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Heartwarming / Tales from the Crypt

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  • Despite it all, "Lower Berth" manages to be one of these. Enoch and Myrna were able to scrape up a year of happiness together and conceive the Crypt Keeper. Before passing on, Enoch apparently gave baby Cryptie the doll the little girl at the circus once gave him — and even as a desiccated, Affably Evil, pun-slinging adult, he still has it.
  • The love story between Devlin and Stacey in "The Thing From the Grave". When Devlin discovers that Stacey's Jerkass boyfriend is physically and emotionally abusing her, he quietly offers her an extra key to his apartment because he's "worried for her safety". While there's clearly sexual tension between them, it's also clear that he cares about her very much, and wants her to be safe and happy. After Stacey takes him up on his offer, Devlin gives her a magic necklace, explaining that if you make a promise while holding it, you will keep that promise, no matter what; Devlin promises to always keep Stacey safe — and he does, literally rising from the grave (after being murdered by Stacey's boyfriend) to save her from being killed as well.
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  • The Intergenerational Friendship that forms between Theodore and the Colberts’ butler Tobias in “The Secret”. So much so that near the end, Tobias decides to betray the Colberts, who are actually vampires that only adopted Theo so they could feed on him, and tries to escape with Theo. Tobias ultimately gives his life protecting Theo.
  • The relationship between Ford and Cammy, the zombie criminals in "Cold War" is, for the most part, violent (and almost abusive) in nature. However, after a battle with a vampire, they take a multi-story fall out a window, which leaves the formerly good-looking couple battered and mutilated. Cammy has exposed bones poking through the skin of her chest (which looks bad, but is livable), but Ford shredded half his face, making it impossible for him to properly speak, eat, or drink. The episode ends with the two of them in a bar together, with Cammy trying to help Ford drink and gently stroking his face as he starts choking, promising to take good care of him—because, after all, they're two of a kind.

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