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  • The entire premise of nearly every Final Fantasy game ever made is summed-up in the 'Final Fantasy Classic... With Lyrics' song.
    • Those who can enlist/Let's unite/And we'll fight toge~ether/We must save the cry~ystals/Or Orbs/Or the Moon/Whate~ever
  • His rendition of Terra's theme.
    In my other pants... there's a wallet
    (There's a wallet, muthafucka)
  • His role in The Nostalgia Critic's review of Moulin Rouge!, hamming it up as a character from the movie.
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  • Classic Ending Credits WITH LYRICS. It's his parody of A Winner Is You endings, set to the credits music of Super Mario World.
    You beat the game,
    You're feeling pretty cool:
    You stayed up all night
    And missed a day of school,
    You played like a champ,
    So what do you get?
    Thirty seven pounds of Jack Shit!
  • "What if Sewer Surfin had lyrics?" which is an entire song dedicated to how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live in poop.
    Tonight I will dine on- TURTLE POOP!
  • "What if Ducktales-The Amazon had lyrics?"
    • "You're so fucking rich, Bill Gates is your bitch whenever you're in the mood."
    • The Freeze-Frame Bonus when Brental says Scrooge could rename Duckburg "Suck Turd": Paid for by Scrooge McDuck bitches!
    • The chorus of "crazy, crazy, crazy" that plays during the song.
    • "You're hallucinating ice cream and cake in the Amazon!"
    • The ending: "Well, at least it's not the Moon..."
  • From the updated "What if Mega Man 3 had lyrics?" video: "I'm voting for Barackman Obama!: complete with Barack Obama in a photoshopped on Mega Man helmet.
    • The Continuity Nod in the CD version: "Yes I voted for Barackman Obama!"
    • "When it comes to help / dogs are much preferred / because I can't do shit with a robot bird!
  • Mega Man 2 with Lyrics:
    • Gotta get, gotta get that Balding Ass Face!
    • Gotta run- gotta run now, Guy Smiley!, gotta run- gotta run now, Bill O'Reilly!
    Bill O'Reilly: WE'LL DO IT LIVE!
  • The Mashup of Mega Man 2 with Lyrics (called Gotta Run Now) with The Megas' I Want To Be The One. The Mood Whiplash between Megas!Mega Man declaring he'll be the one to defeat Doctor Wily and Brental!Mega Man calling him things such as a balding ass face and an old nasty son of a taint makes his lyrics even more hilarious.
    • Brental's frequent injections after The Megas lyrics of: "Although I like your mustache!"
    • 'Cause Dr. Wily is an old, nasty [background tone] son of a taint
  • Another Freeze-Frame Bonus in his Castlevania 2 music video, when it cuts to Trevor Belmont's grave:
    Here lies TREVOR BELMONT, The Original Vampire Killer. (You'll meet him in Castlevania III. It's a prequel. Even though it's called III. Blame Konami.)
    • In the same song: "I'll amass his balls of brass/ And when I find his ass, I'm gonna kick it!"
    • Another another Freeze-Frame Bonus, Simon's business card.
      Cell: 212-555-1622
  • Any time the Flossman does a Mad Lib. This one, to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'," is particularly awesome.
    • A honey bucket is basically a bucket you use as a toilet, so... Oh bother, indeed.
      Brentalfloss: Just a hairy girl, living in a lonely honey bucket... Like Winnie-the-Pooh, like, "Piglet, I'm living in a honey bucket. Oh bother."
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    • This one's worth it just for the image.
      Brentalfloss: Elton fucking John, waiting, shitting down the boulevard... Elton John shitting down the boulevard? (As he's walking along pretending to shit) "Can you feel the love tonight?" Hoo!
    • "A poop salesman in a smokey gay bar."
    • "Smell of wine and cheap donkey cock!"
  • STD's: Gotta Catch 'em All. The entire thing is awesome, but there's something particularly special about the halo that appears when he says that it's always been his dream.
  • The "Pirated Edition" of "Bits of Me" in its entirety. The first half can be heard here and the second half here.
  • After an entire song arguing with Dave Bulmer about whether or not Super Mario Land is any good, it ends with both parties shrugging and saying: "Either way, the sequel was better."
    • There's also the marvelously confused Aside Glance Brent does when Dave starts reminiscing happily near the beginning of the song.
    • They also manage to bring up Super Mario Sunshine's Contested Sequel nature. Afterwards, Dave launches into a bunch of British insults, Brent reacts with confusion to each one, and Dave pulls out an American-to-English dictionary.
    • The mid-song argument gets references in Super Mario Sunshine WITH LYRICS.
      Dave: I just think that it deserves a place on the shelf with the good Mario games - which is all of them. Except Sunshine, obviously.
      Brent: Are you kidding? Sunshines, like, the best one!
      Sunshines, like, the best one!
      Brent: Sunshine's, like, the best one!
      Caption: THAT WAS WHAT I HEARD.
      Caption: THEN I PLAYED IT.
  • Brent's counter-trolling a troll who bid high for the call on a moving sale auction and refused to pay forward.
  • The entirety of the Roommate Song, but in particular, "If you violate one of my bagels, don't put it back in the fuckin' bag!"
  • This Twitter exchange:
    brentalfloss: Has anyone ever used the term "Nadpoles" for semen? Because, I mean, it works.
    The Rap Critic: Let's make this a thing.
  • Many of the video game characters' deaths in the Game Over tinies videos are very silly. For example Ultros was done in by the chlorine of a pool, Voldo shaved himself too cleanly with his weapons, Mario rammed into a wall due to a faulty transmission, Rayman wasted away because the Rabbids stole all his attention, Sonic drowned right next to some air bubbles, Tails drowned because he was following Sonic...
  • Though "Just One Duck" is a heartwarming song (and a tribute in general), you can't help but laugh at some of the cameos and Capcom Shout Outs like Maya reacting with glee when Phoenix gives her a copy of the game, or Dr. Wily as a bum on the streets, holding a sign saying "Dear Scrooge, series on hiatus, need $$".
  • Some of the lyrics in Luigi's Mansion with lyrics are hilarious:
    "Your brother gets a world, and a land, and a mouse. He gets a galaxy! ...You get a f**king house.
    • "By the way, he's here and he's feeling sad. He's trapped in a painting, which is suddenly bad."
    • There's also a nice Pun later:
      "Maybe you'll make a new friend... *shows Luigi sucking up Lydia* A ghoul-friend! *laughs*
    • The start of the E. Gadd segment:
      Luigi, hello! Welcome to my hut. I'm professor E. Gadd—stop scratching your butt!
    • This moment from his song about the sequel:
      Ghost Chorus: Come be our special guest/On one more spooky quest
      E. Gadd: I need someone who sucks
      Ghosts: And you suck the best! Luigi: [cheerfully] Okay!
      E. Gadd: [louder] The best!
      Luigi: ...Okey-dokey.
      E. Gadd: [with even more emphasis] Your sucking beats the rest!!
      Luigi: [audibly exasperated] Let's-a go.
    • And finally... here comes the threequel:
    E. Gadd: Didn't Peach used to have her own plane? Cause damn!
    I've never seen a royal passenger van!
    But hey, you're in luck, I brought a portable hut-
    Luigi, for God's sake, stop scratching your butt!

    Scratchin' your butt in a hotel, not a mansion...
    Such a queasy gut (such a queasy gut)
    Such an itchy butt-
    E. Gadd (exasperated): Let's take it home now!
  • The entire Ace Attorney with lyrics is 2 minutes of him poking fun at as many things as he can about the franchise.
    • "Dicks! Boobies! Dicks! Boobies!"
    • For example, he lampshades save scumming:
      Objection! Nope. *life bar takes a hit*
      Objection! Nope. *life bar takes another hit*
      Objection! Nope. *life bar empties out* Guilty! AH! *section rewinds*
      Objection! Nope. *Full life bar takes a hit*
      Objection! Nope. *life bar takes a hit*
      Take That! Not Guilty!
      Hehe... obviously.
  • Shovel Knight WITH LYRICS is the type of song that would sound epic (well, Brental-epic, anyway)... if not for the fact that it's a song about a warrior armed with a shovel. There is something inherently funny about the phrase "Steel Thy Shovel".
    • Also this part about the Tower of Fate
      Ghosts abound so pound them with your balls of light!
      What a sight!
  • This excerpt from Game Launch Rock.
    Boy: Do you want a new Wii U?
    GameBoy: more like "PU".
    Boy: PS4?
    GameBoy: Oh give me more!
    Boy: Xbox One.
    GameBoy: Xbox Done.
    Boy: Ouya?
    GameBoy: Uh... what?
  • Earthbound with Lyrics from his third album is naturally full of these given the source material.
    • "Taming animals by hitting them cause that's what heroes do!"
  • Dave Bulmer returns in Ocarina of Time With Lyrics. This time, he's the one to give confused Aside Glances when Brent starts comparing the game to Super Mario 64. Then again when Brent calls him a "limey fuck".
    • Speaking of which, the fact that Brent calls Dave a "limey fuck" because Dave called him a "zany Yank" first.
    • This exchange. Dave's hilarious expression is icing on the cake.
      Brent: Do I sense a rambling lecture?
      Dave(earnestly): Yes!
    • "And why do those two guys run around like that?"
    • Brent being reduced to furious grunts when Dave refuses to let him voice his rebuttal.
    • "But I don't rejoice when my choices suck... you limey fuck!"
    • Brent and Dave harmonizing when telling each other to shut up.
      Brent: Blow me!
      Dave: No thanks.
      Both: Dammit, shut up, SHUT UUUUUP!
    • Brent's annoyed sigh and "Hello Dave" when Dave shows up.
  • Final Fantasy VII with Lyrics:
  • Limbo WITH Lyrics. Lyrical Dissonance at its finest. Special mention to how Brent thickly points out: "And by the way, ya can't swim. *glub!*"
  • Super Mario Land 2 WITH LYRICS. The bridge, specifically, is fucking hysterical.
    Ugh, that was awful—
    (shrieking) OW, MY EYEBALL!
  • "Mario Kart 8 with lyrics" for poking fun at the inclusion of "baby" characters and all the unfortunate implications that come with it.
    Drive through the sky right by a thunderstorm
    Cause permanent hearing loss with a giant horn
    Why not play chicken with a frickin' plane?
    Or a charging subway train? (GOOD IDEA!)
    These are all things that we let FUCKING BABIES do! (FUCKING BABIES)
    • Luigi making the now famous "Stare Luigi" face at his baby self in the second verse.
  • The Good-Times Montage in Papa Yoshi and Baby Mario is full of these. Examples:
    • Mario's first... interaction with a fire flower as a baby
    • The running gag of Mario walking into something while staring at Peach. Even as a baby.
    • Bowser's road rage
  • "DK Rap 2018 ("Where Are They Now")" for the sheer Refuge in Audacity of the whole thing.
  • Dragon Warrior with Lyrics:
    • Shovel Knight was used as an image for the Erdrick the Noble Knight.
    • "The ball of light must be returned / But at the moment you're a noob"
    • "Sit down and commit now to legit rounds of outwitting shitclowns"
    • The entire segment featuring Brent on-camera. Especially the moments when he's Suddenly SHOUTING!
      In this game... everything takes a really long time...
      HOLY BALLS! Don't you know that there's stairs there...?
      At this pace... it's a slow and deliberate climb...
      SLOW MY GOD, like a snail with a walker...
      This game's hard... you get mad, and controllers are flung...
      WHERE THE FUCK are these magical doodads?!
      How did kids... have the patience to deal with this dung?
      JEEZY CRIPES, how did anyone play this...?
    • "For a little extra dough, you're in the know: you fucking run the show!"
  • Shadow of the Colossus with Lyrics:
    • "You're some kind of emo dancer / Searching for a necromancer / Someone to revive this woman named Mono!" (Dude, move on, bro!)
    • "This guy wears rocks for a thong"
    • "Slowly you're darkening" is followed by the plastered face of Donald Trump.
    • "Present your I.D. with an arrow to the knee!"
  • Link Up with Me Baby: the entire premise of the song? Brent just wanted to make a song about "Tiny Hylian - Giant Fairy romance". Not to mention, there are more than a couple of accidental innuendos.
    • "Uh, could I climb up your butt?"
  • Ken's Theme with Lyrics. Brent mostly portrays Ken as a douchebag who unleashes puns on the other fighters and gladly wants to see Cammy's "bodankadonk".
    • He also disses Guile's theme:
      They say that Guile's music goes with everything - that's bullshit!
      He sucks, and so does his stupid tune:
      - Duh, Sonic Boom-
  • Here's how Brent opens the Dire Dire Docks theme:
    I probably shouldn't swim in denim overalls...
    I am chafing now!
    Abrasive fabric riding up my cartoon balls...
    And they're chafing - ow!
    Since I've been in this painting,
    I'm tender in my tainting...
    I'm sorry for complain-ting -
    Curse these juicy thicc thighs!
    The render distance isn't great - but what's that thing? (points to the hole in the ship)
    Hmm... maybe I'll stop and stare- (Unagi pops up)
    Brent: OH MY GOD! What the *bleep*! This game is for kids, that is scary as *bleep*! Get outta here with that *bleep*, man, I'm gonna keep the lights on tonight... Jesus, man!
  • E. Gadd's reaction to him and Luigi being suckered into yet another of King Boo's schemes:
    E. Gadd: Oh shit, we did it again.


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