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The Apocryphal One is a new and rising Fan Fic author within the Fire Emblem Fates and Danganronpa fanfic community. Her FEF stories deal with the unexplained sides of the game.

List of Works:

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     Dangan Ronpa works 
    Fire Emblem works 
  • What's In A Name?, in which Corrin muses on his other name: Kamui.
  • Jealousy, in which Corrin gets envious about Azura coddling Keaton's fox tail.
  • Cracked Mirror, in which Corrin fears that his ability to be a good father to his to-be-born son has been affected by Garon.

    Star Wars works 

Tropes associated with T.A.O.:

  • Adaptation Expansion: One of her specialities, especially when it comes to Fire Emblem Fates.
  • Author Appeal: Includes, but is not limited to:
    • In-world cameos, and out-of-world Shout-Outs.
    • Connections between works. Corrin's discomfort with his (to-him-alien) birth name, Kamui, addressed in The Invisible Princess, but first came up in the one-shot What's In A Name?
    • Double Symbolism
    • In-universe politics (e.g. The Invisible Princess, The Lost King, FEF: Aftermath)
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    • Worldbuilding (see below)
  • Fan Verse: the creator of one around Fire Emblem Fates, born from her Chronicles of the Unexplored series.
  • Worldbuilding: And how! T.A.O.'s The Invisible Princess alone fleshes out the customs of various kingdoms and tribes, such as Izumo, the Fire Tribe, and Hoshido. Not to mention the "invisible" Kingdom of Valla.

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