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  • The very first chapter starts with a grandiose introduction on the state of the world after the Revelations route of canon, describing what became of Cheve, the Wolfskin and Kitsune as well as Hoshido and Nohr. So far, so good. But then....
  • Poor Xander and Corrin have to deal with Elise discovering Rule 34:
    Elise: "…..why are you two [Xander and Charlotte] taking off all your clothes and holding each other real-"
    Corrin: [panicked] "OKAY THAT'S ENOUGH OF THAT"
    • What sells it is the Death Glare that Effie, Arthur and Xander give Corrin at that moment.
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    • Also, Effie, Xander and Flora attempting to destroy the fanfiction tome. In order, Siegfried bounces off and Effie and Flora's weapons break. Even more hilarious if you remember that in Fates, weapons can't break.
  • The ending of the chapter; Corrin was the one who started the whole thing off.
  • The Parody Sue, Michael's rampage through the castle. Or rather, the Humiliation Conga he receives; in order, he gets his knockoff Siegfried and Raijinto countered by Jakob's knife, takes a Groin Attack from Jakob, roughed up by Corrin and shot in the neck with a tranquiliser dart by Kaze. One feels almost sorry for the Parody Sue.
  • Selena's reaction to Camilla's clinginess is to just sigh in exasperation and recall the last time something like this happened.
    "I am getting Tharja flashbacks. This is Ylisse all over again…."
    • Later, Camilla force-feeding Corrin ice cream while she has him tied up. It's both creepy and absolutely hilarious.
    • Corrin is utterly nonplussed about being tied up, to boot:
    Corrin: "Well, Azura did always say I was weak to mysterious blue-haired girls."
  • In the Super Smash Bros chapter, Corrin aims a hilarious Take That! at people who didn't want him as DLC for the game:
    "People did complain about me being in this game, to which I gladly responded with a 'screw off, I'm too awesome, you're jealous' and a casual flick of the hair."
    • As it turns out, Corrin, despite having lived in the Outrealms and had access to video games, is not the best gamer in the group, Flora is. Elise, by contrast, is absolutely horrible, managing to kill herself in pretty much every match.
  • The absolute Humiliation Conga Corrin puts Beruka through when she attempts to hunt him down. In order, she ends up stripped to her smallclothes, drenched in water, trolled by Niles and then takes an Accidental Kiss from Benny. It's also a Heartwarming Moment as the whole reason the exercise was executed was to hook Beruka up with Benny, which worked.
    • Poor Benny gets dunked in fondue and also ends up in his smallclothes. And then there's the hilarious moment when he gets flustered after giving an Accidental Kiss to Beruka.
    • What sells all of it is that Corrin didn't need to make Beruka and Benny kiss each other, as the rest of it was enough to get them together; the only reason the Accidental Kiss happened was because, in Corrin's words, he did it for kicks.
  • The ridiculous amount of fanmail given to Kaze is enough to stop him from getting into his house during the Fanclubs chapter.
    • Azura also gets into the trolling:
    Azura: [In response to Kaze giving Elise chocolate] "You don't mean to tell me Saizou is confessing to Elise?"
    Kaze: [unamused] ".....very funny, Lady Azura.
    • Azama absolutely trolls Kaze during the same chapter, too; he lures Kaze's fangirls to chase him, much to Kaze's chagrin.
  • Even Jakob is not safe from the trolling, even if the troller in question is Elise. The whole Munchkin chapter is more or less Corrin and Elise ganging up on him and him gradually getting more and more irritated.
    • What makes it funnier is that this is also one of Corrin's schemes to get Flora and Jakob together, and Flora, usually quite stoic and calm, ends up resembling a lovestruck teenager by the end of it.
  • During the ninth chapter, Setsuna ends up in the same pit of fondue Benny was dunked into during the Matchmaking chapter. Despite the pit having been filled up already.
    "I do not have dinners with tomatoes! I'm not obsessed with tomatoes! I don't even like tomatoes that much!"
    • Saizou's reaction, followed by Kagerou and Kaze both being completely casual about the situation.
    • Jakob apparently thinks that Spongebob Squarepants is a good model of training programme. Even Felicia and Flora, who've never seen it, point out how stupid it is.
    • Azura trolls again, this time targeting Corrin. However, Corrin is capable of fighting back:
    Azura: "Why did you show me this story? Is it because you intend to confess?"
    Corrin: "Oh, please, Azura. If I was going to confess to you, I wouldn't do it over a fanfic. What, have you been dreaming about this day, Azura? Any burning desire to have my heart forever?"
    Azura: "I'm not the one who procured a fanfic involving you and I raising children together, Corrin."
  • The eponymous Sick Episode.
    • At this point, it's pretty much established that Azura is the biggest gadfly in the palace.
    Azura: [In reference to Flora being sent off with Felicia to a hot spring in Izumo] "Oh? All of this is for you, Flora? Oh, my, my. I didn't think you and Corrin were so close. Congratulations, when can I expect an invitation to the wedding?"
    Flora: [flustered] "D-don't say such things! Besides, it would be i-improper for a prince to marry his maid….."
    Azura: [seemingly disappointed] "Ah, that's right, you like Jakob more. Ah, well. That would've made for a rather romantic story. That leaves Corrin all for me, then, hm?"
    • Corrin's utter exasperation when he realises Silas and Kaze have not the slightest idea of how to take care of a sick person. This is apt, considering that the first thing they do is try to feed him 'medicine'....which nearly makes him worse.
    • Izana's attempt at Jive Turkey. Felicia and Flora do the verbal equivalent of a Face Palm.
    • The fact that at least part of Saizou's motivation to chase down Corrin is over Niles making fun of him.
    • Poor Corrin nearly escapes from his bedroom, before Elise drags him back in and goes to get Kaze and Silas to help him out. Corrin's reaction is appropriate considering what happens afterwards....
    • Takumi vs Mozu ends in a Curb-Stomp Battle that sees Takumi hung upside down by his ankle from a tree.
    • Silas and Kaze attempt to cook. Silas' cooking is so bad it burns both his and Kaze's clothes off. Kaze then decides to dress them both in maid outfits, much to Silas' exasperation. What sells it is both that Kaze actually enjoys wearing maid's clothing and that Saizou walks in on them giving food to Corrin, mistaking it for a prank.
  • The whole of the twelfth chapter is basically Azura and Corrin roasting each other while reading fanfic. Some examples:
    Azura: "I don't know if you needed to say that…after all, what if I said dragon tails were sexy?"
    Corrin: "I'd be asking where the real Azura went and what this rather seductive imposter did with my innocent best friend."
    Corrin: "…I'm curious now. Have you actually imagined kissing me?"
    Azura: "Honestly? Yes."
    Corrin: [caught off-guard] "What, really?"
    Corrin: [exasperated] "Thanks, Azura. Nice to know my best friend thinks I'd be a bad kisser. Your faith is greatly appreciated as always."
  • The Harems chapters also have moments of their own:
    • Corrin messing with Flora and teasing her about her crush on Jakob, managing to turn the normally calm maid into a blushing mess. It turns into Heartwarming later when it's revealed Corrin does this because he wants her to smile more, thinking she's prettier When She Smiles.
    • Leo being a Butt-Monkey; in order, he gets forced into attending a party by Camilla, ends up being nearly swamped by an Unwanted Harem dosed up on Love Potion, dragged through his own home to escape said harem, trolled by Corrin and Niles and then finally ends up narrowly avoiding being kidnapped by a potion-drugged Camilla. The poor guy doesn't seem to catch a break throughout both chapters.
    • Leo attempting to muster up the courage to ask out Hinoka. He ends up having to be blackmailed into it by Corrin just to get him to leave.
    • While the events are going on, Setsuna is hanging from a torch asleep in the main hall.
    • Scarlet's introduction; throwing a duchess across the floor, casually stating she wants to ask out the King of Hoshido to drinks and fully admitting she's a Shipper on Deck for Leo and Hinoka. Later on, Scarlet ends up trolling Leo, Corrin AND Nyx by teasing them over Hinoka, not being as cool as Ryoma and being in the body of a child.
    • Niles' screwing with Leo by pretending to be dosed with love potion, only for Corrin to call his bluff. However, the way he expresses it is by being naked and glomping Leo around the waist.
    • Flora being picked up by the aforementioned potion-dosed Camilla who attempts to make out with her, assuming she's Leo. She is interrupted by Hinoka, who gets into a Cat Fight with Camilla over Leo.
    • The reveal that Orochi was behind the whole thing. In order to prove she was a better potionmaker than Hayato. The latter is appropriately shocked.
  • Corrin Reacts to The Mechanist's Secret Power:
    • This line summing up Corrin's behaviour in the fanfic:
  • The Festival of Stars multi-parter has a few:
    • Corrin bribing Elise with takoyaki and pancakes. And later, her getting a little too touchy-feely when trying to fit Sakura into a corset.
    • Felicia's denial about being attracted to Kaze:
    Felicia: "Y-yeah. We're just friends, right? I mean, we have been friends for a while, and t-together- b-but not together -together- and you know, I mean, what are the chances of us being here right now? I mean, you're handsome- not t-that I'm saying that because I like you, but-"
    Corrin: (in reference to watching Flora sleep)'…I'm….a little creepy for watching her sleep, aren't I?'
  • The whole of the Hot Springs chapters:
  • The Snow and Scales Reaction also has a few moments:

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