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The Monster Hunter series lends itself to fans creating short and/or outlandish nicknames due to the titular monsters having odd classifications and names.

  • Desire Sensor for the RNG, due to the game seemingly refusing to yield a particular monster carve when a player needs it the most and yielding it more often when the player stops caring about it.
  • Kelbidrome for the Kirin. As a general rule, monsters that share similarities with basic Mooks are usually given the name of [small monster]drome, tying in with the Theme Naming of the first generation's King Mook monsters.
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  • Teostra sometimes gets the unflattering anagram of "Toaster", though it's also hilariously fitting considering how his Nova does toast you.
  • Bananasaurus, Sponge, Spongebob: Royal Ludroth.
  • Jay Leno, Lenosaurus Rex or The Crimson Chin: Uragaan, for his prominent rocky chin. Ukanlos is also called these as well, along with Shovelchin, for reasons that should be obvious.
  • Jhoassic Park, Halijhosis, Assjhole, Evil Joe, JhoJho, Heeeere's Jhonny!, G(odzilla). Rex, Barney, The Mad Pickle: all names that apply to the infamous Brute Wyvern Deviljho. The most common nickname, however, is G.I. Jhooooooooooooooooooooooooo, and you're Cobra...
  • World's "Turf War" system, which has Deviljho body slamming and suplexing some large monsters has earned him the nicknames Jho Cena, and Samoa Jho. "Jho Ce(a)na" is also used as the name of a popular mixed-piece armor set that is focused on optimized weapon sharpness. The name is derived from the set's use of Deviljho and Ceanataur materials.
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  • "Dio" for Brachydios. It's not uncommon to see fan art of both Brachy and Deviljho wearing Dio and Jotaro's clothes respectively and facing each other down.
  • For 4U, the Seregios, Shagaru Magala, and Gogmazios are respectively nicknamed Steve, Stephenson, and George. When the Seregios's name was completely unknown, someone asked one of the Capcom employees what it's name was. They jokingly replied to refer to it as "Steve", and it spiralled on for Stephenson and George as well.
  • Some players have begun calling Zamtrios' "fat mode" Jabba the Shark-Frog. Another common nickname: "Big Zam".
  • Desert Plesioth for the Cephadrome, especially from players who started with Tri and 3 Ultimate, due to having a similar anatomy and fighting style to the Plesioth, including the signature hipcheck attack.
  • "Sick Flips Doggo" and "Breakdance Doggo" for Zinogre, due to its Dance Battler tendencies.
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  • Fainting is also known as "carting" or getting "carted", a reference to the Felyne-attended cart that the player is dumped off back at camp with after fainting. Quest failure is referred to as a "triple cart", referencing the "three faints and you're out" rule.note 
  • The Rathalos World Tour, for the eponymous wyvern's time-consuming flying attack.
  • "Super Saiyan" or "Goku" for Rajang. The Gold/Furious Rajang is appropriately called "SSJ2". Rajang is also sometimes called "Donkey Kong", "Furious George", or "Monke".
  • The Superman Dive, for the panic diving evasion move performed while running away from a boss monster with your weapon sheathed.
  • "Hame Run"note  is used to refer to a type of Item Farming run in 4U that involves speedrunning a Guild Quest by stunlocking the target monster with traps, flashbombs, and status effects, then shooting it to death with a team of Heavy Bowgunners. "Hame" is Japanese slang for "Lockdown".
  • "Gogsadios" for Gogmazios, due to its chin markings resembling a sad face.
  • "The Safety Rock", for the large boulder in the middle of the Sanctuary where Shagaru Magala is fought...mainly due to how players tend to put it between themselves and the elder dragon in order to catch their breath.note 
  • Gammoth, one of the flagship monsters of Monster Hunter Generations, is nicknamed "Popodrome" due to looking like a giant boss version of the Popo. Funnily enough, the beta tests for the animations of Gammoth show that it's placeholder model was pretty much a Popodrome, being an enlarged Popo model with a trunk added to it.
  • Mizutsune, before its name was revealed, was commonly nicknamed "Bubbles" for its ability to inflict the new Bubbles status. The Soulseer deviant is also named "Sans" due to its blue, flaming Magic Eye and ability to see you through bubbles as if it were seeing your actual soul.
  • Fashion Hunters, affectionately (or derisively, depending on the context) used on and by players to describe those hunters who spend just as much time grinding carves to make a good looking set as well as an effective one.
  • Psycho Mantis for MHGenU's final boss Ahtal-Ka, being a giant leaf mantis that can control its Ahtal-Neset like a puppet. Said mecha has subsequently earned the title of Metal Gear. Altarothdrome is another popular nickname.
  • "Spyro" for the Frontier-exclusive Rebidiora, due to its purple colouration and the shape of its horns.
  • "Fatty" for Fatalis and its brethren; ironic, given that Fatalis has one of the slimmest proportions of any monster.
  • As of World, Bazelgeuse has been nicknamed "The B-52" due to its habit of suddenly showing up and carpet bombing you during high rank hunts. It's also known as "the minecone" due to its dorsal (non-explosive) scales making it resemble a pinecone. Some people know it as "Beetlejuice" on account of its name being very similar to Betelgeuse, which Beetlejuice is a corruption of; just don't say its name three times. Other nicknames include Bazel Juice, Bagel Jesus, the Bagel Goose, the Flying Asshole, and the Big Bad Bagel.
  • "Meat Dog" for Odogaron - the because its wolf-like howls and canine-like body shape, as well as its scales resembling exposed muscle. Also Clifford. Another name for Odogaron is "Blood Puppy", which is an alteration of Barroth's nickname "Mud Puppy". World also introduces Jyuratodus, who is often called "Flood Puppy". By me. And now by you.
  • "Paparaptzi" for the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku for its ability to blind you with a flash, similar to the blinding flash from a paparazzi photographer's camera.
  • "Swolecat" for the Meowscular Chef who runs the canteen in World, for just how meowscular and GAINS obsessed he is.
  • Nergigante is sometimes known as "Nerg" or "Spiky Boi". Its infamous dive-bomb move is known as the Pepega Slam.
  • "Dooters" and Dootbros for any Hunting Horn users. "Doot" in this case, being the onomatopoeic sound that the Hunting Horn makes, regardless of the actual sound that any specific one actually produces.
  • "Antekadrome" for Banbaro, due to looking like a giant boss version of the Anteka.
  • Rajang has two moves that are known as the "Banana Slamma": the first is when it leaps up into the air like the Hadouken attack, curls up into a ball, and smashes into the ground; the other is the Furious variant's elbow drop move.
  • The Charge Blade's Savage Axe mode is sometimes called "pizza cutter mode" because the axe head spins around like a buzzsaw whilst being swung about; or rather, a pizza cutter.
  • "Hot Fish" for Lavasioth as a reference to Old Fatalis' "Hot Fish" meme, since it's a Magma Man Piscine Wyvern. It's also derisively called "Lavashit," since it's a partial anagram referencing its poor standing within the fandom.
  • Arzuros is sometimes known as "Winnie the Pooh" since they're a relatively fat ursid Fanged Beast that loves honey.
  • "Aktor" for Akantor, as a reference to the "wen i fite aktor" meme. Ukanlos and Alatreon are called "Uklos" and "Altron" in a similar vein and also because they just sound catchy.
  • "Shitzones" refer to hitzones (the value that determines how vulnerable a monster is on a given part and what Sharpness levels will bounce off;) normally a derogatory term against monsters who are obnoxious to fight for this reason, it's also sometimes just used as a name for hitzones in general because it's catchy.
  • "Piss Lizard" or "Shit Lizard" for Almudron; the former because the golden acid it uses to liquefy the earth resembles pee, while its "Golden Muck" item resembles...something else.
  • Ibushi and Narwa are collectively referred to as the "Horny Snakes", as their whole goal in Rise is to mate with each other.
  • Narbushi, a Portmanteau Couple Name for Narwa and Ibushi, usually used to refer to them as a collective.
  • "Narwa Soul" is used to refer to Narwa the Allmother, since it's a powered up version of the Final Boss only unlocked by defeating a bunch of past foes, uses a signature attack of a final boss monster from a past game (in this case, Ahtal-Ka's spinning Dragonator attack,) and reveals a new ending to the storyline.
  • Some people often call Apex monsters in Rise with the Deviant they're based on, such as Dreadqueen for Apex Rathian, Bloodbath for Apex Diablos, or Thunderlord for Apex Zinogre. Other times they might be instead called Bootleg/Dollar Store Deviants in general, given the similarities Apex have in design and power to the Deviants and being seen by some parts of the base as watered-down versions of the monsters.
  • Arch-Tempered Kulu-Ya-Ku for the special Kulu-Ya-Ku you fight during the FFXIV crossover special assignment because it is bigger, tougher, and hits much harder than the standard high-rank Kulu.

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