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Characters / Tales from the Crypt

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    The Crypt Keeper 

Voiced By: John Kassir

A wisecracking revenant living in the basement of a decaying mansion. The show's self-proclaimed "master of scare-emonies."

  • The Alcoholic: Never actually seen inebriated, but he really likes his liquor and is often seen with a drink close at hand.
  • Adaptational Villainy: He retains his comic counterpart's love for puns and Black Comedy, but is also a sado-masochist who has murdered and/or dismembered several people over the course of seven seasons. In fact, it's rare for any guest of his to not wind up dead in the closing segments.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: He always talks directly to the viewer.
  • Composite Character: Serves the role of himself, The Old Witch, and The Vault Keeper in the Live Action Series as the sole presenter of the stories. Averted in Tales From the Cryptkeeper, in which the other ghoulunatics appear in the second season and take over some of the hosting duties, as much as he wishes they wouldn't.
  • Creepy Blue Eyes / Icy Blue Eyes: Boasts a rather pretty pair.
  • Creepy High-Pitched Voice: He always speaks in a shrill, gleeful tone.
  • Depraved Dwarf: He's very short.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": In the comic and cartoon spinoff, he has at least one alias, but if he has a real name, he never mentions it.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He’s wisecracking and pun-spouting, and also very gleeful about murder.
  • Hidden Depths: He lost his parents, a mummy and a two-faced man, when he was just a baby. He's legitimately heartbroken over it and keeps the doll his father gave him to this day.
  • Interactive Narrator: He hosted the first two seasons of Tales from the Cryptkeeper, but in the third season, he started becoming directly involved in the plots of episodes like "Sharon Sharalike" (the Cryptkeeper is the one who delivers the Creepy Doll to Shauna) and "So Very Attractive" (the Cryptkeeper is the one who sells the cursed beauty cream to Julia).
  • Prima Donna Director: Demon Knight shows what it’s like when the Cryptkeeper directs a movie. You can guess the results.
    Cryptkeeper: One more take like that, and it’s back to bit parts for you, and I won’t say what bits I'm talking about!
  • Pungeon Master: At every opportunity.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Specifically, he inherited Myrna's dark complexion and high cheekbones, and Enoch's strong chin and light brown hair.
  • Was Once a Man: We see him once as a baby, and barring the missing nose, he's actually pretty normal looking.

    The Vault Keeper and the Old Witch 

Voiced By: David Hemblen (the Vault Keeper), Elizabeth Hanna (the Old Witch)

The two other hosts (collectively, the three are known as the Ghoulunatics) from the EC Comics series. In the cartoon, they all form a rivalry over who gets to host the show.

  • Evil Sounds Deep: Courtesy of David Hemblen's performance as the Vault Keeper.
  • Mad Scientist: In contrast to the Old Witch, the Vault Keeper invents all sorts of weird and crazy contraptions.
  • Running Gag: Every time the Old Witch appears, a mirror, the camera or anything made of glass breaks. There's also her catchphrase when she introduces herself, "Guess whooo?" and "The OOOOOOOOOLD Witch!"
  • Large Ham: Honestly, it's a three-way tie over who's the hammiest Ghoulunatic.
  • Wicked Witch: At least as far as appearances go; in the cartoon, she's considerably more congenial than the Vault Keeper.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: The three GhouLunatics were this in the comic and shades of it remain in the cartoon. They'll team up if needed, apologize if something goes too far, and generally stop shy of doing any lasting harm to one other.

    The Mummy 

Played By: William Sadler

A mummy who happens to be a big shot Hollywood Director who shows up in the Framing Device of Bordello of Blood.