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  • "Undertaking Palor" has one of the most unambiguously happy endings in the series, with a Goonies-esque band note  of teen friends coming together to take down a murderous duo. The epilogue reveals that all but one of them became lawyers.
  • In "Fitting Punishment," Ezra cripples his nephew Bobby with a crowbar in a fit of rage and later kills him due to the resulting burden. He even saws off Bobby's feet to stick him in a small coffin in order to dispose of the body. The following night, the severed feet kick Ezra down the stairs, crippling him. And then Bobby shows up in person with a crowbar of his own.
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  • The ending of "The Secret". A young orphan is adopted by an affluent couple who really don't pay him much attention. He befriends their servant who is tragically killed by the couple when they reveal themselves to be vampires, who plan to eat the boy once he's properly fattened up. At the end though, the child's "secret" is that he is a werewolf and, as Narmy as the revelation is, it's just so pleasant to watch him take both the vampires out.
  • In "None but the Lonely Heart", once you get past the Nightmare Fuel, watching Howard, who spent the entire episode being a smug, murderous asshole who came within spitting distance of being a Karma Houdini begging for his worthless life as his "wives" close in on him and eat him alive.
  • The ending to "Revenge is the Nuts," starting with Benny finally standing up to his monstrous brother Mr. Grunwald to save Sheila from being raped by him, and ending with the blind residents of the home finally turning the slimy bastard's own guard dog loose on him.
    Mr. Grunwald: I’m your own flesh and blood, for God’s sake!
    Benny: So was Mama. But you killed her anyway.
    Mr. Grunwald: It was an accident, she tripped on the goddamn marbles!
    Benny: I may be a little crazy, Arnie, but I’m not stupid.
    Mr. Grunwald: (smugly) Well what are you gonna do when they call for Mr. Grunwald, huh? What are you going to do then?
    Benny: Well... I’m Mr. Grunwald.
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  • The narrator of "You, Murderer" managing to get his final revenge on his double-crossing wife and best friend despite being a completely inanimate corpse, thanks to their own bungling stupidity.
  • The ending to "Split Second", where the loggers take revenge on their abusive boss and his lying wife.
    Liz: (narrating) Snazz and Artie and the boys found what I spent years looking for. A cure for a terminal case of boredom...
  • Delores showing Genre Savvy when she learn Marlys was actually shot by Lavonne in Last Respects. She gives away her last wish on the Monkey's Paw to her sister... but she never specified which sister. The Paw brings Marlys back long enough for to corner Lavonne in the storeroom, which Delores locks up before leaving. She even gloats to Lavonne, as Lavonne is ripped apart by Marlys, "The funny thing is, [Marlys]'s wish was to spend a little more time with you!"
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  • Devlin Cates returning from the grave to get revenge on his murderer (who also happened to be the abusive ex-boyfriend of the woman he loved) in "The Thing From the Grave".
  • The ending segment of "Dead Wait": The Crypt Keeper is interviewing Whoopi Goldberg a la The Late Show with David Letterman. Whoopi gets so fed up with the Crypt Keeper's puns that she actually manages to intimidate him.
    The Crypt Keeper: Look, it's a pleasure to meet a big star like you.
    Whoopi: You're a pretty big star. I mean I'd love it if you could be in my next film.
    The Crypt Keeper: Really!
    Whoopi: (takes out a machete) Yeah, it's just a bit part.
    The Crypt Keeper: I'm flattered.
    Whoopi: (puts finger on tip of blade) But you don't know what bit I want...
    The Crypt Keeper: Well, as long as I don't end up on the cutting room floor! (laughs; punches desk)
    The Crypt Keeper: (gasp of shock)
    • It's worth noting that the machete she pulls out is the exact same machete her character in the episode had used moments prior to decapitate Red.


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