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Creator / The Apocryphal One

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The Apocryphal One writes fanfiction in the FanFiction.Net community. Their profile is [[here.

List of Works:

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     Dangan Ronpa works 
    Fire Emblem works 
  • What's In A Name?, in which Corrin muses on his other name: Kamui.
  • Jealousy, in which Corrin gets envious about Azura coddling Keaton's fox tail.
  • Cracked Mirror, in which Corrin fears that his ability to be a good father to his to-be-born son has been affected by Garon.

    Star Wars works 

Tropes associated with T.A.O.:

  • Worldbuilding: T.A.O.'s The Invisible Princess fleshes out the customs of various kingdoms and tribes, such as Izumo, the Fire Tribe, and Hoshido. Not to mention the "invisible" Kingdom of Valla.