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Heartwarming / Cosmic Warriors

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  • Chapter 2: Once the battle between Experiment-D-U-D, Warrior Moon, and Tuxedo Mask is over, Usagi wakes up an unconscious Naru telling her the police are there. Naru wakes up and hugs "her tighter than she ever had before."
    • Just a short bit later in the same chapter Usagi cries at Naru's bedside and tells her about Luna and being a Cosmic Warrior, it's a touching unloading of all Usagi has been faced with.
  • In chapter 10, after Naru blames Usagi for all the bad things that have happened to her and she forced to face her rapist. Moon and Jupiter destroy two clones of Experiment-D-U-D and Naru thanks Moon for saving her again. Moon responds by telling Naru she'll always be there for her because she doesn't turn her back on a friend. Warrior Moon then removes her mask, revealing her identity to Naru. The moment even brings tears to Warrior Jupiter's eyes.

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