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"Unfortunately for him, in a world of darkness, a knight's shine means nothing."
- Jadeite, about Experiment-D-U-D

"They'll probably start with your family, your little brother first... Then your parents, if they're patient they'll make you watch while they murder them, if not they'll do it while you're away and give you a surprise when you return home... Followed by your friends, more than likely everyone here in school and your neighborhood, giving you nowhere to run and no one to turn to. They'll send you to a funeral every week and finally after they've given you time to realize that you've brought death to everyone around you. After you've begged and pleaded to be saved and freed from the hell they've dropped you in... The'll kill you."
- Luna, about the Dark Kingdom knowing Usagi's identity

"Well you certainly haven't done three weeks of worth... I've seen you in action! Crying, whining, and flailing that bloody lance of yours all over the place! You're going to get yourself killed. Not to mention the wonderful messes you tend to leave behind. Do you think you can just call the Guard to clean up the bodies you leave behind?... I protected the Moon Kingdom, and now Earth, since before you could wipe the drool off your chin!"

"A battle between knights should stay between knights!"
- Experiment-D-U-D (Diarmuid) to Tuxedo Mask

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