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Series 1

  • Romesh setting the tone of the show in the first episode, opening a watermelon by smashing it on the floor.
  • Josh's answer to receiving £20 to spend on a gift for Greg: getting the latter's name tattooed on his foot

Series 2

  • Richard Osman outsmarting the wording of the first pre-recorded task, by bringing the mat down the hill to the three exercise balls. Alex has admired Richard's thinking in later interviews, saying that Richard absolutely nailed it.
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  • Brutally subverted with Joe's hole-in-one in potato golf. It certainly was an awesome throw, but he's disqualified for accidentally breaking the rules by stepping on the red green.
  • For the Series 2 "buy a gift for the Taskmaster" task, Katherine Ryan reveals that she bought Greg a small plot of land which legally qualifies him to the title of "Lord Greg Davies". It plays perfectly into Greg's Magnificent Bastard persona, and he is very happy with the gift.


Series 3

  • Despite being among the group mocked as silly enough to just chuck a green pea onto a red carpet in the middle of a grassy and windy garden, Sara Pascoe managed to land her pea on the carpet every time at considerable distances (18 metres was her best).
  • Al Murray guesses in just over two minutes that the stranger opposite him (who can only answer yes or no) is an anaethesist (when his rivals took up to 45 minutes). Al worked out that it must have been a delicate job (as opposed to manual labour) as the stranger had soft hands without calluses.


Series 4

  • Noel effortlessly hopping through an obstacle course of bunting to deliver a platter of sandwiches, without making a single mistake, while wearing cowboy boots. High-heeled cowboy boots.
  • Lolly successfully hiding from Alex for 23 minutes in the hide-and-seek task when everyone else topped out at 2 and a half minutes. She even trolls him by calling from her hiding place, and sending pictures of herself on vacation and as a baby.

Series 5

  • When Sally Phillips succeeds in throwing, eating, and balancing objects on her first try, including perfectly throwing jelly into a bucket. Greg is so impressed that he leaps up to hug her and bring her to the front of the stage to take a bow.
  • In the challenge to record a POV video, Sally's horrifying nature documentary of the birth of an adult Alex Horne. She rightly gets a standing ovation.
  • Mark and Nish's surprisingly good song for the final episode of Series 5.
  • In an outtake, Mark's perfect kick of a pot of yogurt at a target.

Series 6

  • Alice and Russell disconnnecting the shower above Alex in a "Keep Alex Dry" task was clever, but showboating (a surprisingly rare occurence due to the pressure of tasks) by giving him a towel, blasting him with hairdryers and giving him a dry martini was what took their attempt to the next level. It's a rare occasion where Greg is clearly impressed in the studio.

Series 7

  • James manages to win a task where the contestants had to create a portrait of Greg from items they had gathered for a separate task. James creates a recognisable likeness of Greg and Alex from 49 pebbles and a ukelele, easily beating his competitors, by tearing the ukelele apart into more usable parts.
  • The five contestants are asked to bring in "the creepiest thing" for the prize task. Rhod reveals a film of himself hiding in Greg's closet, watching Greg sleep. Greg had failed to see all his guests out after a party, and Rhod waited in the closet for hours until dawn, so he had enough light to film.
  • All five of the contestants' recreations of classic video games. Greg admits that they're all wonderful, and that for once his job is difficult because all of the attempts were genuinely good.
  • The contestants are challenged to tie themselves up as difficultly as possible; whoever Alex takes the longest to untie wins. Rhod sits for a moment to think, then ties Alex to the chair, puts a bucket on Alex's head and his shoes on his feet, and then casually ties a loose loop around his own wrists. Alex never manages to untie himself. Rhod expected his competitors to object to his unusual interpretation of the task, which has been a running theme through the series. The other four can only admire his imaginative approach.
  • The "scavenger hunt" task sends mot of the contestants dashing around the house in confusion trying to find additional task envelopes and a mysterious blue book. James, however, calmly walks from room to room and heads straight to each envelope, winning the task handily. He wins admiration from both Greg and Alex.
    Greg: I feel like that whole thing was in real time. That was the fastest ever—
    Alex: It was, pretty much. He'd already spotted the blue book during an earlier task. He'd always been aware of his surroundings. [to James] I think you know the show better than I know the show.
    James: I love it. I'm a big fan. That was a dream come true.

Series 8

  • The contestants are asked to move through a train yard to get as close to Alex as possible before he sees them. Alex is standing on a bridge in the distance and the constants have ten second windows to move about as Alex alternates between ducking below the bridge and popping back up. Joe makes a risky run between two stacks of wood, and hides with only milliseconds to spare.
  • Lou successfully throwing her frying pan into the hula-hoop from halfway across the stage. Even Greg is momentarily speechless.
  • Joe Thomas, who hasn't won any episodes by that point and has had inconsistently good and bad episode scores, wins "This Is Trevor" outright with 24 points (Lou and Paul were joint second at a distant 13 points) and nearly has a clean sweep. He won or joint-won every task in the episode except for the prize task, in which he was joint second.

Series 9

  • In "A Cuddle," the live task is to guess whether Greg has a card depicting a horse or a laminator, with each consecutive correct answer earning an entire Taskmaster point. The contestant is eliminated on their first wrong guess. Jo Brand, who is trailing at last place in the episode, manages to guess correctly 13 times in a row (a 1 in 8192 probability), and claw her way up the leaderboard to second place in the episode. At one point, all the other contestants jokingly attempt to block her "psychic powers" by covering Greg's head with their hands, and even that doesn't work.
  • In the finale, Ed being the only contestant to successfully complete the final pre-recorded task, after being forced to restart the mini-tasks. He is clearly the angriest he's been on the show, but his stubbornness basically secures his series victory.

Series 10

  • Katherine winning the final pre-recorded task, using a clever interpretation of the wording of the task: she went out on a high and applauded by everyone, after struggling all series.
  • Daisy May Cooper being one of the hardest competitors in the series and being one spaghetti bridge away from winning the entire competition whilst visibly pregnant through the series is something to admire.

Series 11

  • In "The Lure of the Treacle Puppies," one task is to get a helium-filled balloon to hover between one's neck and waist. Two contestants are shown to have been disqualified because their balloons flew away. When Mike Wozniak's VT is shown, his balloon is also shown to have flown away... and then become caught in some low tree branches on the adjacent golf course. Mike, being The Determinator, then climbs over the fence, carefully extracts the balloon, and successfully complete the task inside the phone box. At the same time, he makes Taskmaster history as the first contestant to leap over the fence onto the golf course.
  • In "Premature Conker", the team task involves the teams moving a bag of salt from one table to another. As the bag was not allowed to touch the ground, both teams ended up throwing the bag to each other. During the team of three's attempt, Sarah swallowed some of the salt as she was catching the bag — and she quickly realised that they were throwing a bag of sugar, which was something that Mike and Lee had failed to notice. The moment is so awesome that the clip gets replayed in the studio.
  • Having been the weakest contestant for much of the series, Charlotte absolutely storms to victory in episode nine, winning three of the tasks and coming second in another; her only moment of failure is getting eliminated first from the stage task. She had already won one episode in the series, admittedly, but even then, winning two episodes is still impressive considering her less-than-stellar overall performance.
  • Mike Wozniak continuing to be The Unfettered in the finale by shaving his hair into a mohawk for the prize task.
  • As mentioned above, Charlotte has been struggling throughout the series, but she ends the series on a high by winning the final studio task.


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