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Tear Jerker / Tales from the Crypt

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  • The endings to "As Ye Sow" (where Leo is killed in front of his wife by the hitman Devoe hired) and "Three's a Crowd" (where Richard ends up murdering his best friend, his wife and his unborn child because of a tragic misunderstanding) are quite possibly the saddest moments in all of Tales From The Crypt.
  • The ending to the mostly humorous "Judy, You're Not Yourself Today," is also a pretty big one.
  • The ending to "'Til Death Do We Part" is another. Viewers will likely see the twist coming well ahead of time, which can make the seeming Moment of Awesome leading up to it become a Gut Punch in itself.
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  • The Cruel Twist Ending of “The Bribe” is almost right up there with that of “Three’s A Crowd”.
  • The ending to "Yellow," particularly for Kirk Douglas' character. And that's without the real-life Harsher in Hindsight aspect.
  • After the Crypt Keeper shows us how he was conceived, you expect him to crack a joke at the end. He does...while sobbing his eyes out. He's legitimately upset he never got to see his parents and he admits the tale makes him utterly depressed. He even kept the doll that his father received from a little girl at the circus, and apparently passed on to him. The final shot is him letting out a cackle that dissolves into a tragic laugh.
    • Even before that, the sad fate of baby Crypt Keeper. By all indications, his parents loved him, and the last we see of him is him sitting a few yards away from their decaying corpses, alone save for the doll. Among his babblings is the word "mama".
  • The scene in “Undertaking Palor” where Aaron, Jess, and Norm find Josh crying on his front steps because his dad died the night before from an asthma attack caused by poisoned medication.

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