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Heartwarming / Corrin Reacts

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  • Flora puts her own vacation on hold to rush back to help Corrin, despite Corrin having booked said vacation to stop her from doing so, because Corrin is her friend.
  • Silas and Kaze trying their best to take care of Corrin while he's sick during the Sick Episode. Crosses over with Funny Moments due to their attempts being rather....ill-advised.
  • Azura reassuring Corrin that she's certain he'd be a fantastic dad during the The Apocryphal One reaction. It goes to show in the midst of all their flirtation and banter just how deeply they care for each other.
  • Corrin constantly reassuring Flora that she's his friend and that's why he's going to such lengths to help her. It emphasises Corrin's Nice Guy side and paints him as far better than the majority of the Antic Order pranksters.
    • This kindness isn't just to her, as quite a few people, including Ryoma and Leo, are recipients of Corrin's kindness....despite his mischievous nature.
  • The whole second half of the Festival two-parter. Especially when Flora and Corrin sit and watch the fireworks display. It both emphasises their friendship....and starts hinting at a deeper relationship between the pair.
    • Elise chipping in with her own bit and then later leaving the two alone to enjoy their night. She essentially sacrifices a night out with the big brother she idolises in order to let Flora be happy. This cements Elise's status as a Nice Girl underneath all her energy.
  • Most of the tiny displays of friendship between the main characters; Felicia protecting Kaze from his fanclub by faking being his girlfriend, Silas inviting Flora to play with him, Corrin and Elise, Kaze helping Silas make a decent soup for Corrin even if it goes wrong. This emphasises that the group really are True Companions.
  • Corrin paving his way through a blizzard to rescue Flora during their imprisonment in the Northern Fortress, despite Flora hating him. Crosses over with a Moment of Awesome, as Corrin and Flora could not have been older than young teens at the time and Corrin still went after her.
    • This incident also marks the beginning of Flora and Corrin as True Companions, despite Flora's insistence that Corrin has to hate her.
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    • Also, Flora attempting to save Corrin's life by taking the cold into herself. Keep in mind, Flora hated him seconds before and was perfectly entitled to leave him to die; her respect for him had simply increased that quickly.
  • Ryoma's Unbroken Vigil over Scarlet after she survives Gunter's attack. It also doubles as a Tear Jerker due to what Ryoma says as he does it.
  • Flora taking a third option during the war and refusing to betray either Corrin or the Ice Tribe despite Garon threatening to kill her and her people if she doesn't kill Corrin. Even two years before her Love Epiphany, Flora is still far more loyal to Corrin than her canonical counterpart and it shows.
    • Similarly, Corrin, even if his trust does fail him for a moment, still viewing Flora as a dear friend when she appears to have turned traitor. And then immediately commandeering Subaki's mount to perform a Diving Save and save Flora without hesitation, despite literally only seconds ago believing Flora was a traitor.
    • A tiny moment in the same chapter, but Takumi agreeing to cover Corrin's Diving Save and forcing Beruka and Camilla back. Despite still being massively distrustful of Corrin at that point in time, it's clear Takumi has a Hidden Heart of Gold.
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  • Flora realising that she has fallen in love with Corrin. Crosses over with Tear Jerker because her self-esteem issues rile up and she becomes afraid of losing him to his friend Azura.

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