to Twink is nothing short of hilarious for those who watch Bliss's Magic Lesson videos.
    • Thespio and Jasper make a break for it before Twink even arrives, having already encountered him in Bliss's magic lesson with them. Recognizing Twink also extends to Firebrand, who refers to him as "Pac-Man" like he did in his magic lesson video.
    • Silver gets chewed up by Twink, who then spits him out. Apparently, his saliva is rainbow-colored, too.
    • Firebrand attempts to protect himself by projecting a circular shield around himself that protects him from rainbow magic. Twink's solution? Roaring so hard he sends him flying into several structures around Coaltown like a pinball (complete with sound effects, of course!).
  • The way Dr. Wolf gets Twink to stand down and leave is another moment that must be seen to be believed. Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.

While the Finn's Away

  • While Finn goes on leave, everything goes to crap:
    • Voice and GoldenFox sword fight using their sniper rifles, complete with Voice quoting The Princess Bride.
    • Silver cooks Bliss's sandvich with a boot and two socks. He also threw his uniform in the wash... even though it's supposed to be dry clean only.
    • The respawn generator is damaged, and when Ink and Maddie die, they don't respawn correctly. Instead, they return as ghosts. Ink is the only one who's happy about it.
  • Dr. Wolf's big "SILENCE!" to get everyone's attention. It's his biggest one yet.

Witch Fairy W.I.T.C.H.

  • Golden telling Voice to get over it when he complains about Golden's kill count again.
  • Firebrand's incorporation of the "Well, the chart says..." gag by The Nostalgia Critic into the episode.
  • Jasper Pie's role in the episode, as usual.
  • In her newly acquired super form, Eliyora is completely angry-free. She then causes everyone to lose their sense of anger and the following training match goes along surprisingly pleasantly. It's really jarring to see ELIYORA of all people be this sweet and kind.

If I'm Lion, I'm Cryin

  • Jasper "I tot I taw a putty tat. I did... and she tried to kill me."

The Rescuers: Six Feet Under

  • The title itself is a reference to "The Rescuers: Down Under."
  • This exchange:
    Jasper: You ain't mah mama!
    Sweetie: I'm EVERYPONY'S mama!

Great Scott, This is Heavy

  • The new super forms: Silver's super form is a tiny little angry bird while Bliss' is a humongous dragon.
  • Silver's high pitched voice while in his super form.
  • Blissy, in her rage insulting the Doc while she's yelling at Silver.
    Dr. Wolf: Ohh dear...Uh, Lightning? Maybe you should take a breather and calm down- -
    Bliss: Can it, mutt!
  • And then we have Bliss about to go ballistic.
  • —> Silver: Are you saying you don't want to be shipped with Garble?
    (Everyone except Quill snaps, with a glass-breaking sound effect)
  • The normally calm and collected Doc breaking down and whimpering.
  • Jasper: I'M A-RIDE THE DRAGON!!!

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-AHHH!

Help for Hire

  • Finn getting stressed out over having so many orders to fill.
    Finn: MANGOES!!

     Blinded By the Phoenix 

Blinded By the Phoenix, Part 1

Blinded By the Phoenix, Part 2

  • KP's unenthusiastic cries in pain.
    KP: Pain. Pain. So much pain.
  • Golden breaking Jasper's pottery collection at the end.

     Meet the Red Spy 

Meet the Red Spy

  • The whole episode is a homage to the original Team Fortress 2 "Meet the Spy" video.

     Green Inferno 

Green Inferno, Part 1

  • Eli's goggle vision nightmare
  • It's a Thespio and Jasper episode, that alone writes itself

Green Inferno, Part 2

  • Thespio once he puts on the mask

     A Change of Form to Onwards 

A Change of Form

  • Firebrand: Don't sneak up on me when I'm thinking about underpants!!

Court is Adurred

  • The "Law and Order" parodied opening


Nightmare Nights 2015 Panel

  • When the panelists decide to show some audio from Seven Nation Army Part 3 (which had not been released yet), some of the audience jokingly complained about spoilers, leading to panelists and audience members alike "spoiling" certain movies. (Anakin is Luke's father, Batman is Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker is Spider-Man.)

TF2 Analysis In Real Life

  • Just the sight of real-life Dr. Wolf and DaWillstanator/Thespio dressed as an Engineer and Spy.
  • Dr. Wolf is somehow able to turn a tablet into a phone and then a laptop.

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